OMF V1C150 Becoming Family

After living in the capital for about a year, Jing Yi was already familiar with every street and alley and didn’t need to rely on Shao Hai to show him the way. The two of them arrived at the house of the Shao family in a few minutes.
Shao Hai happily grabbed Jing Yi’s hand when they reached the entrance. “My father should be working inside. He said that he had to send some things out today.”
“Oh. Then won’t we disturb him?” Jing Yi furrowed his brows. He didn’t know what exactly Shao Hai’s father did but it had to be something very important. At the very least, his uncle had always stressed that the teahouse wouldn’t have been able to open without him. So that had to mean that uncle Shao’s work was necessary for other people to work.
Shao Hai didn’t think his father’s work was that important so he didn’t mind. Even if his father was working, why couldn’t he take a break? Thus he shook his head and pulled Jing Yi inside. “Don’t worry about it. It’s alright.”
The two of them went to the courtyard in the middle of the house where Mister Shao was speaking with a supplier. Some of his servants moved his products onto half a dozen carts standing beside them.

“Father, father!” Shao Hai ran over with Jing Yi in tow and smiled.
Shao Chen patted his son’s head and tousled Jing Yi’s hair. “So you’ve brought your little friend over again. How have you been, Xiao Yi?”
“Good. How about you, uncle Shao?” Jing Yi smiled brightly at him.
“Hehe.” Shao Chen laughed and once again tousled the boy’s hair. “I’m also doing well. Mn, wait a moment. I’ll finish this first, then I’ll have time for you.” He turned back to the supplier.
“See? He has time for us. Let’s wait inside.” Shao Hai pulled Jing Yi into the house. “Sit down, sit down. I’ll get you something to eat.” He ran away and hurried back with a tray holding small cakes. Then he disappeared again, only to return with a pot of tea a moment later. He sat down beside Jing Yi and took his hand.
His heart beat wildly. They were alone at the moment and sitting so close together. He could feel the warmth coming from Jing Yi’s body and smell that fresh scent of his. He wanted to hug Jing Yi but didn’t dare to do so. He didn’t want to scare him away just because he was too direct.
He really, really liked Jing Yi and he was still sure that he wanted to marry him. If Jing Yi and his mother couldn’t hold on alone he was thinking about asking his father if they could take them in. Since they would marry in the future anyway what difference would it make if his bride-to-be moved in with them a bit sooner? He hadn’t asked his father for permission yet though. The teahouse hadn’t been empty for that long, after all, and he didn’t want to make Jing Yi think he was taking advantage of him.
Just when Shao Hai thought of this, Mister Shao returned. Seeing his son almost glued to Jing Yi once again, he laughed, went over and tousled the boy’s hair. “Nice to see you again, Xiao Yi.” His son had told him about what had happened at the teahouse yesterday. At first, he wanted to say something about it but then reconsidered. The boy was probably sad enough and was relieved that he did not have to be at the teahouse where everything reminded him of his father’s death. They should distract him while he was at their home. “So what brings you here?”
Jing Yi looked at him with sparkling eyes. “Uncle Shao, Ah Hai said you’ve met real heroes. Is that true?”
Shao Chen was a little taken aback. He would have expected a lot of things but certainly not this! And why did Jing Yi look so excited because of this? Up until now, he had never seen him this thrilled. He might show some curiosity but not to this degree. “Well … You could probably say so …?”
“Then what are heroes like?” Jing Yi leaned forward eagerly. He didn’t want to miss any clue as to what he should do in the future!
Shao Chen laughed and sat down opposite the children. He might not understand why Jing Yi was so excited about this but if it could help to distract the boy from the recent events, then he would naturally entertain him. “Mn, a real hero … Let me think for a bit.” He wanted to pour himself a cup of tea but noticed that his son had only brought one cup for Jing Yi. Haish, how biased! In the face of first love, family counted for little.
Well, he didn’t mind it though. Jing Yi was such a cute boy. It was better his son fell in love with him than with some girl like that spoiled Guanyu. Even though he wasn’t a girl, Shao Chen would rather have Jing Yi marry into his family. There would be less trouble that way.
Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but smile before he remembered their actual subject. A hero, hm? Well, it couldn’t be that hard to explain, could it? The best thing would be if he could help his son become a hero in Jing Yi’s eyes. Ah, that would really be nice.

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