OMF V1C39 No Need to Thank Me … Father-in-law

Mister Zhong rolled to the side, evading the strike of the bandit’s blade by a stroke of luck. But his luck was about to end. He tried to get up but the bandit was already right beside him. He lifted the blade and struck again. Mister Zhong closed his eyes and waited for his end.
The wind generated by the blade grazed his face and clothes flapped with the movement. Mister Zhong pressed his eyes shut, waiting for the pain.
It never came.
Mister Zhong slowly lifted one eyelid, unable to believe that he still lived. The sight of a black robe with hems embroidered with silver thread greeted him. He blinked, opened both his eyes and lifted his head. A man stood before him. He was tall, with broad shoulders and inky black hair that fell down to his waist. He currently faced the bandit so Mister Zhong couldn’t see his face but the way he carried himself already gave the impression he was an important man.
Mister Zhong’s heart leaped. It was said that the Yun Zou Sect was somewhere in the Long mountain range. Could one of their disciples … no, one of their masters have saved him? That man must have deflected the deadly strike. And with his noble bearing, he couldn’t be just anyone.
It had to be a cultivator who had cultivated to immortality! Ah, what luck his family had! Back then a Daoist Immortal had saved his wife and child and now even he was saved by one! Ah, he had probably done many good deeds in his last life.
Of course, the man Mister Zhong was praising incessantly in his head was Qiu Ling. He looked at the bandit, feeling irritated. He had wanted to save his beloved but hadn’t he just decided that it was still not time? And now, his Jing He was even gone! He wouldn’t even see his heroic act of saving his father!
“You!” The bandit, likewise, fumed with anger. He had thought it would be plain sailing to rob some poor people like the Zhongs of their belongings and sell the woman and the child into slavery. They didn’t have weapons, they didn’t know how to fight and with a wife and child, the man surely wouldn’t dare try anything. It would be profitable for him.
But not only had the man tried to hinder him when he wanted to kill him and follow the woman and child, but some other bastard also appeared and helped these people!
The bandit looked Qiu Ling up and down and took note of the exquisite cloth his robes were made of, the silver embroidery at the hems and the equally silver rings he was wearing. His face lit up.
Just those two rings should be worth a fortune! And it didn’t seem like that guy had any weapon with him. It had probably been luck when he deflected that blow. He was probably some bored noble on his way back to the capital who wanted to play the hero. Well, not on his watch! He’d make that guy regret getting in his way!
“Stay back or you’ll regret it!” he roared at Qiu Ling, lifting his sword up to intimidate him.
Qiu Ling smiled and lifted a brow, clearly not taking the man seriously. Oh, he’d love to see how an ordinary human took down a dragon. The king of the dragons no less.
His attitude enraged the bandit even more and he brandished his sword again. Qiu Ling lifted his hand, his fingers got hold of the blade and snapped it in two. The upper half fell to the ground with a clang, glinting as if to mock the bandit. He stared at the blade incredulously, then looked up at Qiu Ling.
His face paled and his hands shivered. This wasn’t normal! That might not have been a great weapon but it was still made of metal! That guy clearly wasn’t human! How did he even do that?!
Qiu Ling smiled even wider, lifted his foot and gifted the bandit a kick to the chest. The man was thrown back and stumbled down the path on the other side. There was a thud, then nothing could be heard anymore. He had broken his neck when he fell down.
Qiu Ling didn’t care. He turned around and observed Mister Zhong who still squatted behind him on the ground.
Mister Zhong’s eyes went wide. His savior looked so … young. He really had to be an immortal! He should thank his savior, no? He tried to open his mouth and say something but nothing could be heard. Where to begin? How to address him? Mister Zhong didn’t know what to say.
Qiu Ling lifted his brows. “Still not going to follow them?”
“Wh — Who?”
“Your child. Your wife.” Qiu Ling motioned down the path.
Just hurry up! Jing Yi would be scared after what happened. He’d better get to see his father soon. And of course, Qiu Ling also didn’t want him to run around the forest with only his mother. What if something happened while he wasted time with Mister Zhong? That bandit certainly hadn’t been the only one in this forest and even though Jing Yi was too sensitive regarding animals, there might very well be some wild animals that were indeed dangerous. If he happened to encounter one of them, he might lose his life!
“Uh … Yes. You’re right.” Mister Zhong stood up slowly, still not that sure what had happened and what he was to do now. “Uh … Thank you, hero. I … without your help …”
Qiu Ling interrupted him impatiently. “Just go. No need to thank me …” He motioned to the path again and this time Mister Zhong turned around and hurried along. Qiu Ling smiled and finished in a low voice. “Father-in-law.”

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