OMF V11C5 Keep Their Son Safe

Rong Su grumbled. He’d rather not have the dragon race get involved in this. If they could split off from them, it would be for the best. But right now, he really didn’t have the mind to deal with this, so he simply waved. “Well, I have other things to do.”

Behind the veil, Jinde raised his brows. He wasn’t familiar with the current Heavenly Emperor and had only heard of him from Qiu Ling. Considering the latter’s tendency to over-dramatize things when they concerned his beloved, he hadn’t been too sure how accurate his description of Jing He’s father was.

Now, after seeing it for himself, he suddenly understood what Qiu Ling meant: This guy really wasn’t easy to get along with. Well, even though he kind of disliked him at first glance, right now indeed wasn’t the time to deal with this. If there really was a fallen god being born, they had to deal with that first.

Jinde reached up and took off his necklace with the transmission stone, quietly handing it to Leng Jin Yu to deal with. Under the current circumstances, while he would help, he should still try to make his presence less known.

Leng Jin Yu took the necklace and stepped away, not wanting to disturb the Heavenly Emperor since there was likely more to do.

Right now, there were no reports coming in though and they had to wait until there was news before they could do more than give further instructions. Bai Fen used the opportunity to inquire about more details. “About Jing He?” Even though they had to worry about everyone, she was naturally most worried about her son. She had barely managed to raise him to this age. How could she rest assured with a threat like a fallen god in the city?

Rong Su grimaced. “He said he wasn’t feeling well and went to the Temple of Medicine. There were two guards with him and I sent another set as soon as the signs appeared. Don’t worry. They’ll escort him to a safe place depending on how everything develops.”

If possible, he would have liked his son to be at his side where he could personally make sure that he was alright. He was well aware that this wasn’t the safest option though. Depending on the reason that god fell, things might not be solved easily. At that time, he would be busy and couldn’t protect Jing He. Not to mention that he wasn’t a warrior like his brother-in-law.

No, Jing He would be safer at a place like the Palace of War or maybe even outside of the city. If matters turned for the worse, he’d definitely have him be escorted away to safety. Jing He was his only blood, after all.

Bai Fen nodded, thinking the same as her husband. In fact, she felt that it might be best for Jing He to leave the capital city as early as possible. By the time the situation escalated, it might be too late to flee, after all. And if nothing happened, well, it wouldn’t be a problem to simply call him back.

She thought for a moment and then got to her feet, walking back to Jinde’s side. “If the situation escalates, please take my son away with you. Just bring him to the dragon realm and have him wait it out there. He’ll feel reassured with Qiu Ling around and with you at his side, I won’t have to worry about whether Jing He will be safe.”

She might have been young when Jinde supposedly died but he had been the beloved king of the dragon race. Naturally, she had heard stories. Most of them concerned his beauty and his excellent ability to reign over his realm which had ushered in a splendid period for the dragons. There were some that spoke of his achievements on the battlefield though, the most notable being the fight against demon king Jian Heng that supposedly lasted for several days.

No matter how much truth was there to the story, she at least didn’t doubt that he was an excellent fighter. If Jing He went with him, he wouldn’t need to worry. While Jinde certainly couldn’t win against a fallen god either, he would have the knowledge and experience to get Jing He out of the city safely no matter what. And should the demons make use of the situation and attack, he could fight against them. Thus, right now, he was her safest choice.

Jinde glanced up at the Heavenly Emperor who had gotten busy again, having the servants run around to organize the next measures. He wouldn’t be happy about this if he knew so this might cause trouble in the long run. But then, right now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Not to mention that he didn’t intend to let that man disrespect Qiu Ling for much longer.

Turning back to the Heavenly Empress, Jinde nodded. “Should I leave with him now?”

Bai Fen smiled, feeling that she had asked exactly the right person. Clearly, Jinde understood her thoughts perfectly. “I would very much appre—”

“Your Majesty!”

Before Bai Fen could finish her words, a heavenly guard rushed into the palace, his expression panicked.

Everyone turned to look at him, feeling apprehensive. At such a moment, this could only mean the worst kind of news.

Rong Su’s expression turned ashen when he saw the man. He always paid more attention when it concerned his son so he naturally realized that this was one of the guards that had originally accompanied Jing He to the Temple of Medicine.

He took a shaky breath, trying to tell himself that nothing could have happened. That trueborn god should only be in the process of falling but it wouldn’t go that fast. He shouldn’t have had the time to do anything, much less threaten his son. Still, his heart raced in fear. “What happened to Jing He?”

Hearing this, Bai Fen’s eyes widened and she stared at the guard as well.

The man gnashed his teeth, the words barely coming out. “We don’t know. He … he disappeared!”

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