OMF V1C147 He Could Imagine the Reason

Qiu Ling furrowed his brows but still obediently turned to the Heavenly Emperor and blinked his eyes.
Rong Su’s brows twitched. What was this guy doing? Although he did have to say that it was touching to see how much he cared about Jing He. Just a little though! This definitely didn’t mean that this dandy was good enough for his son! Just look at the robe he was wearing today. Ugh. And he probably thought that he looked good in that. Hmph.
“Rong Su?”
The Heavenly Emperor cleared his throat. “Mn, yes, Jing He is alright. But someone did indeed attempt to hurt him. We’re still investigating what exactly happened.”
Qiu Ling heaved a sigh of relief. So his beloved was alright! Ah, but whoever had tried to hurt him almost succeeded! His beloved was probably very scared right now! “Don’t worry, father-in-law! You find out what happened, I’ll go and comfort him!”

“Mn, mn. He needs to be comforted after this ordeal …”
“Right! And if you find the culprit, you can tell me. I’ll go and kill them immediately so he won’t need to be afraid anymore!”
“Mn, yes, we should be deci— Wait! What do you mean you’ll comfort him and you’ll kill that person?! I’m his father, so I should comfort him! And his uncle can go and kill the culprit. After all, he’s the God of War. There’s absolutely no need for you to get involved. Just return to the dragon realm.”
Qiu Ling frowned. “What? But —”
Bai Fen cleared her throat. “Why don’t we investigate who the culprit is first?”
“Right, right! You’re definitely right, my dear!” The Heavenly Emperor hurriedly turned to the three men. “Where were we?”
Li Yin happily reminded him. “Yin Lin Lin just denied that she had any knowledge about the one who changed His Highness’ fate. She didn’t have time yet to confess that she was the one instructing that servant girl to kill him.”
“So it was you!” Qiu Ling whirled around and looked at the four people on the other side. One was his uncle-in-law and one had just spoken so it was either that woman or that other guy. Mn, most likely … He furrowed his brows. Eh? Actually, why would anyone want to kill Jing He? This didn’t make any sense!
He should find that out. Most likely it would immensely help his father-in-law and then he’d realize just what a good son-in-law he was and finally stop opposing his relationship with Jing He! In fact, he’d be so impressed that he would willingly ask him if he wanted to marry Jing He! Naturally, he would accept and then the gods would prepare the ceremony and then they would finally become a married couple!
Qiu Ling looked at the Heavenly Emperor and smiled. Ah, his father-in-law actually wasn’t such a bad person! He had really done him wrong when he cursed him behind his back. In the future, he would make up for it and compliment him a few times in front of Jing He. Mn, three times should suffice, shouldn’t it?
Rong Su furrowed his brows. “Longjun … What do you want?”
Qiu Ling jerked back to attention. Uh! He had almost forgotten the most important part. He still needed to make sure who the person was that he needed to kill! Once again, he whirled around to the two people he suspected. “Speak! Why did you do such a despicable thing?!”
Shun Tao raised his brows. “Longjun, why are you looking at me?”
Qiu Ling frowned. “What are you saying? I’m not looking at you at all!” He glanced over to Yin Lin Lin. So it turned out it was this woman! Mn, he could already imagine what the reason was. Naturally … she had fallen in love with him and hadn’t been able to accept that his heart already belonged to Jing He! So she had wanted to lend somebody else’s hand to kill him so she wouldn’t be suspected and could try to make him fall in love with her. This was simply … “Delusional!” He pointed at Yin Lin Lin’s face with righteous indignation written on his face. “Even if you had managed to kill Jing He, I still wouldn’t consider you even in my worst nightmare! You’re way too ugly!”
“Wh … What?”
“I said you’re ugly! You can’t even compare to one strand of Jing He’s hair!”
The Heavenly Emperor nodded thoughtfully. That was indeed true. There was nobody more beautiful than his son in the Nine Heavens. That much was sure!
Qiu Ling also tilted his head in contemplation. “Actually, that’s not a good comparison at all. Jing He’s hair is so beautiful … nobody can be compared to a strand.”
Yin Lin Lin didn’t even know how to begin refuting this person. Something told her that even if she was to say anything, he would just get more shameless.
Just at that moment, one of the guards hurried in to announce the next batch of people, interrupting the argument. “The ascended deity Leng Jin Yu, the ascended deity Hong Bao, and the guard and maid of the idle goddess Yin Lin Lin.”
The four people walked in. Leng Jin Yu nodded at the God of War before turning to the Heavenly Emperor. It might have been two months since he ascended but he had never gotten the possibility to see this person. Looking at him now … he somehow felt that the Nine Heavens weren’t that different from the human realm. Even though he might be a god, he also just looked like a middle-aged man. Ah, somehow, the Nine Heavens were disillusioning or maybe his expectations had been too high.

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