OMF V4C57 All Objectives Achieved

Nian Hai rolled around and forced himself to stand up again. He definitely couldn’t go down after just one strike! He had to at least exchange a few moves with him!

Qiu Ling heard the rustling of clothes behind him and turned around with an excited expression. Thankfully, this guy had gotten up again! He straightened his sleeves and waited until Nian Hai had caught his breath. Unfortunately, his opponent didn’t seem like he would hold on for long. The fight would probably still be a short one.

Nian Hai lifted his weapon again and stared at Qiu Ling. He had to find some kind of weakness and use it to his advantage. He tried to circle him but Qiu Ling didn’t react as he had thought. While he stepped right, that guy just continued to stand there and only tilted his head a bit. When he went back to the left that guy still didn’t move but just turned his head to the other side.

What the hell was he doing?! Shouldn’t they both test each other? Then again, that guy probably didn’t need it … Nian Hai winced. His collarbone hurt like hell. It was actually getting hard to breathe and his vision had dimmed a bit. He had to be fast if he wanted to score at least some points in this fight!

He clenched his fist and once again ran forward, brandishing his dadao at Qiu Ling. The weapon didn’t go for his shoulder this time but instead for his leg. Nian Hai hoped to catch him off-guard but instead, he saw Qiu Ling’s eyes sparkle the moment the blade lowered for the strike.

Qiu Ling took a quick glance at his beloved, lifted his leg to evade the dadao, and subsequently used the movement to kick Nian Hai in the chest. The official disciple flew out and crashed into the ground once more. This time, he could struggle however much he wanted he couldn’t get up anymore.

The Elder in charge of the duel just stared at them. Had the guy who didn’t want a duel to the death just won? He had thought that disciple was afraid and had just searched for an excuse but it seemed he had really said the truth! After all, why wouldn’t he dare to have a duel to the death if he could take out his opponent in just two moves?

The Elder shook his head, stunned. No matter how unbelievable, the result of the duel was obvious. He stepped forward, took a closer look at Nian Hai just to make sure, and nodded before turning to the elevated seats. “Disciple Long Jun wins the duel.”

Two of Nian Hai’s friends ran over, picked him up, and carried him back to their division to make sure he wouldn’t be further humiliated. They might make fun of him but that didn’t mean that others were allowed to do so as well! Whoever tried to take a dig at their friend would have to get past them first.

Qiu Ling didn’t care about them. In any case, he had already one and made sure that all those idiots coveting his beloved were warned and shown off appropriately. Both his objectives had clearly been achieved. Thus, he turned around and wanted to hurry back to Jing Yi’s side to hear some lovely praise.

Unfortunately, quite a few people had already prepared themselves for the Elder’s announcement. A tight ring of martial brothers and sisters had formed around him the moment Nian Hai was being carried away, all of them hoping to get into the talent’s good graces. Whether it was being friends or lovers, it would all be beneficial in the end. Naturally, they had to give it a try!

Qiu Ling frowned and looked over at Jing Yi. Why was this always happening? How dare these mortals bar his way to his beloved?!

Jing Yi smiled. This was just like last year at the Gathering of Practitioners. Back then, Qiu Ling also hadn’t been able to come over because of all those people hovering around the platform where he had fought. It seemed that in this regard, the righteous and evil sects didn’t differ at all.

Well, a lot of other things had changed though. Back then, they hadn’t been a couple. Now, they were already talking about getting married. To think that only a little more than a year had passed since then … He really had a hard time wrapping his head around that.

Jing Yi shook his head at himself. In any case, a lot had happened in that one year. Wasn’t it logical for that to mean that they would get much closer? The amount of time might not have changed but with so much going on it definitely felt longer. He shouldn’t think too much about it and just go and help his fiance.

He stood up and wanted to go over but just then, Grandmaster Shen also stood up, turning in his direction. “Jing He.” There was an amicable smile on his lips but the gaze in his eyes suggested that there was something he wanted.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but worry. Qiu Ling might be able to deal with this kind of person easily but he … he had no idea how to even begin. He really wished that his fiance could get out of the encirclement over there immediately and come and help him. Otherwise … who knew how this would end? Well, thankfully, he at least knew what grand tale Qiu Ling had told this man before so he wasn’t completely clueless in that regard.

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