The Self-Help Group for Lovelorn Men (1): Some Friend That Is!

It’s Valentine’s Day today. While those in relationships are probably (hopefully) busy with their partner, here’s a little extra for those who are single! Let’s indulge in some good, old self-pity together with some of the OMF characters ~

The God of War bid goodbye to the Western General with a laugh and opened the door to his study. Seeing the scene inside … he slammed it shut right away.

The General turned back and raised his brows. “Is something the matter?” He couldn’t help but glance at the door with worry. That was the God of War’s study, ah! Behind it was even the building where they kept the soul-devouring dagger. If somebody broke in, then that would result in a mess!

Qiang Yan’s eyelids twitched but he forced himself to smile. “I … I just realized I forgot something. I guess that’s what happens when other things come up all the time. I should hurry and go take care of it.”

The General’s brows raised even higher. “That sounds urgent. Should I help you?”

Qiang Yan hurriedly shook his head. “No, no. It’s nothing big. I just suddenly remembered. You can just go and take care of your matters. Anyway, I should go now.” He gave an awkward smile and then hurried around the next corner, listening for the General’s receding steps. Only when he was sure that he wasn’t there anymore, he peeked around the corner and then heaved a sigh of relief. “Finally!”

He stalked back to his study and pushed open the door, furrowing his brows at the people inside. “Do you have no conscience at all?! What do you think you’re doing in my study?”

In response to that, he was merely greeted with more ambiguous sounds.

Qiang Yan’s head throbbed. “Li Yin! You dare call yourself my best friend?! You stop this right this instant or at least relocate somewhere else!”

The God of Justice turned to look at him and also furrowed his brows. “What are you even saying? The one who isn’t a good friend is certainly you. Can’t you see that I’m busy right now? What are you disturbing us for?” He didn’t give any other explanation and just turned back to his lover, cupping his cheeks and taking over his lips once again.

Qiang Yan threw his hands up in resignation. “Why am I even talking to you? You’re not going to listen to me anyway. You’ve always been like this!” He paced up and down, mumbling to himself. With any other person, he would definitely rush over there, grab them by the collar and throw them out onto the corridor.

Unfortunately … Li Yin’s lover was a fallen god. That wasn’t the type of person you should aggravate. In fact, even standing here took quite a lot of nerves. Then again, it couldn’t take even half of the nerves Li Yin must have to be able to make out with that person.

Just when the God of War was wondering how it was possible that the God of Justice had more guts than him, a robe was thrown at his face. He caught it in a daze and stared at it for a moment. When he finally figured out what was going on, he couldn’t help but raise his gaze to the couple once again. These two … they wouldn’t really be going at it in his study, would they?!

He threw the robe down and pointed at Li Yin’s nose, trying to ignore the fallen god that had buried his fingers in his hair. “You can’t be serious! Why the fuck are you doing this in my study? Use your own if it has to be this kind of place!”

Li Yin sighed and wanted to turn around to him but his lover grabbed his chin and pulled him back.

“Is he really more important than me?”

“Of course, he isn’t. I’m just afraid he might be disturbing you. I wouldn’t want him to ruin the mood. So I think it’d be better to throw him out.”

Qiang Yan gaped at him. Throw him out? This was his study!

The fallen god didn’t seem to notice that detail either. “Don’t worry. Just continue. He’ll leave when he can’t take it any longer. Anyway, I don’t mind the audience.”

Another robe was thrown aside. Qiang Yan gaped at the naked skin of the fallen god and then held a hand in front of his eyes. He didn’t want to die yet! He turned around and rubbed his forehead, trying to find out what to do. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with anything. He ground his teeth and then went out just as the fallen god had predicted.

Standing in front of the door, Qiang Yan sighed deeply. Now, he couldn’t even enter his own study. On the other hand, he couldn’t leave either. Otherwise, who knew what would happen if somebody came by to see him and found these two together?

Even though Li Yin was the God of Justice, he would still get in trouble for getting involved with a fallen god. After all, even though it might not be forbidden, it certainly wasn’t something anybody wanted to see. The destruction a fallen god could bring was just too great and everybody knew that their emotions were what brought this destruction about.

A fallen god in love might be good but what if it didn’t work out? What if the other person grew tired of him and wanted to leave? What if he fell in love with another person and cheated on him? What if he realized after the novelty wore off that it was dangerous to be with a fallen god and grew scared? What then?

People would naturally ask themselves these questions when this affair became public. Qiang Yan knew that. So as Li Yin’s good friend, he would need to stand there and make sure nobody could disturb them and find out.

Come to think of it, maybe this was why Li Yin had come here in the first place. He couldn’t be sure that nobody would come and look for him in his own palace so none of the places over there would be safe. The God of War’s palace was different. They might be caught if somebody came looking for the God of War but if he was out, then who would come to the study? And if he came back … then he would help them out.

Qiang Yan tsked. “That Li Yin’s too sly. He really used my friendship for his own advantage. I should have a word with him as soon as that other guy is gone.”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against the wall next to the door. Ah, he also couldn’t help but be a little envious. He still didn’t know where his wife had gone. When he had still thought that his best friend was single as well, it hadn’t felt quite as depressing but now he not only had to cover up that Li Yin was seeing somebody he shouldn’t see, he couldn’t even spend his time as a single man with him. After all, since he had found out about the two of them, that fallen god liked to come and visit while he was there.

Ah, it was infuriating! He had never felt more lost than right now. It truly wasn’t easy you being a lovelorn man …

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