OMF V3C44 Just a Human?

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In the end, Qiu Ling had indeed managed to get Jing Yi to drop the question and they just continued to spend the rest of the day on that ledge, doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.
Finally, it was time to go over to the Grandmaster’s estate.
“Do you think there will be problems?” Jing Yi couldn’t help but look worriedly at Qiu Ling. His fiance had divulged that they were from the Yun Zou Sect, after all. Even if the Grandmaster believed him for now, as soon as they did something even slightly suspicious wouldn’t he notice that something was odd? Then he’d only have to put two and two together.
“No. I was really convincing.” Qiu Ling hugged Jing Yi to his chest and sighed. “I’m just sad that we won’t have the evening to us.”
Jing Yi put his hand over Qiu Ling’s and looked up at him. “You have to see it like this: If we spend this evening with them, we might already find out more that is relevant to our mission. Then, we’ll be able to return to the Yun Zou Sect sooner.”
“And then we’ll marry immediately.”
“Of course we will.”
“Alright. Then let’s hurry up. Ah, I really can’t wait to go over.” Qiu Ling picked him up and flew to the Grandmaster’s estate as fast as he could. Then, he barged right in before putting Jing Yi down. “We’ve come!”
Grandmaster Shen looked up with a peculiar gaze. He certainly wouldn’t have expected that Qiu Ling to be that thrilled about his invitation. “Thank you for coming. Have a seat.” He motioned at the table that was already filled with food.
Jing Yi looked up at Qiu Ling and silently followed him over. His fiance didn’t have any qualms about sitting down. In fact, looking at the way he sat there one might have believed that this was actually his estate and the Grandmaster and his family were the guests.
Meanwhile, Shen An De observed Jing Yi. That boy really was completely human and there didn’t seem to be anything special about him. Well, there was only one thing that could explain this: The Son of Heaven had actually descended and had even sealed his powers for that. Maybe even his memories were sealed. Well, the latter could be tested.
“Hong Bao was waiting the whole day for you to come over. It seems she’s even more thrilled about your wedding than you yourself.”
Qiu Ling frowned. “Nobody is more thrilled about this wedding than me!” He turned around and grabbed Jing Yi’s hands. “You do know that, right? I’m incredibly thrilled to marry you!”
Jing Yi blushed. Heavens! Did he have to do that in front of other people? Well, he probably should have expected that.
Shen An De continued to stare at him. As someone who had lived with the humans for most of his life and was part demon on top of that, he had never seen the Son of Heaven himself and only heard of him. If the rumors were to be believed, the crown prince of the Nine Heavens was a great beauty who was versed in the four arts. Someone gentle and refined who was able to handle everyone regardless of which attitude they showed him.
Well, who would dare to be anything but courteous to the Son of Heaven? Don’t mind that he was the Heavenly Emperor’s only child and apparently the lover of the dragon king, too, just on the off chance that he was the true son of Heaven nobody would dare to offend him. After all, everyone knew how vindictive Heaven was. One just had to take a look at what he had done to the three immortal races as revenge for his beloved. How would he react if somebody dared to hurt his son?
Yes, indeed. There was more to the story of Xing and Tian than Jing He had told Qiu Ling. In fact, there was even more to it than Jing He himself had known. And most likely only Heaven himself would know how much more that was. After all, he was the only one from that time who was still alive.
Shen An De smiled, picked up some food and put it into his wife’s bowl. He’d just leave breaking the ice to Hong Bao. She was chatty enough that even that Longjun shouldn’t have an opportunity to interfere.
Indeed. It didn’t take long until Hong Bao stopped eating and examined Jing Yi instead, making him a little flustered.
“Mn … Miss Hong, is something the matter?”
“You can call me Hong Bao!” She sidled closer and smiled. “After all, I’m helping you to organize your wedding. So we’ll be spending a lot of time together from now on!”
Jing Yi smiled. That was indeed what he wanted. There wasn’t much that he could ask while the Grandmaster was sitting right next to them but when they were alone it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.
Qiu Ling wasn’t thrilled, though. “What are you talking about?” he snapped at her. “Jing He is going to spend his time with me.” To make sure his point came across, he snaked an arm around Jing Yi’s waist once more and pulled him over.
Jing Yi lost his balance and tumbled against Qiu Ling’s chest. While his fiance smiled contentedly he blushed. Could this get any more embarrassing for him?! He bit his lower lip and stared up at him. “Long Jun!”
Shen An De slightly lifted a brow. Was this him being formal in front of other people or … His mind churned. If the Son of Heaven really had descended, then maybe he didn’t know about his fiance’s identity. But then why would he call him that? Could it be there was more to this than the eye could see?
“Mn. My love, I’m here!” Qiu Ling smiled sweetly and gently helped Jing Yi up, making him unable to scold him. Not that Jing Yi would have wanted to do so in front of the Grandmaster.
Jing Yi wanted to slip back to his own seat but Qiu Ling didn’t let go. Jing Yi froze. It was inappropriate to sit like this when they had been formally invited to someone who had a higher status in the sect. But it would be just as inappropriate if he started to quarrel with Qiu Ling in front of that person.
Shen An De looked over, smiled lightly and grabbed a bowl of fruits, extending it to his wife. “Have one.”
Hong Ai smiled sweetly. “Thank you, my dear.” Obviously, she also had no problem with what was happening on the other side of the table.
Hong Bao extended her hand. “Me, too, brother-in-law! Me, too!”
Shen An De sighed and handed the bowl over. Hong Bao took one of the fruits and reached for another when Shen An De cleared his throat.
“Xiao Bao, shouldn’t you offer them to our guests? There’s only five, after all.”
Hong Bao hesitated. Honestly, she was a glutton and she knew it but these were the people whose wedding she was planning. She should really offer some. With a slightly miffed expression, Hong Bao turned around and held the bowl in front of Jing Yi.
Seeing that nobody cared for Qiu Ling’s antics Jing Yi had calmed down. He shook his head. “It’s alright. Just take them yourself.”
Hong Bao’s expression brightened but once again her brother-in-law thwarted her plans.
“Just take them. It’s not like I’m not feeding her daily. Moreover, she has already attained a higher realm than you. She actually doesn’t need to eat anymore.”
“Oh.” Jing Yi hesitated. It would be impolite not to take one when the Grandmaster put it like that but it also wouldn’t feel right to take one when Hong Bao obviously wanted them while he didn’t care for them that much.
Qiu Ling took the decision upon himself. He reached over and picked one of the fruits up before scrutinizing it. He also took a look at Shen An De to make sure that demon hadn’t any other plans. Who knew if this thing was poisoned?
He carefully took a bite. Chewing it, he couldn’t find anything peculiar about it. Mn, it seemed this guy wasn’t as bad as he had thought. The fruits were actually alright. With a smile, he offered the rest of the fruit up to Jing Yi. “Have a bite, my love.”
Jing Yi looked at the fruit in Qiu Ling’s hands. This … wasn’t too good, was it? But Qiu Ling’s expression was too eager to not give in. Jing Yi smiled and took the fruit. Next to him, Hong Bao perked up and happily gobbled down the rest of the fruits. Shen An De watched attentively as Jing Yi bit down. He really was interested in seeing what would happen.

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