LWS Chapter 31 How Can That Person Not Realize?

It only took a quarter of an hour until Su Yan grew restless. He frowned at the screen and changed his sitting position several times. Finally, Nie Chang couldn’t concentrate on the movie anymore. Not that he had paid his whole attention to it in the beginning anyway. Of course, most of it had been directed at Su Yan.
“Ah Yan, what’s the matter?”
“She’s stupid”, came the heartless answer.
Nie Chang looked at him and lifted his brows.
“The female lead! Just look at that!” He pointed at the screen with an exasperated expression. Just now, the female protagonist was crying her eyes out after seeing her crush together with another girl.
“What’s the problem with that?” Nie Chang frowned. “She’s in love with him. Isn’t it normal that she cries when she thinks he’s in love with somebody else?”
“Yeah. But how the hell did she come to that conclusion anyway? She’s just seen them together two or three times while he spends literally every day with her. Fuck, he runs over to her house every single day even if it’s just for five minutes and with some lame excuse like forgetting to buy something and borrowing it from her. And look at that!” Once again, Su Yan’s finger pointed. This time, the recipient was the male lead. “See how he looks at her? How can she still not see that he’s totally into her?”
Nie Chang looked at the screen where the male lead was making another attempt at getting the female lead to become his girlfriend while she sat in her house, playing dead so that she wouldn’t have to see her crush who was supposedly interested in someone else.
Then, he turned around to look at Su Yan. “Indeed. How dense! How can that person still not get it after all those years?”
“Right! That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Su Yan smiled with satisfaction. Ah, Nie Chang really understood him too well! He nestled back against his chest and continued to watch the stupid movie, completely oblivious that his friend hadn’t been commenting on the female lead at all.
Nie Chang observed him for a moment longer before he returned to watching the movie, too. Looking at the male and female lead struggling through nearly two hours of misunderstandings and petty schemes devised by the second leads, he felt like his own situation wasn’t as bad.
Disregarding that Li Ming that had shown interest in Su Yan but had foiled his own chances there weren’t any other love rivals he had to take into consideration. He could just take his time to seduce Su Yan and since things were progressing nicely over the last few days …
In the end, the male lead and female lead got together but Su Yan only yawned. He clearly hadn’t found that movie interesting.
“Do you want to watch something else?” Nie Chang pushed Su Yan’s hair back with a smile.
“Isn’t it quite late already? What about work?”
“I guess your boss doesn’t mind if you take the day off.”
“Heh.” Su Yan slapped his chest. “You’re gonna lose money if you’re behaving like this.”
Nie Chang just smiled. Don’t you worry, my dear, I’ll still have enough to support the two of us.
Su Yan pushed the blanket to the side and stood up. “Let’s go over.”
Nie Chang crossed his arms and looked at Su Yan. “Like this?”
Su Yan turned around and blinked. Nie Chang stood up and came over, pulling at his shirt.
“Have a look at yourself. Your clothes are totally crumpled. Well, I don’t mind what Old Lao and Gong Gong will think, so if you don’t mind either …”
“Huh?” Su Yan smoothed some of the wrinkles out. “It doesn’t look that bad, does it?”
“No, it just looks as if you spent the night at my place.” I mean it’s totally obvious you’re still wearing the same clothes as yesterday and we’d be appearing at work together for the second day already. I know what I’d be thinking if I saw that.
Of course, Su Yan was still oblivious to the implication of Nie Chang’s words. “Ah, well, they’d find out that we’re friends sooner or later anyway. It’s not a problem if they do so now. Come on, don’t play for time.” He grabbed Nie Chang’s hands and pulled him into the bathroom, quite naturally using all of Nie Chang’s things.
Nie Chang pensively gazed at him. If you didn’t look at the fact that they weren’t getting physical with each other, everyone would probably believe him at once if he said they were a couple. Mn, maybe he should invite Su Yan out on a date?
“What is it?” Su Yan seemed to feel his gaze and turned around with a puzzled expression.
“I just thought it would be nice to go out for a change. What do you think?”
“Go out?”
“Yeah. Just going somewhere fun. You can choose.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. He definitely wasn’t shy with friends. “Alright, I’ll tell you when I think of something.”
Nie Chang nodded and the two of them left for the repair store.
Old Lao looked up from the counter when they arrived. He took one glance at Su Yan’s clothes and nodded at his boss.
Nie Chang just smiled. He didn’t even think to clarify. Just because there were no love rivals around now that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be any later. If they really turned up, it would be better if everyone believed them to be a couple already.
“Alright. Then get to work. I’ll go to the back with Old Lao.”
“Sure! Have fun!”
“You, too.” Nie Chang smiled at him and went to the backroom.
He couldn’t help taking a look at his messages when he sat down. He didn’t know who had sent that message but it seemed that person wanted to help him. Being a hero for the person he loved and caring for him when he didn’t feel good … Weren’t those things Su Yan would remember? If it went on like this, then maybe this dunce would finally get to the conclusion the female lead had managed to arrive at: There was someone very much in love with him.

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