OMF V4C17 The Only Available Link

“Grandmaster Shen! Ah, the disciple … the new disciple … you wanted to see …” Elder Shan took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “I brought him over.”

Shen An De gave an amused smile. So this was how it looked when the Elder brought someone over. It looked like they had quite the troublemaker here. Even though he had that thought, he didn’t acknowledge it outright. In fact, he didn’t even show that he thought the situation was strange.

“I see.” He turned to look at the new disciple. Even though this explained who he was and why he had come, it couldn’t explain what kind of grudge this young man had against him. He had clearly felt some killing intent from him just now before Elder Shan had entered the room.

Well, whatever. He’d just take it step-by-step. There might be a misunderstanding somewhere. If they talked for a while, he would certainly find out. “You might wonder why I’ve called you here.”

“No.” The reply came prompt and was delivered in a flat tone and with a deadpan expression.

Shen An De raised his brows again. This might prove to be a difficult conversation. “No?”

“No. I know exactly why you’ve asked me here.” Qiu Ling frowned. He’d have to be dumb not to notice. What did this guy take him for?

Shen An De grew even more confused. If this disciple knew that he had taken an interest in him because of his talent, then why was he reacting like this? Shouldn’t he be happy instead? Ah, this was pretty interesting … “Oh, then do tell me about it. I’m curious just how much you know.”

“Hmph. It’s obviously because of that woman.” Qiu Ling raised his chin, his gaze saying that he knew exactly what was going on.

Grandmaster Shen had no idea what he was talking about though. “That woman?” Which woman?

“Yes! Don’t think I wouldn’t know! I’ve seen you together when I came to get that fruit. You’re obviously in league with her!”

Shen An De closed his eyes. This was just too much information at once. He needed a moment to sort everything out. It seemed like this disciple had come to the sect to get a fruit even before he called him over. The fruit in question could only be one from the Beguiling Night Tree considering that that was one of the prized possessions of their Hei Dian Sect. Most likely that incident had even happened before he came to the sect officially since plucking the fruits was forbidden for the disciples and he hadn’t heard that one had gone missing.

Besides himself and the Sect Master, only the Elder in charge of the Alchemy division had the rights to take them and he would report to him immediately if the fruits were used. Since the Elder kept a close eye on the tree to make sure nobody tried to circumvent this rule Shen An De had no problem guessing when this new disciple had stolen the fruit: It should have been roughly a year ago. Back then, one fruit had disappeared without anyone noticing the thief.

Furthermore, the day that the Elder reported the missing fruit to him was one day after he and Hong Ai had noticed a stranger creeping around who had uttered her sister’s name. So, the woman this disciple had seen him together with could only be his wife. Judging from his reaction back then it might be that he had mistaken her for her sister Hong Bao.

Shen An De had no idea how those two should know each other and it might prove difficult to find out. For now, he could only ascertain that this man somehow seemed to have something against her and thought that she was planning something that he was helping with. The question was: What did he think they were up to and why?

Shen An De crossed his legs and leaned back. This was indeed getting interesting. By now, Hong Ai and he had found out that his sister-in-law couldn’t remember some years of her life even though she herself didn’t feel like she missed any memories.

The Chun Feng Sect that had taken her in hadn’t been able to find out anything and neither had he. If this man wasn’t connected to the Chun Feng Sect but knew her from before that … wouldn’t that make him the key to figuring out what had happened to his sister-in-law?

He had to make sure! Hong Ai had been worried sick because of her sister’s memory loss. “So, how did you get to that conclusion?”

“Hmph. Do you think I’m dumb? She already tried to kill him once! And now you’ve lured me over to —” Qiu Ling stopped speaking and his eyes bulged. “Oh, shit!” He turned on his heel and left, hurrying back to the building where Jing Yi was supposed to wait for him. He barged inside and … found it empty. His beloved wasn’t there. He had disappeared.

Qiu Ling’s mind went blank. He felt like he heard the angry roar of the Heavenly Emperor again: ‘Are you satisfied now? You nearly got our son killed!”

It couldn’t be … Had he once again brought danger upon Jing He? But he had tried so hard not to interfere with his trial! No! It wasn’t his fault this time. This time it was purely that servant girl’s doing. She was obviously in league with that Grandmaster and the demons. Just take a look at that guy’s face! That guy was definitely connected to the demons!

So, that bastard Jin Ling had probably found out about Jing He’s trial in the mortal world and now he was trying everything to make sure that Jing He wouldn’t be able to pass it. Then, wouldn’t he be punished by Heaven when he returned?

The demons wouldn’t even need to do anything to Jing He himself! They could just wait and see. And hurting a mortal was so much easier than hurting a god. If they managed to kill him so that his trial would end sooner, then this plan would definitely succeed.

Oh, no … He had once again underestimated that despicable bastard. He had actually already managed to separate them and now he would certainly try to kill Jing He’s mortal reincarnation! No, he had to prevent this! He couldn’t let anything happen to him! He had to make sure Jing He could pass his trial in peace.

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