The Self-Help Group for Lovelorn Men (2): Everybody Is Miserable over Here

When the two people inside the study finished eventually, some sweet words were exchanged before the fallen god opened a portal to the High Heavens and vanished.

Li Yin got dressed as well and walked out of the study, patting Qiang Yan on his shoulder. “Don’t worry. Someday, you’ll find somebody as well.”

He didn’t stay to chat and just left, making Qiang Yan even more infuriated. Unfortunately, he really didn’t dare to complain too much because of that fallen god.

Speaking of which … that fallen god coincidentally ran into another one while he was on his way back to his palace.

Xiang Yu stopped in his tracks when he saw him and watched in a daze as he straightened out his clothes. “Where did you go?”

The other fallen god raised his brows. “Meeting with my lover, obviously. Also had a run-in with a lovelorn man.” He didn’t explain further and just went home, leaving Xiang Yu standing there alone. Anyway, he had done what he wanted to do. It was only a pity that he hadn’t been able to see his son. Mn, he should return when Ru Zhen wasn’t busy with his own partner …

Meanwhile, Xiang Yu furrowed his brows and then rushed away in another direction. He managed to draw out the supreme sovereign and threw himself into his arms with tears gathering in his eyes.

Tian raised his brows and looked at him with some worry. “Did that Xin Lan do something to anger you?” He couldn’t imagine who else would be daring enough to make one of the fallen gods cry. Especially Xiang Yu.

Xiang Yu shook his head widely. “Leng Lu just came back and said he met a lovelorn man. I think … I think I might also be one! After all, the person I love is already with somebody else. Don’t you think that’s very pitiful?”

Tian looked at the person that was clinging to him with an empty gaze. Why did he feel that just being in love with somebody who was with somebody else wasn’t that bad? It could be worse, couldn’t it? He knew that he couldn’t say that to Xiang Yu though. The little fallen god would be devastated if he did.

Before he could find suitable words to comfort Xiang Yu, a voice sounded from around the corner.

“The person I’m destined to be with is in love with somebody else. Don’t you think that’s much worse?”

Xiang Yu bristled, rushed out of Tian’s arms and stopped at the corner of the palace, glaring at the person that had dared to interrupt his important conversation. “What are you talking about? Nobody cares how you feel!”

“Isn’t that what I said?” Xin Lan crossed his arms in front of his chest, still leaning against the wall of the palace as if he didn’t care at all what Xiang Yu thought.

Needless to say, that set the fallen god off even further. “You!” He jumped at Xin Lan, trying to land a hit on him but the dragon sidestepped before leaning against the wall again.

“You’re still just as bad at fighting.”

Behind them, Tian slowly walked around the corner of the palace, watching the two of them chase each other around. His gaze turned subtle. Who had it been again that said the person they loved didn’t like them back? Well, it was good if the child was happy. Although … he should probably teach that darn dragon a lesson. How could he treat Xiang Yu like that?

Tian raised his hands, his claws glinting in the light. Before he had a chance to do anything, he was once again interrupted though. A portal opened not far from them and three people stumbled into the High Heavens. Looking over, Tian’s expression blanked.

There was the reincarnation of the previous dragon king’s lover, the current dragon king, and … the crown prince of the Nine Heavens. Or should he say the current dragon king’s spouse?

Xiang Yu looked over and his expression lit up when he saw the three of them. “You’re here!” He wanted to rush over but Xin Lan reached out and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him back.

There was no way he would let him run over to the man that had stolen his first love from him already!

Xiang Yu furrowed his brows in unhappiness, making the mark between his brows shift. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes. “Oh, the old geezer was indeed right.”

Jing He looked away, feeling embarrassed about what was happening. Even though he got along well with his father-in-law, he did doubt his decisions every now and then.

Tian lowered his hand again and looked at Jing He. “What are you doing here?”

Jing He lowered his head in response. “We …” How was he supposed to say this?

“We came because the old geezer told us how miserable everybody was over here.”

Tian’s expression didn’t change. “Oh? How did he know?”

“He was talking to that bastard over there when things started.”

Leng Jin Yu modeled himself on Jing He and also looked away. His husband was probably feeling bored at home. That must have been why he came up with this idiotic idea. Well, it might not have been that bad if Qiu Ling hadn’t decided that he wanted to come along. With him here … it was only a question of time until something happened. The supreme sovereign’s expression already looked slightly off since the moment he had mentioned how ‘everybody was miserable’. After all, didn’t that include him?

Unfortunately, Qiu Ling didn’t seem to have noticed that or maybe he didn’t care. He happily continued to explain. “Apparently, that bastard’s beloved is into somebody else. Well, I think it serves him right.”

Tian gave something that could be interpreted as a non-committal grunt by a well-meaning person but was probably more of an agreement to Qiu Ling’s last statement.

“Anyway, my beloved and I are very happy.” Qiu Ling turned to Jing He and cupped his cheeks, smiling brightly. “It’s probably because our love is so strong that we’re able to overcome anything. Even the biggest obstacles can be overcome by us. Not like some people who will fail because of some slight mishaps. That’s true love. These other people probably don’t even know what that —”

Qiu Ling’s lips moved but the last words couldn’t be heard any longer. He blinked his eyes, tried again but the result was still the same. His eyes went wide and he looked at his beloved agitatedly.

Jing He just glanced over at Tian carefully.

The supreme sovereign’s eyes had narrowed all the way until they turned into slits and the gaze he used to look at Qiu Ling wasn’t nice at all. “Well, I guess I am the most miserable of all of them then. Since I am still waiting for my beloved to return after several million years. My love probably just isn’t strong enough to wake him up.” He huffed, shook his sleeve, and turned away, going back to his palace.

Jing He panicked when he saw that. “Tian!”

The supreme sovereign stopped and sighed. “Don’t worry. It’ll wear off in twenty-four hours. Until then, use the time to get in some words before your husband blabbers away all the time again.”

With that, the group was left behind, staring awkwardly at the retreating back.

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