OMF V1C46 A Short-Lived Success

Qiu Ling didn’t lose any time when they reached the pond and immediately started to clean Mister Zhong’s wound. It would have been so much easier had he really been a Daoist. Casually taking out some pill to heal even lethal wounds. How great would that be?
But which dragon would carry something like that with him? Alright, if they had somehow picked up a hobby like refining or collecting pills they might do so but a normal dragon wouldn’t even consider it. After all, their bodies were as robust as a mountain. To seriously injure them was almost impossible. Even the gods and demons had problems to do so.
Qiu Ling looked at the wound he had rinsed and frowned. He actually didn’t know much about caring for a wound either but he knew he should dress it somehow. Was there something he could use? He had a look at the spatial ring on his index finger and mentally sifted through the things in there until he finally found a piece of white cloth.
Qiu Ling winced. This had originally been intended for Jing He to use. He had already imagined how the shimmering fabric would adorn his body, hugging those slender arms and that slim and willowy waist … Well, even if he couldn’t relish in Jing He’s good looks, saving his mortal father should at least earn him a grateful kiss, shouldn’t it? He sighed happily, took the fabric out and handed the cloth to Madam Zhong. Before he accidentally hurt Mister Zhong even more, he’d rather let his wife do it.
Madam Zhong took the cloth and frowned. She couldn’t help but feel guilty when she felt the smooth texture. This should be worth a lot. Could she really use this to dress her husband’s wound? Before she could ask Qiu Ling had already run to Jing Yi’s side though. Madam Zhong sighed and slowly wound the fabric around her husband’s shoulder. She didn’t know what that man hoped to get but she couldn’t refuse his help. This day had once again shown just how much they needed it.
The four of them stayed at the pond until the Zhongs had calmed down. In the meantime, Qiu Ling naturally showered Jing Yi with his affection. With him around, the boy even dared to approach the horses and patted them.
Ah, his beloved trusted him so much! Even though Qiu Ling didn’t like that he had to share his beloved’s attention he still felt pretty good that his presence had such a huge impact on him. He should use the opportunity wisely!
Qiu Ling smiled and motioned for Jing Yi to wait a moment. He vanished and reappeared a blink later with another animal in hand.
“What is that?” Jing Yi took a careful step toward him and curiously eyed the animal. It was furry with two dark eyes and long ears. Jing Yi reached out and patted its head, not sure what exactly he was seeing there.
Because of his mother’s warning he had only ever dared to go into the forest to call Qiu Ling and talk to him. He had never strayed from the way through the forest and to their shrub to make sure that nothing would happen. And well, he was sure that as long as his grandfather was there with him nothing bad could happen. Thus he had never seen any animals.
Jing Yi patted the fur, his eyes growing wide. The animal in front of him didn’t seem the least bit dangerous. Instead, it was soft and warm. Even more so than the tall horse.
“It’s a rabbit. With how big you’ve grown, it’s not dangerous at all anymore. Just take it.” Qiu Ling stuffed the rabbit into Jing Yi’s arms and smiled with satisfaction.
Mn, his Jing He had always loved animals and they had loved him too. It was a pity that his mortal reincarnation had needed so long to figure it out. But as a good lover, he would naturally help him to make up for the lost time!
“Daoist Master.” Madam Zhong approached him and smiled when she saw her son willing to hold a rabbit. “My husband seems better already. We should be on our way again.”
Qiu Ling nodded. “I’ll accompany you. Who knows if those six were the only bandits around here?”
“Thank you, Daoist Master.”
Qiu Ling smiled and waved. There was really no need for her to thank him. Of course, he would treat his beloved’s mortal family well. “Let us go then. The sooner we leave the forest the better.” He once again helped the Zhongs with the horses and they let them trot along the path to the other side of the forest.
Now free of worry, Mister and Madam Zhong slowly relaxed. Zhong Jing Yi was still engrossed in patting the rabbit Qiu Ling had caught for him. In the course of just one day, he had turned from a child that would get scared if an animal was even mentioned to a child that could hold one and pat its head with his eyes twinkling.
Qiu Ling smiled, extended his hand and patted Jing Yi’s head. The boy looked up and smiled at him. “Thank you, grandfather!”
“What for?”
“For saving mommy and father and bringing us out of the forest!”
“Mn. That’s a given.” Qiu Ling said so but the way he puffed out his chest and lifted his chin spoke volumes about his real thoughts.
Madam Zhong shook her head at his behavior. Was this really one of the aloof Daoist Master’s one heard of in the stories? He really didn’t seem like one. Well, she liked this type of friendly and helpful Daoist Master better anyway and her son seemed to like him a lot too. It really was their family’s luck to have somehow caught his eye.

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