LWS Chapter 57 As Rotten As You Want

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Nie Chang looked over and frowned. There was blood on Su Yan’s temple and cheek and even his hair was stained. It looked gruesome and who was to say if he didn’t have a concussion? In that case … He shook his shoulder. “Ah Yan, what happened? Did your father say anything?”
Su Yan’s eyelids fluttered and he slowly turned his head. Nie Chang clenched his hands. This really didn’t look good. Just what had happened?
“Ah Yan —”
“You didn’t hug me.”
Nie Chang sighed. “I’m trying to figure out if you’re hurt. If you want me to hug you, then wait until we’ve been in the hospital and the doctor says that you’re alright. I’ll hug you as much as you want then.”
Su Yan observed his expression and frowned a little. “Really?”
“Really. So now tell me: What happened back there? Your mother was screaming at your father. Did he do something to you?”
“No … Not really. He just … showed me some photos?”
Nie Chang really didn’t know what to say anymore. They were getting nowhere with this. “What Photos? How did you end up bleeding because of some photos?”
“Of us.”
“Huh?” Could Su Yan be any vaguer?
Su Yan turned to the side and looked at him but didn’t say a word.
Nie Chang sighed again. “Alright, we’ll be there soon. Just wait a bit. You can tell me everything when you’re feeling better.” He sped up as much as he could and hurriedly parked the car. By the time he opened the door to the passenger seat, Su Yan had fallen asleep. Nie Chang cursed under his breath, picked him up and ran into the hospital.
One of the nurses looked up and hurried over as soon as she saw Su Yan’s blood-covered face. “What happened?”
“I’m not too sure. He probably had an accident at home. He called me to ask for help but he wasn’t really responding to questions and seemed dizzy. Then he fell asleep in the car just now.”
“Come with me.” The nurse waved him with her and hurried to an unoccupied room.
“He’s going to be alright, isn’t he?” Nie Chang put him down and sat next to the bed, grasping Su Yan’s hand. He waited with bated breath until the medical examination was over. “How is it?”
“Mn, there’s no need to worry. He seems to have a mild concussion but he isn’t badly injured. We’ll keep him here for a few hours but he can go home after that.”
“Alright. Thank you.” Nie Chang nodded and gazed at Su Yan’s face.
After the blood was gone it indeed didn’t look that bad. He gave a relieved sigh. So everything was alright. Su Yan would be alright. “You really made me worry this time.” He gently stroked Su Yan’s hair and smiled.
Honestly, what kind of situation was this? He had driven to the street next to Su Yan’s apartment as soon as Madam Su ended her call, just in the hope of being a minute or even a few seconds earlier when Su Yan called. He finally wanted to end this period of waiting and hoping and finally make him his. But when that call he had longed for connected something had already gone wrong. It was as if the universe didn’t want them to be together.
He gently lifted Su Yan’s hand and kissed its back. “I’m sorry, Ah Yan. It seems it’s my fault.” He didn’t know what exactly had happened but now that he knew that Su Yan was alright he had calmed down enough to understand that it somehow involved him and that it wasn’t something that could be easily explained away. Mister Su probably knew that he had been trying to seduce his son.
There was only one thing he didn’t understand: Why Su Yan? If his father had found out, then shouldn’t he have gone after him instead of his son? After all, he was the one at fault here. Or had Mister Su somehow misunderstood?
Or, no, maybe he hadn’t misunderstood anything. Maybe Su Yan had really figured it out by now and was even reciprocating his feelings. His reaction at the park and at the workshop had suggested as much. And then he had convened with his mother. If his father had heard … he’d naturally flip out.
Su Yan was the only son of the Su’s, their only child even. Thanks to that his mother had spoiled him until the point where he felt it was normal to be treated like a prince and couldn’t figure out when people were friendly to him because of some other reason.
His father, on the other hand, had placed all of his hopes on this child. It was a pity that Su Yan didn’t feel like living up to those expectations. Instead of going to the business school his father wanted him to attend he raised a fuss about wanting to decide his own life, moved out and started working at a service point for a more than average salary. Naturally, his father was disappointed.
His only hope had probably been that Su Yan would reconsider in a few years and start working hard. Then they’d be able to laugh about this ‘rebellious phase’ of his. If he didn’t, then it would still be alright as long as he got married to a nice girl and had a son that could someday take over. His father might have been able to transfer his hopes this way.
But if he found out that this son of his was gay … Wouldn’t that shatter all of his hopes? Not to mention that Mister Su was traditional. Two men getting together, he might never be able to accept that.
Nie Chang frowned. He could understand where Su Yan’s father was coming from. But that was no reason to treat his son like this. Someone like Su Yan … he should be treated with the utmost care.
Nie Chang gave a low chuckle and kissed the back of Su Yan’s hand again. “I’m afraid … I’ll be exactly like your mother and spoil you rotten.” He stood up and bent over Su Yan. “Never mind. As long as you stay with me … you can be as rotten as you want.” Then he leaned down and kissed him.

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