RMN C570 Be Careful!

Elder Baili naturally didn’t want to think about a future where his first disciple didn’t make it. Still, he could only nod. Between those four, he also knew that Zhi Guan was the type to continue fighting to give the others a chance to survive. Anyway, he hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

The two of them didn’t continue to talk and simply waited. Soon, Mei Chao Bing and Yun Bei Fen returned with Elder Xing. The four of them hurriedly told him everything that had happened and the guesses they had made based on that.

Halfway through, Shen Lei and Luo Lin also returned with Xi Ju Hai and Liu Bao Ru. They had already told the female disciples on the way back what had transpired so they quietly sat down and waited for the others to finish.

Baili Chao turned to the two women and sighed. “I know I am asking a lot of you but you can also see how desperate the situation is. Are you willing to give it a try?”

Liu Bao Ru nodded immediately. Her task was simply to infiltrate the other side. She didn’t even need to uncover any information. If she could do so, it would be great but the actually important role was Xi Ju Hai’s.

As for her … Xi Ju Hai had tightly clenched her hands into fists. Since the moment she came to the border region, she had tried to imagine the time she’d see Mu Qing again. That was her fiance. Even if he had betrayed the Teng Yong Sect and the righteous sect, she still thought of him like that. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t disappointed though.

She knew Mu Qing. At the very least, she had always thought so. In her mind, he wasn’t a callous person. He wouldn’t just leave and betray them like that, he wouldn’t hurt his junior martial brothers and sisters. But then, he was also fiercely loyal and believed that a debt needed to be repaid no matter what. So really, she didn’t have trouble believing the words Zhi Guan had brought back.

Xi Ju Hai eventually nodded with a heavy heart. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to face him. But then, she had no other choice. If Zhi Guan didn’t manage to pull the full truth out of him, then she might indeed be the only one who had a slight chance.

“I will do it. Anyway, this is about the survival of the sect.” And to be honest, she wanted to see him or at least hear his voice. She wanted to make sure that Mu Qing was indeed alive and she wanted to listen to him explain just why he had made this decision. He owed her at least that much.

Zhi Guan nodded and got to his feet. “Let’s not delay then. They think we are from the Yu She Sect so we can’t take too long.”

The Yu She Sect wasn’t that far into the territory of the demonic sects which was one of the reasons he had had a relatively easy time collecting their sword arts back then. If they stayed out too long, it would be tough to explain. After all, his younger sister was supposed to be ‘madly in love’ with that bastard Yang Wu Huang so she naturally wouldn’t hesitate if he pulled her over to the headquarters of the demonic sects where she could spend time with him.

The disciples turned to look at Elder Baili and Elder Xing but there was nothing left to say. The two Elders simply reminded them to be careful and then watched as they left.

When the door had closed, Elder Xing could only sigh. “It’s dangerous to do this but it won’t be any less dangerous to wait until the other side finally makes their move.”

Baili Chao nodded. “Yes, in the end, it’s all the same. I just hope we can find a way to solve this whole mess.” He turned to look at his two disciples and their fiances, still worried for their safety. Unfortunately, he also knew that there wasn’t much they could do. “Well, the four of you should work on your skills and get some rest as long as you have time. It’s not going to be much longer until you’ll need all of your strength to fight.”

Yun Bei Fen and Luo Lin both nodded seriously. To be honest, they also knew that they weren’t in a good position. Yun Bei Fen had only recently started to learn some skills that could be used to attack or defend. His level also wasn’t very high. Overall, if it truly came to a big fight, he would be nothing but cannon fodder who couldn’t get much further than the beginning of the battle.

As for Luo Lin … well, he knew some skills but in the fights at the sect, he had always relied on making use of the awkwardness of those upstanding disciples. Unfortunately, the demonic practitioners wouldn’t care less if they saw some skin. Even when it came to their own side, they probably wouldn’t think twice if it happened in the war. There was still a difference between what was currently happening and the type of fight Luo Lin was used to. He was also well aware of that.

Luo Lin turned to look at the man next to him and smiled. “I’m not good at fighting but my ability seems a bit useful as long as I’m close to Ah Lei. When the battle starts, we’ll be ready. Don’t worry about it, Master.”

Elder Baili nodded and waved for the two of them to leave. Then, he turned to look at Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing. Obviously, he had to worry about these two even more. After all, Mei Chao Bing was an integral part of the operation, and Yun Bei Fen … well, at the very least, he could be used as a leash to tie that part down.

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