LWS Chapter 29 Not That Altruistic

Before Su Yan could react, Nie Chang had already stood up and strode out of the room with a smirk. Never mind that Su Yan was such a dunce who would get into trouble and then couldn’t even apologize and give his thanks to his savior. At least, this time he had gotten something out of it.
“Mn, I guess he can’t ignore it this time?” Nie Chang stopped in the kitchen and looked out of the window. He really felt like something was changing between them. It was a nice surprise after all these years but actually, it made waiting even harder to endure. Su Yan had always been just a bit out of reach but now he felt like he could grab him if he just extended his hand.
Nie Chang sighed and shook his head. There was no use thinking about it. He still had to wait if he wanted to or not.
Just when Nie Chang thought so his phone suddenly vibrated. He took it out and furrowed his brow at the screen. As China’s current best hacker he naturally didn’t get any junk messages. So why had something strange found its way into his inbox?
[Fretting over how to make your adored one finally fall in love with you?
Here’s a sure-fire way to speed things up: When your beloved is down on his luck he’ll definitely need a strong shoulder to cry on! Lend yours to him and while you’re at it lend your ear, too! It’ll definitely help him if there is someone at his side listening to his troubles and providing him with helpful advice. This way, you can make your presence known and showcase your good side to him!
Special hint: If you know the preferences of your beloved like things he likes to eat or drink or a movie he’d like to see, use them to cheer him up! He’ll definitely discover soon what a good catch you are!]
Nie Chang stared at the message. It seemed a bit like the typical spam you’d get but somehow it was totally different, too. Why did this advice sound so logical? And why did it fit his situation so perfectly?
Before he had really thought it through, he was already searching around to make Su Yan’s favorite food. Never mind the salty response he had gotten from that idiot. This kind of not daring to admit his feelings outright was also one of the things he loved about him.
Needless to say, this message was a present from Official Shen Lu from the Heaven Corporation. Right now, she was once again spinning around on her chair and doing a little happy dance.
What was a great male lead? Obviously, it was one that would care for the protagonist until the end! Storming into a bar to save him from the dirty hands of some rich second generation, making his favorite food and listening to him pouring his heart out, making all the hurt go away with just one kiss … This definitely was a great male lead! And it was even better if said male lead was handsome with a nice face and equally nice abs.
In short: Nie Chang was the perfect male lead that Official Shen Lu wanted!
She grabbed onto her desk and stopped spinning around. It was time to do her work! Don’t look at how she had managed to find someone special to give a system to. The real work was starting only now. After all, the Heaven Corporation wasn’t a selfless organization that wanted to help people. No! The Heaven Corporation was a business. And giving out a System was a kind of deal. You get something from us and we get something from you. It’s just that we kind of leave out the signing of the contract.
After all, if the hosts knew what the deal was, they might reconsider taking a System from the Heaven Corporation. Though, a System could change your life so there would probably still be many people who accepted that deal.
What the Heaven Corporation got out of this deal? Well, they partly did what Su Yan was doing: Writing books. And they made movies and dramas and games. Whatever you could make out of a story, it certainly was done by the Heaven Corporation. And, yes, all of those stories featured the real-life experiences of those poor contracted hosts.
Su Yan’s story was made into a book right now and the one responsible for that was naturally Official Shen Lu. Alright, she was guilty of adding a little detail here or there to spice things up a bit like how the male lead Nie Chang had kissed the protagonist Su Yan in front of Li Ming to prove he was his boyfriend or how the two of them had ended up in bed together just last night because the drugs Ling Dong Hai had slipped into Su Yan’s drink were actually an aphrodisiac.
She giggled thinking of what the readers would comment when they got the newest chapter. Yes, of course, Official Shen Lu took the modern approach and published the story as a web novel on Heaven Corporation’s own website for web novels or, well, the subpage for fujoshis like her.
Now, all she needed to do was to make sure that this story stayed interesting. Thus, she happily planned what to do to help Nie Chang achieve his goal. The message she sent him was just the beginning.
Meanwhile, Su Yan fished around in his pocket for his phone. Thankfully, it was still there. He opened the app and stared at the task list.
[Meeting the hero] was checked. With a dark look in his eyes, Su Yan clicked on it. The text that was offered to him was more than offensive to his eyes: [Noble, strong and courageous, the hero will help those in need, for example, he will safe the damsel-in-distress and earn gratitude that later turns into love or he might achieve greatness and thus win the heart of his beloved. Whatever it is the archetype of the hero is always a save choice for the male lead!]
“You sent me to a fucking bar and nearly got me raped!”, blamed Su Yan the System. “So why the hell have you ticked that damned task?”
Wait …
Suddenly, Su Yan’s face turned red. Uh, it couldn’t be … The ‘hero’ the System spoke of … was actually Nie Chang? And he was the damsel-in-distress?! No wonder Nie Chang had reacted like this!
Su Yan covered his face with his hands. Damn, this was so fucking embarrassing! Nie Chang had saved him and he had said something so offensive. No wonder Nie Chang had … Uh …
Before Su Yan had a chance to ponder over the kiss, steps sounded from the door and Nie Chang actually walked back in with a tray in his hands. Su Yan cautiously took a peek. That was … actually his favorite food? Uh … Nie Chang really was too good to him. Now he felt even worse.
He hastily averted his gaze but now, he instead saw that the System had issued the next task: [Enjoying time with the caregiver]
Su Yan hurriedly clicked on it just in case this System would give him trouble once more. The content of the task seemed more normal than the last one, though:
[Reading about a hero sure is exciting but sometimes your readers might want to enjoy some more quiet scenes. If your male lead is of the ‘hero’-type, then he might enjoy spending time with a protagonist who is a caregiver. As all the archetypes, this type isn’t limited to protagonists, though. For example, a male lead could be a great caregiver, too, or at least share some of this type’s properties.
Get to know some of the caregiver’s characteristics through spending time with him.]
Su Yan blinked. That didn’t sound bad. But why didn’t the System tell him where to find this caregiver character this time? It couldn’t be that he had to search for him himself?

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