OMF V6C164 A Troublesome Task

Hua Min leaned against the door and took a deep breath. Ah, he was already this old but he still wasn’t immune to such charm. He shook his head and then went to see which room he could give this guest. Never mind that this man seemed amicable, that was still the person that had managed to marry Grandmaster Leng. Even if he himself wasn’t at the height of his power because of some previous injury, this was still a force to be reckoned with. He definitely couldn’t be slighted while he stayed at their Liu He Alliance.

In the end, Hua Min remembered that there was a room intended for the Elders of other sects if they were invited over to work on a joint project. The room was much more spacious than that of a disciple and included everything that a person with a high cultivation stage might want: There were shelves with a wide variety of manuals, a room that could be used for the refinement of pills and a courtyard that was strengthened with several arrays so that even somebody of the fourth or fifth stage could train their cultivation or sword arts without having to worry about destroying anything. This kind of room should satisfy this guest, shouldn’t it?

Hua Min went to take a look at the room but unfortunately had to find out that nobody had tended to it in a long time. Dust had already accumulated on the floor and furniture. This was definitely not a place where he could let somebody live. Hua Min sighed and turned around, waving at a few disciples not far away. “You, get a few of your martial brothers and clean up this room. An important guest is paying our Liu He Alliance a visit today unheralded so we need to prepare a room as fast as possible. I’ll give you two hours.”

“Yes, Alliance Head Hua.” The disciples cupped their fists and then rushed to organize everything.

Meanwhile, Hua Min pondered what to do to keep his guest occupied for these two hours. That man had already said that he’d like to rest. Asking him to wait until the room was prepared … He felt that he couldn’t do that. But what other possibility did he have? There was no room and he could hardly ask him to stay in the study to rest, could he? Bringing him to another room … If he did that, then that man would settle in one room just to have to relocate to another room a while later. That certainly wasn’t how a guest should be treated.

So what now? Bring him some refreshments and snacks first? But … He was of the dragon race. Did they even eat? And the food that the sect would offer wasn’t all that good. After all, cultivators normally refrained from eating after they reached the third stage and the practitioners weren’t too particuliar about food. As long as it kept their bodies going it was enough.

Hua Min sighed and finally just returned to the study. Since he didn’t know anything about this person and not much about his race, he would likely do something wrong if he just assumed anything. No, it was still much better to ask what his guest would prefer.

Jinde looked up when the door opened. His face looked slightly pale, making Hua Min wince. Maybe he had been thinking too simple. Whatever injury he had suffered had obviously taken a toll. And with him having to travel over here, his condition might have worsened.

Hua Min awkwardly cleared his throat. “Oh, I found a room where you could stay while you’re here. Unfortunately, we only use it for special occasions so it is not prepared yet. I was wondering if you’d like to wait and go there after the disciples had prepared everything or if you’d rather rest in another room first and move into the other one later?”

Jinde looked at the Alliance head and pondered what to say. To be honest, he didn’t care too much about what kind of room he was staying in. But he also understood that this man wouldn’t want him to stay in just any room considering his relationship with Leng Jin Yu.

“In that case, I would prefer to go somewhere else first. Actually, I wouldn’t mind staying in your study for the time being either. At least, if you don’t find it impolite of me to meditate for a while.”

Hua Min’s eyes widened and he hurriedly motioned for Jinde to do whatever he wanted. “Don’t mind me at all. Just do what you’d like to do. Actually, there’s a small side room with a meditation platform. You could sit down there if you want to. Maybe it would be a better place for meditation. It could always be that some disciple comes over to the study looking for me.”

Jinde nodded and got up. “Thank you very much, Alliance Head Hua. I do appreciate your concern.”

Hua Min nodded and showed Jinde the way over, watching him sit down on the meditation platform cross-legged and immediately closing his eyes. Come to think of it, he had come here with a bunch of demon hunters. Even though the hat had covered his face and hair, he had probably been tense the whole time. After all, with his appearance, it should be easy to be mistaken for a demon. If his figure had been exposed, something could have happened.

Hua Min shuddered at the thought and made sure to close the windows and door when he left the room. He couldn’t risk for anybody to see this man by chance. If they did and somebody mentioned his appearance in front of these demon hunters, then who knew what would happen? And even if it wasn’t the demon hunters, if there was still somebody from the demon race who was after him, then that person also couldn’t know that he was here. And just a slight whisper of how their guest looked should be enough to identify him.

Ah, as honored as he was to be able to help the partner of Grandmaster Leng, this task was troublesome. He couldn’t take even one wrong step. Otherwise, who knew what would happen?

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