OMF V6C162 Which Was More Bearable?

Leng Jin Yu rushed over to the dragon realm as fast as he could. He couldn’t help but think of how the time was running differently in the realms. The longer he stayed here, the more time would pass in the mortal realm. If he wasn’t fast, then a few weeks would’ve already gone by then. If Jinde hadn’t managed to escape and had somehow fallen into the hands of the demon king, then who knew what might have happened in that amount of time?

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. He couldn’t think like that! If something like that really happened, then Xin Lan should have notified him. Even though they didn’t like each other, he wouldn’t keep something like this from him. After all, Jinde was important to both of them. If his safety was at risk, they would certainly be able to bury the hatchet and work together.

He finally reached the gates of the capital city of the dragon race and cupped his fists toward the two dragons standing to the side. “This one is the ascended deity Leng Jin Yu. I’ve come on behalf of the God of War to see Bai Mu. He should be a guest of Longjun.”

The two dragons exchanged a glance. Their king had a guest like that? And was expecting visitors from the Nine Heavens? They had no idea. But in this kind of situation, there was only one thing they could do. “You wait here, we’ll go and ask.” One of them turned away and went over to the palace, seeking out Xiang Yong.

When somebody knocked on his door, Xiang Yong gave a sigh. Just what was it with today? First, he had to leave to get somebody from the human realm, then it turned out that His Majesty couldn’t be contacted because he had given his transmission stone away and now somebody else was coming to bother him? “Yes.” He put the brush away and folded his hands on the desk, looking at the dragon poking his head into the room.

“Adviser Xiang Yong, there’s some ascended deity from the Nine Heavens that said he was sent by the God of War and wants to see some Bai Mu guy? Is there somebody like that? Should we bring him in?”

Xiang Yong raised his brows. An ascended deity coming to visit Bai Mu? Well, it wasn’t too unexpected. After all, that Bai Mu was connected to the God race. He couldn’t help but wonder just why somebody would come to see him after the God of War hadn’t left too long ago though. “I’ll come with you.” He got up and followed the man to the gate.

Seeing that somebody had come over, Leng Jin Yu once again cupped his fists. “I’m sorry for making trouble. I’m here to see Bai Mu.”

Xiang Yong nodded and motioned into the city. “Come along then.” He turned around, clasping his hands behind his back. He couldn’t help but glance at Leng Jin Yu again. This person didn’t seem to mind being in the dragon realm at all. It certainly wasn’t something they saw often. The trueborn gods didn’t mind as much since they were used to them because of their alliance against the demons but the ascended deities still had the mindset of humans. They would often mistake a dragon for a demon. “We seldom have ascended deities here that stay so calm.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. He could imagine what Xiang Yong was thinking. But nobody could expect him to freak out at seeing some dragons when he was actually married to their previous king, could they? Well, he couldn’t say that. Thankfully, he had another excuse at hand. “The God of War originally sent me to the human realm to help with the trial of His Highness. I had the chance to … interact with Longjun and some for his advisers at the Yun Zou Sect.”

Xiang Yong nodded. “So it was like that. Well, no wonder then. Then this matter of seeing Bai Mu, is there something we should know about that?”

“You might be aware that this Bai Mu has some connections to His Highness’ family and thus to your king too. I just delivered something to the Nine Heavens for Longjun since he is occupied in the human realm. We had thought that it might be good to return the transmission stone to him when I go back.”

Xiang Yong looked at the person next to him, his mind churning. Their king certainly wasn’t very dependable. Giving away his transmission stone without notifying anyone before was just like him. Having an ascended deity come and pick it up and deliver something for him was a little out of the ordinary though. “You said you were tasked with helping in His Highness’ trial?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Yes. Although it probably won’t be as important anymore for the time being. He already passed a few trials. The dragons are certainly aware.”

Xiang Yong nodded. “We are. It is just … unexpected for His Majesty to trust a stranger with anything regarding His Highness.”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but sigh. Yes, he could imagine that. If he considered how unreasonable Longjun had been back when he had thought that Jing Yi might have fallen in love with him … There really was no way that kind of person would just trust anyone if his beloved was involved. “Well, maybe he doesn’t regard me as a stranger anymore after interacting with me for a while.”

Xiang Yong gave a smile, making his normally not so special features light up with a devilish charm. “That is certainly one way to put it. But my experience with His Majesty tells me that that is unlikely. He doesn’t trust anybody easily. It took even us as his advisers several years to gain enough of his trust.”

By now, they had reached the palace but Xiang Yong stopped in front of the gate, turning to look at Leng Jin Yu. Apparently, he wasn’t willing to lead him any further if he didn’t get an answer.

Leng Jin Yu raised his head to the sky and sighed. Ah, Heavens, it felt as if somebody was playing a joke on him. The one time he really wasn’t able to wait, somebody was intent on finding something out from him. He really didn’t want to explain any of this! Especially not now. He just wanted to return and see how Jinde was doing.

Unfortunately, the dragon’s stance told him that that was impossible. Either he gave up one of his secrets or he would lose time here. It was his decision which of the two things he found more bearable.

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