OMF V1C41 Maybe He Doesn’t Like Women?

At the same time, Hong Bao sat on a stone bench in the corner of the courtyard where she was supposed to observe the gods and furiously chomped on a cookie. Leng Jin Yu sat opposite her and reached out but the cookie casket was moved out of his reach. Hong Bao swallowed and took another one.
“What is the problem? Am I not pretty enough? Or not intelligent enough? Is it because I am only a lowly servant? Or does he not like talking with me? Aren’t my remarks witty enough for him? Really, have a look at my face! Is it bad?”
Leng Jin Yu shook his head and leaned forward, his breath tickling her skin. Hong Bao blinked, her cheeks still bulging like a squirrel’s because of the cookies. She returned Leng Jin Yu’s gaze, unsure what he was trying to do.
Oh no. He couldn’t have fallen in love with her, could he?! This couldn’t be! She would only ever accept Shun Tao. She had to reject Leng Jin Yu decisively so that he wouldn’t harbor any hopes! But she also couldn’t —
Leng Jin Yu reached over the table, interrupting Hong Bao’s thoughts. The hopes he harbored … were fulfilled when he took the casket out of her hands.
Hong Bao blinked and stared at the casket he had just stolen. “Leng —” She coughed, patted her chest and swallowed the last cookie crumbs. “Leng Jin Yu, how can you be so greedy?! I brought some over every day and I made them! At least let me have some!”
“You already had some. Look at this!” He showed her the cookies still in the casket. “You almost ate half of them! And this is the fourth day.” Just how much more did she want to eat?
Hong Bao puffed up her cheeks. “Is that all you’ve been paying attention to?”
“Of course not.” Leng Jin Yu set the casket down next to him where Hong Bao couldn’t reach and closed it. “Concerning the issue with the Fate’s Scribe, you’re probably thinking too much. He’s in charge of the scribe’s palace and he needed some help. That is why he approached you. Isn’t that great already?”
“It is! But what about next week? It’s only this one assignment. As soon as he finds the one he’ll take in he doesn’t need me anymore.”
“What and? Then I can’t see him anymore!”
“Why not? Just go there and have a chat with him. He wouldn’t have asked you for help if he’d really mind your status.”
“That’s not the same.” Hong Bao crossed her arms on the table and propped her head up.
“How is that not the same?”
“It’s for work! If it’s not for work, how could I just go and inconvenience him?”
“Why do you care so much? Don’t you love him? Just try it. In the worst case, he’ll kick you out. If not, you’re good to go there again.”
Hong Bao pursed her lips and turned to look at the cookie casket. She should have eaten one more … “He probably doesn’t like me. He listens when it’s about work but he never asks about me. He doesn’t even look at me!”
“He’s preoccupied with his work.”
“No, it’s not as simple as that! There must be some problem with me.”
Leng Jin Yu examined Hong Bao. Yes, she didn’t have a high status but he didn’t think the Fate’s Scribe would mind that. Appearance-wise … she couldn’t be counted as a beauty but she was cute. A little too girlish maybe. The Fate’s Scribe probably liked mature women better but he appeared quite easy-going otherwise. Even if he wouldn’t fall in love with her, he wouldn’t throw her out if she came by to talk. Unless …
“Maybe he doesn’t like women?”
Hong Bao coughed and stared at him incredulously. “Say that again!”
“Maybe he’s more into men.”
“That … That’s ridiculous! How could it be?!” Hong Bao cradled her head and whimpered. “I was so sure he’s my true love!”
“It’s just one possibility I thought of. Who knows if it’s actually true?”
“Then how do I find out? I can’t just wait and hope for nothing …”
“Observe him. Finish that mission he gave you, swing by a few times after that and chat with him. And you should definitely have a look at how he treats other women. You’ll see eventually.”
“What if I still can’t tell by then?”
“Then you can come back here and ask me.” Not that he really wanted to pry into the love life of the Fate’s Scribe. But seeing how much Hong Bao liked him he couldn’t bring himself to just leave it be.
“Oh.” Hong Bao nodded. “What if he really …”
Leng Jin Yu shrugged. “Then you’d better give up. If he doesn’t like women, you won’t stand a chance regardless of what you do.”
“Pass me a cookie.”
Leng Jin Yu sighed and pushed the cookie casket over again. “You shouldn’t eat too many of those. Just because you’ve ascended as a deity doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight. But who knows? Maybe the Fate’s Scribe actually likes that.”
Hong Bao slapped his arm. “Don’t talk about him like that! He’s such an elegant man.”
Leng Jin Yu smiled. He didn’t believe the Fate’s Scribe had that kind of preference but in the end, it shouldn’t make a difference anyway. How that person looked … was it really so important?
He sighed and looked up at the sky. He couldn’t help but wonder about his own love life. Was there no one in the Nine Heavens he could take a fancy to? Back in the mortal realm, he had heard so many stories about those gods with jade-like skin, starry phoenix eyes and rose-like lips, whose every step seemed to be accompanied with the blooming of lotus flowers and the singing of mythical birds. And sure enough, there were beauties here in the Nine Heavens but most of them didn’t have much charisma. In fact, they weren’t that different from the cultivators in the mortal realm. There was nobody he felt his heart beat wildly for.
Maybe his expectations had been too high. Or maybe … he just hadn’t found the right person yet.

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