LWS Chapter 33 His Person

[Getting good advice can always help to propel the story forward. So, having a sage in your story can be a great asset. If your protagonist regularly finds himself puzzled, then it might be a good idea to give the male lead this character type. Helping the protagonist out might further their feelings, after all! Having a possible love interest that is of the sage character-type might also be interesting since it could be used to create conflict.]
Su Yan noted everything down in his heart and pressed the button for the next task.
[Follow the explorer on a journey you’ll never forget]. Su Yan raised his brows at that. Explorer? Journey? What was this about?
[Just like the hero, the explorer might make a great male lead. Or maybe he’ll be a tertiary male lead who appears in front of the protagonist, making him experience an adventure and then silently moving on?
You can experience what an explorer character type may be like on your own through following him on an adventure. Just think about what thing you always wanted to learn and try it out. You’re certain to learn more about your explorer there.]
Su Yan smiled wryly. “Heh, System, are you sure you haven’t been written by a friend of Ah Chang’s? This is getting a little too coincidental!”
Seriously? Just when Nie Chang had asked him to go out and even let him choose what to do, he suddenly got the task to try something new. Wouldn’t that end with him doing the thing with Nie Chang and completing the task like that? He could believe that for the first three tasks but now it was getting ridiculous. “Just how many character traits does he have? He starts to sound schizophrenic!”
He looked at his screen with complaint clearly written in his eyes. Of course, he didn’t get an answer. But at least, in the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation Official Shen Lu pursed her lips.
“He’s right. It’s really too coincidental.” She opened the settings for the Lovely Writing System and adjusted them again. Hehe, with that Su Yan definitely wouldn’t doubt the System anymore. Ah, her boss could really be proud of her! She had reacted so fast!
Meanwhile, Su Yan had closed the Lovely Writing System and glanced at the door. There wasn’t any customer in sight so he could use the time to browse for something to do.
Regardless of whether or not the explorer would be Nie Chang again, he should still choose wisely what to do. After all, when would he have such a chance again?
Mn, in regards to the task it would probably be the best if he chose something that had to do with an adventure like going hiking or canoeing somewhere or maybe they should even go parachuting.
Su Yan imagined going parachuting with Nie Chang and hurriedly shook his head. No way! In all honesty, he was rather the type to stay at home and drink tea while being wrapped up in a blanket.
Tch, this had been supposed to be an outing between two friends in the first place. He’d just take whatever he liked. The System should see how to get the explorer in there if it wanted him to meet that character type.
Mn … The things he liked to do … He had visited all of the famous sightseeing spots and had been to nearly every museum in Shanghai. He’d probably need to search for some type of event or workshop he could book.
Ah? That could be nice …
He picked up his phone and wanted to write Nie Chang when he saw he had gotten a message from him.
[You’re praising me too much.]
Su Yan winced. Shit. He had actually put his phone away without waiting for his reply earlier. He looked at the door to the backroom and coughed. Then, as if nothing had happened, he typed in his new message: [Do you still only know how to cook egg fried rice?]
Nie Chang picked up his phone when the screen lit up and snorted. “You’re one to talk. You’re even worse than me at cooking.” [What about it?]
[How about learning to cook on that outing?]
Nie Chang lifted his brows. In the end, he put his phone away and left the room. Su Yan was still staring onto his screen, completely oblivious that he had come over.
Nie Chang smirked, silently walked up behind Su Yan and leaned over his shoulder. “Didn’t you get an answer?”, he whispered into his ear.
Su Yan jerked and let go of his phone. Nie Chang caught it while laughing and put it down on the counter. “So, you want to learn how to cook?”
Su Yan glared at him but nodded in the end. After all, he still remembered that he owed Nie Chang a few thank yous. “I thought about what we could do but there isn’t much that’s fun. At least, nothing that we haven’t tried yet.”
“So our author is out of ideas?” Nie Chang bent forward and smiled. “Then how about I choose?”
Su Yan eyed him suspiciously. He wasn’t sure if he could trust Nie Chang on this considering how he was looking at him. “So … you don’t wanna learn how to cook?”
“No, it’s alright. But we wouldn’t need the whole day for that, would we? Let me search for a nice workshop and plan the rest of the day. And you know what? Since I’m paying you anyway from now on I’ll even pay for everything we do that day.”
Su Yan lifted his brows. They hadn’t talked about how much he would earn when he worked for Nie Chang. He had just trusted him that it would be fair. Nevertheless, it certainly wouldn’t be as much as Nie Chang earned as his boss.
He slowly started to smile and stood up fawningly gripping Nie Chang’s arms. “Ah, boss, you’re the best! It was definitely the best decision in my life to work for you!”
Nie Chang gritted his teeth. Continue like that and I’ll want to kiss you! With a smirk, he looped an arm around Su Yan’s waist and pulled him even closer. “Ah, it’s only natural. You’re my person now, after all.” And I’ll make sure that the next time I say that it won’t only be because you’re my employee.

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