OMF V6C66 Not Everyone Can Be as Lucky

Jinde glanced up from his table only to see Xin Lan standing in the doorway. “Xin Lan?” He took a closer look and got up. “What happened? You’re bleeding!” He hurried over and gently touched Xin Lan’s shoulder, trying to get a closer look at the wound. “You didn’t go up against that fallen god on your own, did you?”
Xin Lan shook his head and watched those fair hands tug at his robe to examine the wound.
“This doesn’t look good. The weapon barely missed your heart. How come?” He glanced up and met Xin Lan’s eyes.
“I … was careless.” Continue reading

OMF V6C65 It Didn’t Work That Way

The person that had been suspected of having secret affections, doubled over in the River of Forgetfulness and clutched his chest. This Xiang Yu! Did he have to stab him with that sword? Couldn’t he have just thrown him out?
Ugh. Well, he should have expected this. Even though that guy normally didn’t behave too crazily, he could be set off and react violently. Hadn’t he already experienced that once or twice? Looking at his memories … He should have known this would upset him. Then again, he had no other choice. What ‘you could have asked’? He first needed to find him to be able to ask and wasn’t that what he had wanted to do in the first place?
“Senior Xin Lan!” Shun Tao hurried over and grabbed his shoulder, trying to take a look at his face. Seeing it all scrunched up, he furrowed his brows. “What happened?” He grabbed the hand that Xin Lan had pressed against his chest but was thrown off.
“It’s alright.” Continue reading

OMF V6C64 He Liked Him?

Below the dungeon of the demon king’s palace, Xiang Yu furrowed his brows and touched the mark between his brows. He didn’t understand. Why had that fake dragon done this? Why would he care about his past? First asking the demon king, then even going so far as to run to the River of Forgetfulness and take a look at the Pulse of Life. Just what was he trying to do? He just couldn’t understand.
Xiang Yu lowered his hand and looked at it in a daze. He had … almost forgotten. But this was the hand that had held that head back then. This hand …
When Jing Yi opened his eyes an hour later and looked up, he was faced with an even paler fallen god. A fallen god whose cheeks were streaked with tears. Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he looked around to see if anything had happened. The room still looked the same though. Well, not that there had been much to look at in the first place. There was only a desk with a chair behind it and a bed. Nothing else. It really made him wonder how this man had lived until now. Continue reading

OMF V6C63 We’re Family

Bai Mu gazed at one of the windows on the lower floor of the teahouse and sighed. Why did it have to be closed? Wasn’t he even allowed to take a single look at her? Did fate really have to be so cruel?
Just when he wanted to turn around, a gust of wind pushed the window open. He blinked. Wasn’t this a little too coincidental?
The person next to him also blinked. “Aren’t you a demon? Why don’t you open the window yourself if you want to see her?”
Bai Mu turned to the side and came face to face with a person he had seen once before. Until the person had vanished just as fast again. “What are you doing here?”
“Hehe.” Qiu Ling grinned and pointed at the teahouse. “That’s my mother-in-law’s teahouse there.”
“Oh.” But how did this concern him?
“My mother-in-law and your fiancee are really close.”
Bai Mu raised his brows. “So …”
“I could help you!” Continue reading

OMF V6C62 A Trail of Blood

Xin Lan looked at the blood incredulously before raising his gaze to the person in front. The person was slim, his black hair barely reaching his waist. This was obviously a young god. Or rather … a young fallen god.
Xin Lan furrowed his brows. He had never thought about it before since nobody cared about the age of a fallen god but Xiang Yu couldn’t have been very old when he fell. Never mind that an older god might not have been taken in by a demon because they could see matters more clearly, he also hadn’t looked that way. And the way he had reacted to him mentioning the Mark of Wisdom … It was as if he had never heard of it. So most likely he had fallen in love on his first trial and then followed the demon immediately. Maybe even without telling anyone.
Xin Lan sighed. He didn’t care too much about the gods or anyone besides his Master in general but he still had to admit that this was rather pitiful. Falling in love for the first time while still being naive … That demon should have used this until the very end. Who knew what he had suffered through? Continue reading

OMF V6C61 What Are You?

