OMF Extra: It’ll Always Be You

Author’s Note:
Today is the 5th anniversary of Oh. My. Fate?! I figured that would be a good time to share another extra. This one is actually a bit older already, to the point I almost forgot I even had it saved. I thought it was really fun though so I wanted to share ~
As we are approaching the end of the series and this is likely going to be the the last anniversary we’ll celebrate while OMF is still running, I will also upload another story a bit later. Both of them feature Leng Jin Yu so they’ll hoepfully fit together well. Now, have fun reading!

Leng Jin Yu looked at the map in his hands and then glanced up at the city in front of him. This … should be the place, right? He put the map away with a sigh and walked through the gate, giving a nod to the guards at the side.

This city was not too far away from the Pang Yan Order’s sect grounds so the common people were used to cultivators and practitioners traveling through this place. Thanks to his sect robes, nobody had bothered him so far. It was nothing new. He had seen this way too often even when he had still been a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect: The guards couldn’t win against a practitioner so they would never ask to search them like normal people in fear that they might upset them and lose their lives. It was not how it should be but what could be done? Well, even if they searched them and found something, what could they do about it? Looking from that perspective, they were going about this in the right way.

Leng Jin Yu shook his head and continued to walk down the road, his gaze brushing over the people around him. Whether it was the ones going down the road in the other direction, the vendors manning the stalls or the ones sitting on the balconies of the restaurants, he glanced at all of them. Unfortunately, none of them gave him that familiar feeling.

Ah, just where had Jinde gone this time?

He sighed and finally stopped on the other side of the city. The place wasn’t that big. One didn’t even need half an hour to cross it once. Unfortunately, there were still many streets and he might need to check every single one of them. Also, who knew if Jinde was outside where he could easily spot him or hiding somewhere inside? Knowing him, it might be the latter just because it would require more effort on his part.

Leng Jin Yu turned to the left and started to walk down the road leading away from the main road. The most important thing was not to leave out any place. Sooner or later, he would find a clue. After all, while Jinde loved to play, he also didn’t have the patience to wait that long.

He passed by several small houses and workshops. This probably wasn’t the kind of place that Jinde would use. No, knowing him, he would look for a beautiful or luxurious place even in such a small city. And then, when they met up again, he would smile and joke around how only such a place was befitting a beauty like him.

Leng Jin Yu’s lips unwittingly curved up and he sped up his steps. Whatever kind of game Jinde wanted to play, he would gladly play it if it made him happy. It was enough as long as he could see that charming smile of his more often.

He turned into another street. The buildings here were bigger and in better condition. This kind of place was obviously more to Jinde’s taste. Leng Jin Yu looked around but still couldn’t spot him. He furrowed his brows but continued on. Finally, he had been through half the city but had still come up with nothing. It seemed … he had chosen the wrong direction when he left the main road?

He sighed and then went over to the other side of the city. Soon enough, he reached the banks of the river that was flowing close to the middle of the town. Boats were swaying in the water, decorated with colorful lights and flowers, and the sounds of music and conversations drifted over.

Leng Jin Yu glanced over the people on the deck and then turned around, walking down the street. Looking at the establishments around him, it seemed he had happened upon the … entertainment district.

Several women waved their handkerchiefs at him, some of them even calling out to ask if he wanted wine or come inside to ‘rest’ for a few hours. Leng Jin Yu didn’t answer them and just continued to walk.

Just when he had almost passed half the street, a beauty stepped into his path. “Aiyo! Young Master, where are you hurrying that fast? You must be tired after being in such a haste. Why don’t you come inside? I’m sure we have something to offer that you’d like.” She brushed back her hair and blinked her eyes.

Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh? Why that?” The beauty tilted her head as if in confusion.

“I am married.”

“Aiya! Don’t worry about that!” She stepped closer and reached out, patting his arm. “To be honest, most of our guests are married. I’m sure your wife wouldn’t mind.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at that slender hand before he looked back up at her face. “Oh, I am sure my husband would mind indeed. You see, he can be fairly jealous.”

“Is that so?” She stepped closer and grabbed onto his arm, blinking her eyes prettily. “Well, we don’t have to tell him, do we?”

On the other side of the street, a few of the other women couldn’t help but whisper. “I can’t believe she’s that daring! Isn’t that man a Daoist? What if she angers him?”

“Eh, she won’t have to worry about him. But what about that husband he just spoke of?”

“Right, since he’s a cultivator, his husband should be one as well. What if he really becomes jealous and runs over here to punish whoever dared to lay his hands on his lover? Wouldn’t she be dead meat by then?”

