LWS Chapter 32 Asking The Sage

Su Yan sat down at the counter and opened his notebook once again. He wanted to see if there was maybe some hint as to where he could find that caregiver character that he had overlooked before.
He was in for a surprise, though: The task was already checked. He clicked on it and indeed found a text as the conclusion just like with the hero task before: [Generously caring for others without ulterior motives, the caregiver is a compassionate person that will help others without asking for anything in return. A caregiver as the protagonist is something to be expected but a male lead can be a great caretaker, too! The caretaker is especially suited for the position of the second male lead, though, capturing the hearts of the readers with his limitless support.]
Su Yan raised his brows. Had he already completed the second task? How … Oh. Caring for others, that was what Nie Chang had done, wasn’t it? It seemed his friend wasn’t just a hero but also a caretaker.
Su Yan sighed. He should probably thank him again. Well, he’d do that later. For now, he wanted to know what the next task was. This task line actually wasn’t bad. He didn’t get to know that much about the different archetypes but it was a beginning. And the reward the System had promised him might go into more detail anyway.
He clicked on the button for the next task and raised his brows: [Asking the sage for advice] was the title and it told pretty much already what this part of the task line was about.
[The sage archetype is often but not solely found in stories that also include the hero. If the hero is stuck, he will meet the sage and ask him for advice. But not only the hero will encounter the sage archetype.
To find out more about this character think of a problem that has been puzzling you for a while and find a person who might be able to answer it.]
Su Yan pursed his lips. This task was once again relatively easy and didn’t seem too strange. His trust in the Lovely Writing System slowly grew. Maybe this System was just a bit weird in the beginning to see who had the persistence to try beyond this initial stage. It wouldn’t be a wonder. After all, not everybody could get a system. This might just be a test.
Ah, thank god he hadn’t given up! As an aspiring author, Su Yan naturally didn’t lack imagination. Thus, he had easily found an alternative explanation for all the bl tasks in the beginning.
In a happy mood, he started to ponder how to solve this task. There wasn’t much he was puzzled by. The most important thing would probably be the System but that wasn’t something he could talk to just anyone about. After all, who would believe him? And even if the person believed him, who knew what the consequences would be? No, he could talk about it only with someone he absolutely trusted.
Su Yan’s lips twitched. That only left one person, though. He’d have to ask Nie Chang. Again.
Su Yan looked doubtfully at the screen. Wasn’t it kind of strange that the person used to demonstrate these first three archetypes was always the same person? Or did the System want to tell him something with that?
Eh? That was actually something puzzling, too.
Su Yan took out his phone and opened WeChat. Who said he had to ask his sage in person?
[Somehow all of my System’s tasks seem to be related to you …]
In the backroom, Nie Chang looked at his screen and smiled. So he wasn’t the only one who had noticed. He couldn’t admit that he was already aware, though. [How so?]
[I told you about that meeting the hero task. Then it wanted me to spend time with a character called ‘caretaker’. That should be you, shouldn’t it?]
Su Yan snorted. Can you be any less arrogant?
As if Nie Chang had known what he thought, another message arrived before Su Yan could type anything: [Well, I did take care of you, after all. I wouldn’t know what else it could be.]
[True.] Su Yan paused for a moment before getting to the next point. [This time it wants me to ask someone for advice.]
[Wanna ask me?] Nie Chang didn’t forget to send him a smug smiley with that message.
Su Yan was really reconsidering right now. Maybe it would be better to say that this was the first task that didn’t have anything to do with Nie Chang. But in the end, it was still true. He should just admit it.
[Do you think there’s a reason?]
Nie Chang smiled. Of course, there was! Someone was obviously helping him! The reason for that, though … [Not sure. Might be.]
[I think it’s strange. Why one person when there are so many characters?]
Nie Chang pursed his lips. That was a good question. [Maybe one person can be more than one character?]
[How so? You’re not schizophrenic.]
[Yeah, but you’ve got different traits. So maybe it just refers to different traits of the personality?]
[You’re really a sage!!!] Su Yan put his phone down without waiting for an answer and eagerly looked at the screen of his notebook.
Of course, the System already knew what had happened and the task was checked. This was definitely the task he had needed the shortest amount of time to finish.
Well, he hadn’t taken much time for the two tasks before either. Mn, the task line had been called character basics so this was probably like a tutorial. It was to be expected that it didn’t take much time. He would probably be done with it in a few days and then the real quests would start.
Su Yan wasn’t that wrong with his assumption. It was questionable if he would like the real quests the Lovely Writing System had prepared for him, though.
He didn’t think about it and just clicked to get to the summary for the sage task and then start the next one.

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