Those dark eyes stared into his, the black symbol between them eye-catching on the pale skin. Xin Lan froze, his mind erupting with a hundred thoughts at the same time.
A fallen god. This wasn’t his first time seeing one but he suddenly felt that this was a very good moment to do so again. His Master was already dead and an eternity of suffering through the tantrums of his child didn’t sound too enticing. Maybe trying how he would fare against a fallen god again might not be too bad.
Xin Lan flexed his fingers and eyed the person in front of him. He had … too many weak points to count. Xin Lan furrowed his brows. The fallen god was just standing there, looking at him gloomily but without the slightest caution. Well, maybe a fallen god didn’t need to be cautious. Maybe he was sure he could win even without being prepared for a fight. Xin Lan continued to wait. Continue reading

OMF V6C60 Distant Memories

The two of them approached the river and only stopped right on the bank. Xin Lan stared down into the water. It was crystal clear, letting him see down to the river bed. A crimson line seemed to twirl between the rocks and sand but he didn’t pay any more attention to it. Instead, he turned to Shun Tao.
“What now?”
“Senior Xin Lan knows best what he needs to know so I suggest you take a look yourself. Just step inside and use your spiritual energy on the read thread in there. That’s the pulse of life.”
“Mn.” Xin Lan nodded and stepped into the river. The water soaked his robe but he still walked forward until he reached the middle of the river. It wasn’t flowing fast. Quite the contrary, he almost didn’t feel the movement of the water. It was as if it only moved because of the twirling red thread down there. Continue reading

OMF V6C59 The Outskirts of the Capital

Seeing the Fate’s Scribe and Xin Lan walk into the hall, the Heavenly Emperor couldn’t help but frown. Don’t tell him something had happened again! Couldn’t there be even a week without trouble? It hadn’t even been a month since his son went on his trial and so many things had already gone wrong!
Ah, just how much longer would this trial take? A human life shouldn’t be that long but his son had even started to cultivate. What if he actually cultivated until ascension? Something like that would take tens of thousands of years! Then he’d have to wait several years until his precious son would return home!
“Your Majesty.” The Fate’s Scribe nodded at the Heavenly Emperor and motioned to Xin Lan. “Senior Xin Lan came to ask for our assistance regarding a mission.” Shun Tao glanced over at the person next to him. “Maybe Senior Xin Lan would like to tell the Heavenly Emperor about it himself?” Continue reading

OMF V6C58 The Tree of Love, the River of Forgetfulness

At that time, Xin Lan had arrived in front of the palace of the Fate’s Scribe. He stared at the gate and furrowed his brow. Honestly, he never would have thought he’d be trying to find out more about a fallen god one day. But as long as this could save his Master from having to worry about Jin Ling …
He sighed and stepped up to the guards. “Xin Lan from the dragon race came to ask the Fate’s Scribe for assistance.”
Just like before, he was led inside and brought to the Fate’s Scribe’s study.
Shun Tao hurriedly got up when he saw who his guest was. “Senior Xin Lan …”
Xin Lan nodded. “I’ve come to ask for the Fate’s Scribe’s help with a mission. It concerns the fate of someone from the Nine Heavens.” Continue reading

OMF V6C57 Why Did He Have to Turn out This Way?

Currently, the destined pair was facing off in the Yun Zou Sect.
“Jinde …” Leng Jin Yu sighed. “It’s not that I want to leave you. But you’re so worried about the demon king. If Longjun’s method really works, wouldn’t that take that burden from you?”
Jinde harrumphed. “Can’t he go alone? Why do you need to follow him? It’s his cousin-in-law, not yours, isn’t it?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and gently held Jinde’s hand. “I know. But be honest, do you really want Longjun to take care of this alone? It’s important to you so naturally, I want to be there and help if things go awry. You also know how Longjun is. What if he messes things up?”
Jinde tightened his lips. “That would be bad.”
“Indeed. So …” Continue reading