LWS V2C18 Lazing Around in Bed

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Su Yan woke up with a smile. Ah, he hadn’t slept this well in a long while … He stretched and turned around, burrowing into Nie Chang’s arms again. It was Monday and his boss wasn’t even up yet. No way he would get up before him!
Su Yan couldn’t help but giggle like a teenager that had fallen in love for the first time when he thought about it. Just last week, Nie Chang had asked if his boss was trying to take advantage of him and they had even argued because of that. Just as he had said then, his boss was married and would never do something like that. But now, he had a new boss and was waking up next to him. If this wasn’t Nie Chang and he told him about it … he would probably get furious.
Thankfully, Nie Chang had no idea what Su Yan was thinking about or he really might have gotten angry. Right now, he felt like he was walking on clouds instead. He had woken up as soon as Su Yan stirred in his arms. When he saw him turn around he hurriedly closed his eyes again. Knowing Su Yan he’d want to get up when he noticed that they were both awake. He definitely wouldn’t accept that! This was the first full twenty-four hours they were a couple. They had to start it with lazing around in bed for a while.
Nie Chang shifted a bit to have Su Yan fit more closely into his arms. His boyfriend didn’t seem to think much of lazing around, though. He lay there for a while before he suddenly sighed and his hands started to roam. His fingers gently traced the lines of Nie Chang’s muscles. He didn’t notice how they tensed at his touch. Instead, he took his sweet time admiring them.
Ah, Nie Chang really has a great body!
Su Yan stroked his abdomen and couldn’t help but purse his lips. This guy was working with computers and these things. How had he gotten these muscles? This was infuriating! Su Yan lightly scratched him, making Nie Chang’s eyes fly open. He didn’t notice, though. His attention had already been drawn away by Nie Chang’s chest.
He had never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, for that matter, and even though Nie Chang had stayed over quite a few times and he had seen his body on these occasions, it wasn’t the same now. At least, it didn’t feel that way. Mn … Su Yan grinned. This was his boyfriend now. So even if he was a bit envious because he himself wasn’t as good-looking it was still good like this. After all, it was all his now.
Su Yan giggled again while his hands moved up, slowly stroking Nie Chang’s chest. His fingers were soon attracted by one of the nipples. Ah, he couldn’t believe he had gotten into trouble with Nie Chang because he touched them just last week. Now, nothing would —
His hand was caught before he could do more than touch them lightly.
“As much as I love being woken up like this, it’s a bit of a torture if you won’t let me eat you up afterward.” Nie Chang’s voice sounded incredibly hoarse.
Su Yan gulped. It couldn’t be that he had overdone it? Uh, no, probably not … Most likely, Nie Chang only sounded like this because it was still early. He wanted to retract his hand but Nie Chang held fast.
“Do you want me to return the favor?”
“Hah? What are you talking about?” Su Yan blinked innocently. He really didn’t understand what Nie Chang was talking about.
Nie Chang smirked. “Come here.” He pulled Su Yan closer and grabbed his other hand, too. Now, that those naughty fingers couldn’t do any more mischief he heaved a sigh of relief. Really, he’d never again pretend to be asleep. Well, at least not until Su Yan decided it would be alright to sleep with each other.
“What do you want to do?!” Su Yan was suddenly wide awake. He had felt that admiring Nie Chang and gloating over the fact that he was his boyfriend now was alright but now he realized that this was really dangerous.
They were lying in bed together, both not wearing anything more than their underwear, and now Nie Chang was holding onto his wrists, making him unable to shy away. And that gaze in Nie Chang’s eyes …
Su Yan gulped again. “You promised!”
“Mn.” Nie Chang gave a low murmur and bent down. He hadn’t forgotten but he definitely wouldn’t let Su Yan get away this easily. If he did, this dunce would continue to taunt him unknowingly until he really couldn’t hold back.
Nie Chang’s lips found Su Yan’s. He could feel his resistance, though. Nie Chang sighed. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you don’t want.” He licked over his lower lip, making Su Yan gasp. As soon as his lips parted, Nie Chang snuck his tongue in.
Su Yan frowned. He was in the same dilemma as yesterday, just that it had gotten even worse: Who could guarantee that he himself wouldn’t give in? Ah, it felt really nice … He stuck out his own tongue, entangling it with Nie Chang’s. Wet sounds echoed through the otherwise quiet room. Su Yan blushed. This kind of sound … Were they really the ones making it?
Nie Chang groaned. What was with this kind of enthusiastic response? Did Su Yan really expect him to hold back like this?! He let go of his lips for a moment, allowing both of them to take a few deep breaths. “You’re despicable.”
“Don’t hah me! First making me hot, then expecting me to hold back … Don’t you think a bit too well of me?”
Su Yan frowned slightly while still gasping for breath. “You promised!”
“Yes, yes. I did.” Nie Chang pushed Su Yan’s hands over his head with his left before bending down over him again.
Su Yan wanted t protest but his words were silenced by another kiss. Even worse, Nie Chang didn’t seem like he wanted to let him off with just this. His right hand had found Su Yan’s side and slowly stroked up and down, warming up his skin. Their bodies seemed as if they were glued together.
Nie Chang didn’t think of stopping yet. What goes around comes around. He’d give this dunce tit for tat. He reached up and lightly pinched Su Yan’s nipple.
“Ah …” Su Yan couldn’t help but moan. It probably should have hurt but he just felt incredibly good. His whole body seemed to be in flames and he felt like he’d need Nie Chang to douse this fire. He wanted to reach out and hug him close, to allow him to do whatever he wanted but Nie Chang was still holding his wrists in place over his head. So he could only continue to lie there and wait what Nie Chang would do next.
His boyfriend didn’t continue though. Nie Chang closed his eyes and barely held back a curse. God! Su Yan … was just too seductive. If he went any further, he wouldn’t be able to stop until they had gone the whole way.
He gritted his teeth and let go of Su Yan’s wrists before hastily sitting up.
“Ah Chang …” Su Yan’s voice didn’t sound any less hoarse than Nie Chang’s before. He really felt robbed right now. How come Nie Chang didn’t continue?
Nie Chang rubbed his face. Honestly, was Su Yan deliberately trying to seduce him? Did he want to test his endurance or something? “Don’t worry,” he choked out. “I promised I wouldn’t do anything so I won’t. You can trust me. I … I’ll go and take a cold shower.” He leaped to his feet and ran to the bathroom, feeling like a wimp.
Shouldn’t he be able to take this better? Ah, but who could fault him? He had desired Su Yan for so many years and now that he had gotten into reach he took one small step back and the waiting began once more. He really wanted to ask how long he’d have to wait.
Meanwhile, Su Yan was asking himself the same question: How long did he want to delay this? They obviously both wanted to do more. But he really was afraid that they’d break up then. He needed advice …
His hand had unknowingly reached out for the phone when his head finally caught up with what he was about to do. He retracted his hand as if he had burned it, burrowed back under the blanket and even covered his head. No! There was no way he’d call his mother to ask when he should have sex with Nie Chang!

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