OMF V2C160 Spending the Night Together

Jing Yi’s voice had hardly fallen quiet when Qiu Ling’s eyes flew open. The dragon king looked at Jing Yi, not comprehending what was going on but subconsciously he had registered that something was wrong with Jing He.

“My love …,” he cooed and his arms slid around Jing Yi’s waist, pulling him even closer.

Jing Yi froze. “You —” He wanted to scold him but Qiu Ling’s eyes had already closed again. “Heh!” Jing Yi slapped his shoulder. “Get off first.” Wasn’t that what he had said those sappy words for?

“Off?” Qiu Ling turned his head to the side as if that was what Jing Yi had meant. He obviously wasn’t there with his thoughts.

“Senior …” Jing Yi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Never mind being polite right now. This guy would probably react better if he was direct. “Qiu Ling, you’re lying on top of me and you’re heavy. Get off.” Jing Yi frowned.

Qiu Ling examined that frown and followed suit with furrowing his brow. He didn’t get off though. Instead, he propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at Jing Yi.

“You … What do you think you’re doing?” Jing Yi furrowed his brows even further.

Qiu Ling smiled. “My love, there’s no need to look like this. Your future husband is here. Whoever made you angry, you just have to tell me! I’ll go and beat them up for you!” He bent down and kissed Jing Yi’s forehead.

Jing Yi lay there, stunned. Had he … Had he just kissed his brow?

“Mn …” His question was answered when Qiu Ling decided that this feeling wasn’t bad. His lips roamed a little further, finally finding his temple, and left another kiss right there. “I’m with you,” he said in a low voice. “I won’t leave you. You don’t have to be afraid.” He cupped Jing Yi’s face with one hand and graced his cheek with a resounding smack, making Jing Yi blush.

“Senior martial brother Qiu! You … What do you think you’re doing?!”

Qiu Ling seriously considered that question. After all, this was his beloved asking him. Finally, his face lit up. “I’m trying to comfort you!” His smiling face got closer and his breath swept over Jing Yi’s lips.

He … he isn’t going to really kiss me, right? Jing Yi’s eyes went wide. “Qiu … Senior martial brother Qiu, you’re drunk. Don’t do anything you’d regret tomorrow!”

That face only got closer.

Jing Yi panicked. He couldn’t allow this! The thought echoed through his head, while his heart beat faster and his face glowed red. “You … You’re really drunk!”

“Mn, I met the old geezer again. He had some wine. But don’t worry. You’re much sweeter than that flowery stuff. I like you the best.” Then, he bridged the last gap between them and pecked Jing Yi’s lips.

It was nothing more, just a light peck. He also knew that he shouldn’t be getting too close to his beloved while he was drunk. He wouldn’t want Jing He to notice how drunk he really was, after all. It was better if his beloved thought he was just slightly intoxicated. He couldn’t risk him thinking that he was a drunkard. Mn, he had to uphold his image!

It might have worked if Qiu Ling hadn’t been way too happy at this moment. He had just kissed his beloved and neither had Jing He evaded him nor had he scolded him! Who said he wanted to break up? They were obviously still very much in love!

“My love!” Qiu Ling cooed again while a goofy smile spread on his lips. Then, he leaned down once again, puckering his lips.

This time, Jing Yi was prepared though. A hand slipped between them and met with Qiu Ling’s face. Qiu Ling didn’t mind. He planted a kiss right in the middle of Jing Yi’s palm, stunning him again.

“You … What do you think you’re doing?” Jing Yi retracted his hand and glared at Qiu Ling but he only got a happy smile back.

“I’m showing my love for you!” Qiu Ling hugged him and nuzzled the nape of Jing Yi’s neck, feeling that this had to be the most beautiful day of his life. Well, maybe it was the second most beautiful day in his life. The first one was obviously the one when he had met his beloved for the first time. Ah! No, he should leave one place open for the day when they would finally marry. So was it the third most beautiful day then?

A thoughtful gaze entered Qiu Ling’s eyes. He felt that this was a question worth pondering. Maybe he should write a list tomorrow where he ranked all the beautiful days he had spent with his beloved so far …

“Uh.” Jing Yi furrowed his brow. Obviously, this rogue couldn’t be judged by using common sense. “Alright. I’ve seen it. Now, get up.”

Qiu Ling stopped preparing the list in his mind and looked up, happy that his beloved had called out to him again. “Jing He, my love, I really, really like you!”

Jing Yi sighed. There was no point in arguing with a drunk. “I know. I like you too. Now, get up. You’re heavy.”

“Mn …” Qiu Ling somehow seemed to get what Jing Yi was talking about. He hugged him closer and rolled around so that he was lying on the ground and Jing Yi on top of him. His smiled intensified even further. Ah, it was so great to do his beloved a favor and receive his happiness in return! Needless to say, his arms were still circling Jing Yi’s waist. He wouldn’t let go!

Jing Yi groaned and his head drooped down, falling precisely onto Qiu Ling’s shoulder. Just what was he supposed to do?! This guy … he really was too sticky! Could anybody tell him what to do?!

Unfortunately for him, nobody was around. So he could only stay where he was and put up with Qiu Ling for the night. Well, tomorrow morning, he’d throw this guy out and make sure that he got into his head once and for all that he had no intention whatsoever to marry him.

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