OMF 3rd Anniversary Extra: What Day Is Today?

Author’s Note:

It’s the 4th anniversary of Oh. My. Fate?! already. While I am doing a new extra over on Patreon for that occasion, I’ll make last year’s 3rd anniversary special public for everyone now! It’s a short one this time as I didn’t have much time last year but I hope you’ll like it! It features some of the most important characters of the series.

Some questions really required conscious thought depending on who it was asking and how they were doing so. The wrong answer might just land you in hot water with the person after all. Who wanted to risk that if the other side was somebody important to you?

One question like that, for sure, was ‘So … what day do you think is today?’. This question certainly had the potential to cause problems if you couldn’t immediately think of a response. Just what was it that you had forgotten?

Jinde: My dear, what day do you think is today?

Leng Jin Yu: *looks up and squints* It should be Wednesday?

Jinde: … Why would you say Wednesday? Shouldn’t you guess that it’s an anniversary?

Leng Jin Yu: *laughs* Whether it is our first or our second wedding anniversary, I know which day they are and neither is today. Also, did you forget that we grew up together in my last life? So I remember your date of birth as well. It’s not today either. So you asking what day is today is surely just you teasing me.

Jinde: Ah ~ My husband knows me so well ~

Xiang Yu: What day is today?

Xin Lan: *sad face* It’s the day *redacted because this would be a massive spoiler*

Xiang Yu: Can’t you be romantic at all?!

Xin Lan: *looks at him with a deadpan expression* Oh, then it’s the day you woke up and realized you were an idiot for not marrying me. *walks away*

Qiu Ling: What day is it today?

Jing He: ?

Qiu Ling: I mean, what day is today?

Jing He: It should be the 19th day of the 5th month?

Qiu Ling: … He looked so cute, I can’t even be angry that it didn’t work …

Ye Yang: Scholar An Bai, what day is today?

An Bai: *ponders* It should be the anniversary of the day Longjun Fang Hu acceded to the throne.

Ye Yang: …

An Bai: Oh! There is also the story of how the mortal Shui Jin Ning and the dragon Lang Ling swore their loyalty to each other on this day.

Ye Yang: Anything else?

An Bai: *thinks deeply* I think it should have also been on this day that Longjun Yu Kuai banned the hunt of the surface dancing sprite.

Ye Yang: You never cease to astound me. Don’t tell me you can think of more?

An Bai: *contemplates further* It might have also been the day the dragon Zhen Xiang discovered the purple-sprinkled variety of the chasm lotus. Although I do have to admit that I am not entirely sure. That might have been tomorrow. Let me consult the books again. *walks off*

Ye Yang: I’m afraid this guy is hopeless. *pauses* Or maybe the hopeless one is me …

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