“Yes! She really doesn’t seem to be aware of the danger.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at the beauty hanging onto his arm. “Did you hear that?”

“I did. So I think we should be very, very secretive. How about going inside?” She motioned at the building next to them with a charming smile.

Leng Jin Yu looked at her with a subtle expression. “Do you really have a room in there?”

“Of course! Or … could it be you would prefer it outside of the room?” She blinked her eyes again and twirled a strand of hair around her finger, making Leng Jin Yu sigh.

Why was he even doing this? Well, as long as Jinde had his fun … “It’s not that. Even if my partner wasn’t jealous, I still wouldn’t want to disappoint him. He is very important to me.”

“Ah, so it’s true love.”

“Mn.” Leng Jin Yu looked at that pair of dark eyes with a smile. “I’d be able to recognize him among ten thousand people with one glance. That’s how special he is to me.”

The beauty inched closer, her lips curling up further. “I see. Then he can really count himself lucky.”

Before Leng Jin Yu could respond, another woman rushed over and plastered herself to his other side. “Aiya! Look at this! Did this young man come here to enjoy himself? You shouldn’t hog him all to yourself then, sister.”

Leng Jin Yu’s brows twitched and he tried to take his arm back but the woman was holding onto him tightly. He helplessly looked at the beauty whose gaze had turned cold in an instant. That … looked as if petty revenge was imminent.

Leng Jin Yu shook his head and turned to the other woman. “Miss, I’m sorry, but could you let go?”

The woman looked up with the same fake smile on her lips. “Why? It couldn’t be that you’d prefer just one woman over two?” She giggled and tried to inch even closer.

“That is indeed true. So please, let go.”

The woman stared at him in a daze. Ah? What was happening here? Hadn’t this man just been very easy-going when that other woman approached him? Why was he suddenly rejecting her? She turned to look at the other woman and couldn’t help but purse her lips. Alright, maybe she was a bit lacking in comparison.

Meanwhile, the beauty tightly furrowed that pair of black brows, a storm growing in her eyes. “You witch! Let go this instant!” She reached out and slapped the woman’s hand away, pulling Leng Jin Yu closer.


“What?!” The beauty raised her chin, looking at her as if to challenge her.

Leng Jin Yu helplessly rubbed his forehead. “Jinde, aren’t we already married? Why are you still bickering with her?” And she was even a mere mortal …

The beauty restored her smile at that and clung to his arm again. “Ah, what are you saying? I thought your husband was waiting at home. It couldn’t be that you transferred your feelings this fast, could it?”

Leng Jin Yu lowered his hand and just raised his brows. “Whether my husband was obediently waiting at home or ran out to play again, shouldn’t you know that best? Anyway, I already said I’d recognize you regardless of what happens. So why don’t we go home now? That’s still the place I like the most.”

The beauty reached up and encircled his neck with her arms. “Oh, that sounds good. But you’ll have to carry me. A fragile woman such as me wouldn’t be able to walk so far.”

Leng Jin Yu looked at her for a moment and then stooped down and picked her up. “Satisfied now?”


Leng Jin Yu nodded and walked down the road toward the gates.

The beauty stared at his face and her hair turned from the ink-black color back to a shimmering gold. “How did you know it was me?”

“There’s nobody that smiles like you or moves like you or has that habit of twirling their hair like you. I don’t know if you remember but you used that very same move to seduce me back then.”

Jinde laughed. “I can’t remember seducing you at all. That must be all in your head.”

“Mn, it probably is. My head is full of thoughts of you.”

“Oh? Are they good thoughts?”

“Yes, of course.”

Jinde reached up and grabbed his chin, turning his head around to face him. “I bet it’s something naughty.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t you who seduced me?”

Jinde’s lips curved back up into that usual charming smile. “Absolutely. It was definitely you who seduced me first. Ah, just looking at that pristine white robe …” He brushed Leng Jin Yu’s chest, his eyes twinkling with mirth. “It really makes me worry that you’ll try to do this with others as well.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. Don’t you know? There is only one person in my eyes and heart and it’ll stay like that for the rest of my life. That person … it’ll always be you.”

Jinde watched his expression and finally nodded. Yes, most likely, they had finally reached the point where he could trust in those words. Whatever happened, there was nothing that could come between them anymore. No need to try and make sure of it over and over again.

He cupped Leng Jin Yu’s cheeks and craned his neck, pecking his lips. “You’re to me as well.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and the two of them finally returned home.

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