OMF V1C148 A Woman Scorned

Rong Su sighed and turned to look at the two newcomers. Seeing the girl that wore the robe of the servants, he furrowed his brows. So this was the person that had attempted to kill his precious son! He’d show her just who she had tried to mess with!
He slammed his hand down on the armrest of his throne and pointed at her. “Audacious! Seeing your sovereign and still not greeting him? But what manner did I expect from a woman who would even try to kill an innocent child!”
Hong Bao flinched. Leng Jin Yu used the opportunity to grab her wrist and pull her to the ground, kneeling down at the same time. “Hold your head down. Don’t look at him,” he whispered and hoped she would listen to his advice this once.
Shun Tao shot her an uneasy glance. Hong Bao might have been a servant for several years but she was of such a low rank that she shouldn’t have served any high ranking people. She wouldn’t know how to behave in front of the Heavenly Emperor and Empress. But in that case … The Heavenly Emperor was already furious. If she set him off, this might get even worse.

The Heavenly Emperor couldn’t see Hong Bao’s face and assumed she was scared. Very well! She should be scared! At least she knew she had done something wrong! “Now, tell me how you came up with the plan to kill the crown prince. If you dare to leave out even one detail … I don’t mind get the God of Justice to loosen your tongue a bit!”
Hong Bao turned her head to the side and looked at Leng Jin Yu. Was she supposed to talk now? He nodded and Hong Bao sat up and looked at the Heavenly Emperor next. “I didn’t plot anything! I only wanted to help the Fate’s Scribe.”
“You still dare to lie!”
Hong Bao pouted. That man had to be the crown prince’s father if he was the sovereign. No wonder he was behaving like this. The whole family did indeed consist of nothing but tyrants! “I didn’t lie! You can ask the Goddess of Love!”
Rong Su furrowed his brow. “Goddess of Love? Who are you even talking about? There is no Goddess of Love!”
“Hah? But isn’t she standing right there?” Hong Bao pointed at Yin Lin Lin. “She said I could help Shun Tao if I —”
“How dare you slander me!” Yin Lin Lin turned around and leveled Hong Bao with a cold glare to shut her up.
Hong Bao faltered indeed. What had happened to the elegant woman who wanted to help her? Why was she pretending not to know her? It couldn’t be that this woman was her twin sister, could it? But no, that wasn’t possible either. If there was a twin, she should know that her sister was the Goddess of Love.
Thinking of that, Hong Bao furrowed her brows. “But wasn’t it you who sent her maid to me and offered to help me with Shun Tao’s problem? You told me to get the dagger from the palace of the God of War after that, don’t you remember?”
“You —” Yin Lin Lin shook. How could this girl be so dumb? Didn’t she know that what she was saying was getting both of them in trouble?!
Hong Bao didn’t understand why the Goddess of Love looked at her that way. She only felt that something had to be wrong with her. Why didn’t she remember what she had said?
The Heavenly Emperor closed his eyes and sighed. One of them was vicious beyond belief and the other was so stupid she might get herself killed. Well, at the very least, he wouldn’t need long to solve this matter.
“You!” He motioned at Yin Lin Lin’s maid. “The God of Justice and the God of War questioned you regarding this matter. I want you to repeat here what you told them. Provided if you told them the truth. If not … now is your chance to rectify your behavior.”
The maid glanced at Yin Lin Lin.
Before either of them could talk, the Heavenly Emperor raised a hand. “Wait! You do not have to fear any repercussions for this. Regardless of what you have to report, you may change to any palace you want afterward.”
The maid looked up, her eyes widening. Changing to any palace she liked? Then … didn’t this mean she finally wouldn’t have to put up with Yin Lin Lin’s temper anymore? This really was too great! She should thank her that she had set a trap for herself.
She lowered her head and nodded. “Thank you, your Majesty. It … It’s indeed true what this girl just said. My mistress did send someone to get her. Then she asked her about her relationship with the Fate’s Scribe and —”
“Shut up! What nonsense are you talking?” Yin Lin Lin rushed over and slapped her. Having one person accuse her was bad enough. If her own maid that had worked in her palace for years accused her too, then there was no way to get out of this.
The maid hurriedly flung herself to the ground. “I’m sorry, mistress! But it’s the truth. You did tell her to get the dagger from the Palace of the God of War. You even lied to her and told her that it would be better than using a normal weapon because she was hesitant about killing him! You told her that just injuring him slightly would be enough even though you knew that you were talking about the soul-devouring dagger! I really didn’t understand how you could do this. Wasn’t your own father also killed with that vile weapon?!” The maid forced out some tears and hid her face behind her sleeve. “If the previous God of War’s soul was still around to witness this, he would be shocked to see you were able to plot something like this! And all just because the Fate’s Scribe rejected you once!”
“You —”
Hong Bao gaped. What?! The Goddess of Love was actually in love with Shun Tao too?! How could this be! “You … you lied to me? Because I fell in love with Shun Tao?”
The Fate’s Scribe covered his face and wished for the ground to open up. These two women! They had created this mess all on their own! Why did they have to pull him into this?!
He froze. Alright, if not for him picking Hong Bao that day, things would have turned out differently too. In the end, he only had himself to blame.

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