OMF V11C6 The Crown Prince Disappeared

The three of them looked at the guard in a daze.

Finally, Rong Su found back his voice. “Disappeared?” What did he mean, ‘disappeared’? “How could my son suddenly vanish?! There were two of you and I even sent another pair of guards after you!”

The guard lowered his head, also blaming himself. “We were waiting outside while His Highness went in to receive treatment. Later, the sky changed and we feared that chaos might erupt soon so I went in to find him and guard by his side. But when I arrived at the God of Medicine’s study room, he said he hadn’t even seen His Highness!”

Rong Su’s brows furrowed. “Didn’t see him? Then where did he go? Did he receive care from one of the other physicians in the temple?” This was the only explanation he could find but the guard shook his head again.

This is what I thought but after inquiring, we couldn’t find him. The God of Medicine had all the physicians look for him but while many saw him, nobody actually checked his health. They only saw him walk past.”

Rong Su’s hands trembled. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all. He would already be worried if these were normal circumstances, thinking that that bastard from the dragon realm must have kidnapped his son. But right now, there was a trueborn god falling or having fallen somewhere in their capital city. If Jing He was left unattended … his son might not survive this.

Rong Su gulped. He had a tough time deciding what to do. The Court of Justice and the Palace of War were busy searching for the fallen god. They likely couldn’t spare the manpower to also search for Jing He. If they did … the casualties might be higher. Neither he nor his son would ever be free of blame if that came out. Still, he couldn’t just ignore his son’s plight. They had to find him and they had to do so fast!

Bai Fen pulled out of her panic sooner than her husband. She had the same worries as him but rather than worrying about that, she figured she should take action first. She took out a transmission stone and imbued her spiritual energy. A moment later, the image of Qiang Yan popped up. Bai Fen didn’t wait for him to speak. “Jing He disappeared. He went to the Temple of Medicine but nobody saw where he went after that.”

Qiang Yan looked shocked at first but then furrowed his brows. “When was that? Mu Kun contacted me, saying that Jing He had just returned from his father’s palace and asking what they should do now because of the signs. I’d wager that was only a few minutes ago. Maybe a quarter of an hour.”

Bai Fen stared at her brother in silence. Finally, she furrowed her brows. “So he’s safe?” She was happy to hear that but something was odd about this whole matter. How had Jing He suddenly arrived back at his palace?

Jinde thought the same. He stepped closer to the Heavenly Empress and lowered his voice. “Your son managed to sneak away under the eyes of two guards sent to protect him and made his way back to his palace alone while there were signs of a trueborn god falling. I don’t know him at all and have only heard of him but this doesn’t seem to fit his image.”

Yes, from what he knew, Jing He was somebody who played by the rules and also happened to be rather timid. Could this person really slip out from under the watch of two well-trained guards and return to his palace as if nothing had happened while the world around him plunged into chaos?

Bai Fen took a trembling breath. Staring at her brother, she could barely keep her hands steady. “You … you contact Mu Kun again, ask him what the current situation is, and tell him to bring Jing He back to his father’s palace. We’ll take it from there.”

Qiang Yan’s brows had also furrowed deeply. He nodded, hurriedly cutting the connection to try and get in touch with Mu Kun.

Back in the Heavenly Emperor’s palace, Bai Fen shook her head. “Something is off about this situation.”

Before she could think about this further, Leng Jin Yu walked back, his expression solemn.

Jinde closed his eyes behind the veil, silently cursing to himself. When he heard that Jing He acted oddly, he had already felt that something was wrong and with how his husband currently looked, that feeling got worse. The idea that came to him unasked really wasn’t welcome.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at his husband as well but even though Jinde clearly didn’t want to hear, he had to say it. “I couldn’t get in touch with Qiu Ling.”

Bai Fen looked at him with fear in her eyes. “Why?”

On the other hand, Rong Su shot to his feet. “It must have been him! He probably took Jing He!” Yes, this all made sense: He had probably been waiting around and when the process of that trueborn god falling started, he used the opportunity to grab Jing He from the Temple of Medicine and kidnapped him with no regard for anyone’s worry. Just as expected of that bastard!

Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “I wish it was like that but it’s impossible. I tried contacting his advisers as well but only got through just now. Apparently, they were having a meeting when halfway through, Longjun suddenly looked pained and finally collapsed.

“He hasn’t woken up since but a medical examination hasn’t shown any problems.” He left unsaid what that likely meant and returned to his husband’s side, pulling Jinde into his arms.

What this meant, they could all think of it. He didn’t want to ponder it further and he knew that Jinde didn’t want to either. He had already lost Jin Ling. He definitely couldn’t lose Qiu Ling as well but, right now, everything seemed to point in that direction.

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