OMF V4C16 Thwarting Evil Plans

Qiu Ling was still in the Grandmaster’s estate at that time but instead of Jing Yi who had at least found something relevant to his mission, he felt like everything was a waste of time. He would have much rather stayed with his beloved even if they couldn’t continue what they had been doing before. And the most unfortunate thing was that nobody besides him seemed to feel any urgency.

Elder Shan had been feeling like Qiu Ling was too slow when he brought him over to the Grandmaster’s estate. The person who wanted to see him was Grandmaster Shen, the most important person in the whole faction! Could you let somebody like that wait for you? Especially when you were a new disciple that didn’t even have an official status yet? Naturally, the answer was no. But this guy followed him at the pace of a snail! Every few steps he would turn around and gaze longingly at that building behind them as if he really couldn’t bear to part with his lover.

Elder Shan was tempted to allow him to bring that boy but finally reconsidered. The Grandmaster wouldn’t be interested in someone who hadn’t even managed to attain the root stage. He only wanted to see the talent!

Elder Shan could only speed up himself and hope that that young man would understand the message. Naturally, Qiu Ling didn’t bother about that. He knew the Elder wanted him to move faster but what did he care about that Grandmaster? He wanted to go back to his beloved! He still wanted to cuddle with him for a few hours before he got up and helped him accomplish that mission! Thus, he only followed him reluctantly until the building couldn’t be seen anymore.

Like that the two of them needed a quarter of an hour for a distance that should have been accomplished in three. Elder Shan was already sweating profusely. Why was it so hard to bring this person to see the Grandmaster? He normally didn’t even have time to remind those talents of their manners before they reached the gates. In the end, there was nothing he could do about that. They had already needed that long. That couldn’t be changed. But at least he could go and explain to the Grandmaster.

Elder Shan stopped in front of the gate and turned to Qiu Ling. “Wait here. I’ll go and notify the Grandmaster that you’ve arrived.”

Qiu Ling’s eyes widened. “You can’t be serious!” He had separated from his beloved with a heavy heart and now he was supposed to wait here while these two old men wanted to have a cozy chat? Over his dead body!

Elder Shan felt dazed upon seeing Qiu Ling’s indignation. This guy that had slowed them down so much … Why was he now looking as if he couldn’t wait to see the Grandmaster? Damn this! Make up your mind already!

Qiu Ling grew even more impatient when the Elder didn’t react. “What do you even need to notify him about? He was the one who asked to see me not the other way around.”

“That —” Elder Shan had never seen such a shameless disciple! What was he trying to say with that?

“Let’s go.” With the arrogance of the king of the dragon race, Qiu Ling just stepped past Elder Shan and entered the main palace.

The Elder stared dumbly for a moment. This … Had this really just happened? What was wrong with this disciple? No! He shook his head. This wasn’t the issue here! How could he just let him enter the Grandmaster’s palace?!

He hurried after him but was a step too late. Qiu Ling who felt like he should get it over with had hurried into the hall. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the person on the other side though.

How was this the old and ugly man he had imagined?! This guy was even worse than his Master in the Yun Zou Sect! Damn! Had all these humans discovered a magical pill that could make them handsome?! This was getting ridiculous!

Grandmaster Shen raised his brows. He had talked about the new talent with Elder Shan the previous evening and had expected the two of them to come by this morning. Knowing Elder Shan he had just thought that he was running rather late but he never would have thought that that talent would appear alone.

Even more astonishing was that young man’s expression though. It had already seemed quite dark when he stepped inside but it got even worse when their gazes met. It was as if this wasn’t a talent but rather someone he knew from his days as a simple disciple and whom he still owed a lot of money.

“Is something the matter?”

Qiu Ling frowned even more. This type of lazy tone … it could probably drive a lot of men and women crazy. This definitely wasn’t simple! Most likely this guy was really after his beloved!

Shen An De continued to look at Qiu Ling. He really couldn’t fathom what was going on in that person’s mind. Had he really offended him somehow? “You there, what brought you here?” He gave an amicable smile in the hope of easing up the situation.

Qiu Ling tensed up further. This … He knew this person! That was the demonic-looking guy he had seen together with that servant girl! The one who looked a bit like that bastard Jin Ling! So in the end, this wasn’t a ploy to seduce his beloved but most likely one to get him killed!

Qiu Ling’s hand twitched, prepared to draw his weapon and make sure that nothing would happen to his Jing He. But just then a heavily-breathing Elder Shan stormed into the room, thwarting his plan to thwart that guy’s evil plan.

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