LWS V2C22 Two Weeks It Is

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Nie Chang sighed in relief when he came back to the sight of Madam Su and her son sitting next to each other on the couch in the living room. Honestly, this was just like a tiger and its cub. If you even dared to look funnily at the little one, you’d have to watch out for the mother’s paw. Otherwise, you’d end up with a nasty souvenir.
Nie Chang sat down next to Su Yan and handed over the water. “See? I told you she’d be happy. Even if she wasn’t she wouldn’t throw you out. Your mother isn’t that type of person.”
“Good that you know.” Madam Su smiled and patted her son’s head. “What’s there to be angry about? You found yourself a fine boyfriend. Actually, I’m really pleased.”
Su Yan perked up. “Really?” Whoa! Nie Chang was really great. He had indeed managed to predict it right!
“Of course! With someone as mature as Ah Chang at your side, there’s no reason for me to be worried about you anymore. Mn, when do you to intend to move in with each other?” She turned to look at Nie Chang as if her son’s opinion on that wasn’t important.
Nie Chang didn’t have an answer for that though. He certainly wouldn’t mind moving in with Su Yan or having Su Yan move in with him but he felt like Su Yan wouldn’t like it if he brought it up. Thus, he just smiled wryly. “Isn’t it a little soon for that? We’re only together since yesterday.”
“But you’ve known each other for years.” Madam Su pursed her lips.
These two had needed so long to take even the first basic step of getting together. But they hadn’t even slept with each other upon becoming a couple and were instead waiting. If she didn’t do anything, wouldn’t her son just continue to wait?
What was he waiting for? Some sign the universe might send him? He wouldn’t get that. No, she had to advise him now! Even though she wouldn’t get any grandchildren anyway she still had to make sure her son would have a good life. With how gullible her baby was she had to secure the best possible husband for him or he would be taken advantage of by some scammer later on.
“Ah Chang, be so good and get me a glass of water, too. I want the sparkling water, the one next to the cupboard. Take your time bringing it over.”
Nie Chang took a measuring look at his mother-in-law, then glanced at Su Yan. “Sure.” He stood up and went to the kitchen, deliberately taking his time to find that sparkling water. Mn, it looked like there wasn’t any. So, how many minutes should he give the two of them? Or maybe he should just wait until Madam Su sent her son over to get him? Yes, that sounded like the most feasible idea.
Meanwhile, Madam Su turned to face her son and pinched his cheeks.
“Ah! Mom! What are you doing?” Su Yan recoiled and rubbed his cheeks. What had he done to deserve this?
“That’s for not telling your mother immediately! Would it have been that hard to take your phone and call me? We even talked about it yesterday!”
Su Yan pouted. “But I didn’t say it was Nie Chang. What if you had become angry?”
Madam Su sighed and pulled her son into her embrace. “What am I going to do with you? No EQ whatsoever. I already knew yesterday that you were talking about him.”
“Huh? How?!”
“It was just too obvious. Who else could it be if not Nie Chang? So stop fretting over it. Rather, tell me the details.”
“What details?” Su Yan really had no idea what his mother wanted to hear. “I did what you told me and went for a hug. And then he hugged me back.” Well, with some complications. But he didn’t intend to tell that to his mother. She’d just worry too much.
Madam Su wasn’t satisfied with that. “That’s all you have to say? What happened after that?”
“After that?” Su Yan sat up and blinked. “Well, I went home with him.”
“And …?”
“And then … I went home?” Su Yan furrowed his brow. He hadn’t told his mother about the system and he didn’t intend to do so. It was great she could live with the fact that her son had a boyfriend now but she wasn’t that young anymore. She had probably never read a system novel. There was no way he’d be able to make her understand what was going on.
Madam Su shook her head in exasperation. “You went home? Why would you do that? After he’s become your boyfriend you’re supposed to spend the night with him!”
“Well, he drove me home and … stayed over.”
“So the two of you …” Madam Su paused. This couldn’t be. Nie Chang had said nothing had happened. He certainly wouldn’t dare lie to her. So he had probably just spent the night at Su Yan’s apartment?
Madam Su took a measuring look at her son. If she didn’t know that he was extremely slow when feelings were concerned she might think he was a femme … ah, no, an homme fatal. Tantalizing Nie Chang like that …
She shook her head and sighed. “Ah Yan, how can you do that? Nie Chang has waited for so long. And now you’re still not letting him have his way with you?”
Su Yan blushed. “Mom!” How come he was more embarrassed hearing this than his mother was saying it?!
“What? Do you think I harvested you from a tree?”
“Of course not.” Su Yan turned away and pouted. That wasn’t what this was about at all!
“Then what are you being like this for? I’m just giving you some advice here. Nie Chang has waited for a long time already. It’s not good to delay it any longer.”
“But if we sleep together right away we’ll break up soon! I don’t want that … I … I really like him.”
Madam Su sighed and tussled his hair. “Where did you get the impression from that you’d break up? Nie Chang is obviously crazy about you. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have waited for so long.”
“It’s always like that. I’ve seen it in the movies. And it was the same in all the novels I read.”
“And you think those sources are more credible than your mother who has been married for more than twenty years?”
Su Yan pouted. “But you were married when you …”
“That’s because it was another time. But has your father ever cheated on me?”
Su Yan turned away. As if his father would dare to. He’d probably be castrated if he so much as tried.
“So, listen to your mother. Don’t let him wait too long.”
Su Yan turned back and sidled closer to his mother. He had wanted to ask her anyway and now that she had brought it up on her own he didn’t have to be embarrassed. “Then when do you think would be a good time to do it?”
“Mn …” Madam Su pondered. Her son was afraid they’d break up and Nie Chang would certainly wait a while for him. It just shouldn’t be too long. “How about … two weeks?”
“Two weeks?” Su Yan lifted his brows. “Are you sure that’s enough?”
Madam Su sighed. “How long do you want to wait? A year? Think a bit about Nie Chang’s feelings. He’s been drooling about you the whole time. You shouldn’t let it continue for too long. Two weeks is good. You’ll feel secure in your relationship and Nie Chang can probably take waiting that long. But you shouldn’t wait longer than that or else your boyfriend might run off with somebody else because he thinks you’ll never let him eat your tofu.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded obediently. “Then two weeks it is.” He definitely didn’t want to lose Nie Chang to somebody else.
Madam Su patted his head and stood up. “Seems like your boyfriend couldn’t find the water I wanted. I’ll go look for him.” Thus, she disappeared into the kitchen where Nie Chang was sitting at the table imagining what those two might be talking about.

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