OMF V6C167 Northward

Jin Ling watched him, hesitating on what to do himself. Should he follow him? Maybe Xin Lan would go where Jinde was at the moment. But what if this was just a ploy? What if Jinde really was still in the Yun Zou Sect and was just waiting for the moment he followed Xin Lan to move to another place? So if he followed him, he might lose out on his only chance to find Jinde.

He looked around, trying to find out where Qiu Ling was. If Jinde was here and wanted to leave, then he would likely use that bastard’s help, wouldn’t he? So where was Qiu Ling?

He didn’t need to look around for long. Qiu Ling was sitting under a tree outside, his beloved next to him. Just now, he pulled him into his arms and happily hugged him.

Jin Ling’s brows drew together. Maybe he should’ve killed the Son of Heaven when he had the chance, after all. That was just his mortal reincarnation. The gods wouldn’t have done anything to him just because of that. And he still could’ve enjoyed Qiu Ling’s tormented expression for a while until that guy understood that he hadn’t lost him. Now, he didn’t even have that little joy his life. He didn’t have Jinde either. Just where was he?

In the end, Jin Ling pushed off the ground and followed Xin Lan. Even if his Jinde was still in the Yun Zou Sect, there would be some leads as to where he moved from here. After all, he couldn’t just vanish. If Qiu Ling was with him, then he could find out where Jinde had gone. It was possible.

Jin Ling took out the black crystal mirror while he followed Xin Lan and imbued his spiritual energy. When the face of the other side appeared, he didn’t even wait for him to say a single word. “Keep an eye on Qiu Ling. I need to know where he goes if you leave the sect, understood?”

Qiguan Cheng Da furrowed his brows. “I —”

“It won’t be your loss. Now, go and do what I say.” Jin Ling rolled his eyes and then cut the connection, putting the mirror away and putting his all into following Xin Lan. This guy wasn’t like the other dragons. Even with the benefits his father’s blood had brought him, it was hard to keep up with him. He flickered from one place to the other, keeping as close to Xin Lan as he could. Unfortunately, this guy was really fast. He almost lost him several times.

Ah, running away from somebody was much easier than tailing them. Even if he could tail them openly. After all, he didn’t know where Xin Lan was heading to. There was no way for him to anticipate his next move so he could only follow behind. Unfortunately, using this technique also wasn’t a limitless ability. It used up his energy. And for a half-blood like him, the drain was even more noticeable. Considering that he had already used it for a long time in the Yun Zou Sect, it was hard to keep doing it now. He lagged behind several times and only caught up by alternating between using his ability and flying as a dragon would. Finally, he managed to follow Xin Lan right into the Nine Heavens.

He looked around and couldn’t help but feel a bad premonition.

This guy wouldn’t have led him here to let the gods catch him, would he? After what he had done with the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation, the gods certainly wouldn’t like to see him. If they could, they would put him behind bars.

Jin Ling gritted his teeth but continued to follow. Hiding in the Nine Heavens instead of the dragon realm or the mortal realm would be a very smart move. So if Jinde was really here, then even if he did end up locked up somewhere, it would be worth it. He just wanted to see him. Nothing more! That should be possible, shouldn’t it?

Xin Lan completely ignored the person following behind him and just continued on his way. He passed by the capital and crossed the River of Forgetfulness that was flowing close by and made his way further northward. The towns and cities that had still been frequent around the capital started to become less and less the further north he got and were finally all left behind until only the scant vegetation that somehow managed to cling to the bare ground that grew higher and higher could be seen.

Behind him, Jin Ling got slower. It wasn’t just that he was lacking in energy, no, he was also slowly getting an idea of just where Xin Lan was hurrying. He blinked and finally couldn’t help but call out. “Xin Lan! Where do you think you’re going?! Don’t you know what there is?”

Xin Lan glanced over his shoulder and smirked. “What were you thinking where I was going? It’s none of your business. You can go back if you don’t like it.” He didn’t say anything more and just continued.

However fast Jin Ling returned now, his Master had long left the Yun Zou Sect. They had already spent quite a bit of time here so several days should’ve gone by in the human realm. That was more than enough time to reach that Alliance. His Master … He was safe now. So for a while, he wouldn’t need to worry about him. He could go and take care of that other thing that still awaited him. Well, it wasn’t like he had a choice.

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