LWS Chapter 30 Coming Clean With The Caregiver

Su Yan stared blankly until Nie Chang put the tray down on the bedside table and sat down next to him again.
“Ah Yan, I’m sorry”, he said in a low voice. “I shouldn’t have gotten loud. It’s just that I was really worried about you so I kind of … took it out on you. I know I shouldn’t have done that. You already had a bad day yesterday. I should have been more supportive instead.”
Su Yan’s guilty conscience throbbed at these words. Look at this! He saved me and brought me home and then didn’t even get a thank you but such a nasty comment from me and there he is, still apologizing to me and making me breakfast.
“Ah Chang …” Su Yan sat up and leaned over, putting his head on Nie Chang’s shoulder. “You don’t have to apologize. I should apologize instead. I’m always giving you trouble and most of the time I even forget to thank you.”
Nie Chang pressed down a smile. The advice from that strange message really seemed to be worth its weight in gold! Look at Su Yan! He was suddenly saying such sensible things and even getting close to him.
Nie Chang turned around and hugged him. “It’s alright. There’s no need to say anything. I would never blame you for anything.” He stroked the back of Su Yan’s head and smiled.
Su Yan felt bad, though. How could this guy be so nice to him after he had behaved so badly? He looked up at Nie Chang with pursed lips. “Ah Chang … Stop it, alright? I really did wrong this time. But … you know, about this morning, I really wasn’t talking about you. I was thinking about that guy in the photo.”
Nie Chang lifted his brows.
“The one from the bar? You see …” Su Yan scooted closer and took out his phone. “I told you about the System, didn’t I?”
This time when Nie Chang looked over there was actually a strange app there! He frowned. The last few times when he had tried to look into it he hadn’t even been able to find a trace of that thing and now it was right there before his eyes! What was happening here?
Of course, this was Official Lu Shen’s doing. Since she wanted to support Nie Chang and make sure that he would end up getting Su Yan she had to go the whole way! If he knew about the System, wouldn’t he trust in her messages? They could work together! Ah! This was just to perfect!
Looking at how close those two were sitting together and how her plan proceeded smoothly, Official Lu Shen started spinning on her chair again and even clapped her hands. Ah, granting a System to her favorite author had really been the best decision ever!
Meanwhile, Nie Chang looked at the screen. “What is this?”
“It’s the System! You see that there?” Su Yan pointed at the list that still showed the [Enjoying Time With The Caregiver] task. “It said something about wanting me to find out more about character types you could use for a story and told me to go to that bar. It wanted me to meet some kind of hero. I also don’t know why that strange guy showed up. He certainly isn’t some kind of hero!” Su Yan looked indignant while Nie Chang had a pensive expression.
He didn’t know anything about the character types Su Yan was talking about but if he just looked at it from the perspective of what one normally thought a hero to be, then the one the System had wanted Su Yan to meet was himself. After all, he had saved him.
And the next task … A caretaker was someone who took care of somebody else. Wasn’t he doing exactly that right now? And he had done so because of that message. That couldn’t be a coincidence, right?
“Ah Chang, say something!” Su Yan pulled at his arm.
“I’m thinking about it.”
“Oh. Then tell me when you’ve finished. Eh, is that for me?” He pointed at the tray.
Nie Chang smiled and carelessly threw the phone aside. Whatever. He’d think about it later. For now, he should really do what the message had said and just be there for Su Yan. Nothing could go wrong with that, right? “If not for you, then who would I have made it for? Aren’t you the one who likes to eat egg fried rice?”
Su Yan pursed his lips again. “I do. But you eat everything. If someone told me you had been a pig in your last life, I’d instantly believe him.”
“My, you’re as charming as ever. You better watch out or I might accidentally gobble you up.” He ruffled Su Yan’s hair, smirking inside at how his friend rolled his eyes. You know, Su Yan, there won’t be anything accidental about it when I do it. When, not if. Nie Chang was positive that it would happen sooner or later. For now, he was still content with having Su Yan this close, though.
“Come on, sit back.” He pushed him back and covered him with the blanket, putting the tray onto his lap. “Let’s watch a movie and forget about everything else for a while, alright?”
“Sure!” Su Yan’s mood was great. Nie Chang wasn’t mad at him anymore and he even got such good treatment. Mn, there really was fortune in misfortune. He started scooping up his food while Nie Chang went to get his notebook.
When Nie Chang returned he saw his friend happily eating his breakfast with a slight smile on his lips. Ah, that guy really just needed a pair of fluffy ears and a tail and he’d be a total fox. You could practically see his thoughts right now.
They were certainly something like: Ah~ How great! He isn’t mad at me anymore! And I even get my favorite food to eat, so nice!
Nie Chang just smiled, put the notebook on the table and started the movie. Then, he sat next to Su Yan and very naturally looped his arm around his shoulders.
Don’t think you’ll get out of this that cheap, my friend! You’ll still have to repay me.

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