OMF V1C56 As Sharp as Expected

Qiu Ling turned to the window. Stars dotted the sky, their light glinting on the edges of the roof tiles and illuminating the streets of the capital. Nobody could be seen down there, creating a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle that dictated the capital by day. Such a night … really evoked memories.
In such a starry night he had encountered Jing He for the first time and madly fallen in love. One glance had been enough, only listening for a bit …
“Just ask,” he said in a low voice, not wanting to disturb the atmosphere.
“Maybe it’s too much of a personal matter but that person you talked about could it be … you were in love with him?”
Qiu Ling’s smile broadened. Both his future mothers-in-law were so sharp! The Heavenly Empress had also caught onto everything going on between him and Jing He very soon. Was that the intuition of a woman? “What if I said you are right?”
Madam Zhong shook her head. “I just want to know.”
“Aren’t you afraid that this might be a problem for your son? What if I insisted to continue whatever happened with that person?”
“Then my son would be incredibly lucky.” She smiled and looked at the stars together with him. “Judging from how you talk about that person it’s obvious that he must have meant very much to you. And considering how you helped Jing’er and us on more than one occasion even though Jing’er isn’t that person himself but only his reincarnation it can be seen that you treat those you love with care and sincerity. Having such a person by my son’s side … How could I be against that?”
Qiu Ling nodded. Indeed. “You’re right. That person … I love him deeply, I still do. There is nothing that can change that. So Madam Zhong, you don’t have to worry. For as long as Jing Yi lives, I’ll watch over him. I won’t let anything bad happen to him. I’ll make sure he is happy.”
Madam Zhong could hear that he didn’t just promise to keep her son out of trouble but she didn’t ask further. Her son was too young now. Even if this man had any intentions to pick up what he couldn’t finish in her son’s last life, he still had to wait for Jing Yi to grow up. She could worry about these things when the time came. For now, keeping her son safe was all she cared about. “Will you always know if he is in danger?”
“Mn.” Of course, he would. He was always at his beloved’s side. How could he miss any danger?
“That’s good then. I shouldn’t delay you any longer.”
“I don’t mind.” Qiu Ling smiled at her again, then turned around and vanished down the corridor.
Madam Zhong stood motionless next to the window and watched him disappear. She had always had a good feeling about him and had only worried about his intentions regarding her son’s future. Now that he had told them so openly she could be unconcerned. She didn’t have to let Jing Yi go and he wouldn’t have any expectations placed on him. He could decide what he wanted to do.
She went back to the room and looked at her son who was still sleeping peacefully. Ah, having her doubts dispelled felt good. And in regards to him someday requiting that man’s love or not … She wouldn’t worry about that. Everything could take its natural course. If Jing Yi fell in love with him, it was alright, but it would be alright too if he didn’t.
Mister Zhong came over and also looked at their son. “Do you believe what he said?”
Madam Zhong lifted her brows. “Who was the one asking if our son had been a dragon in his last life?”
Mister Zhong scratched his head and laughed. “He was talking about previous lives and the dragon folk. What else should I have thought?”
“If dragons really came to our realm before, then one certainly didn’t need to be a dragon to encounter them.”
Mister Zhong slowly nodded. “So in the end, it turns out our son was the emperor.”
Madam Zhong stared at her husband exasperatedly, unable to say anything else.
Qiu Ling who had already returned and sat quietly at the table put a hand to his forehead. How come his mother-in-law was so sharp while his father-in-law could make up such unbelievable nonsense? How had those two fallen in love in the first place?!

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