OMF V11C4 The Birth of a Fallen God

Over in the Nine Heavens, things were indeed chaotic. Just a while ago, in the Heavenly Empress’s palace, Bai Fen had shot to her feet as soon as she saw the changes in the sky.

Jinde raised his brows in response. “What’s the matter?”

Even though he knew about the fallen gods and was able to recognize one, he had never witnessed how one of them was born. It really wasn’t that odd. There weren’t too many trueborn gods in the dragon realm in the first place so the likelihood of one of them falling was low.

In the Nine Heavens, things were different. Because the majority of the people living in the realm were trueborn gods, many cities would witness the birth of a fallen god. Even if the others weren’t close enough to get a good look, they at least knew the signs of the approaching fall.

Bai Fen’s brows had furrowed tightly and she continued to watch the changes in the sky instead of responding. She tried to tell herself that this wasn’t necessarily the birth of a fallen god, that maybe this was just turbulent weather but … it didn’t look like it. There was something distinct about the changes that came with a trueborn god’s fall.

Jinde and Leng Jin Yu exchanged a glance. Even though they didn’t know what exactly was going on, Bai Fen’s behavior made it obvious that it wasn’t a good thing.

Jinde hesitated for a moment and finally got to his feet while pulling out the veiled hat. He put it back on and then followed Bai Fen to the door to the garden, looking up at the sky as well. His golden brows furrowed as he watched the sky. “That looks ominous.” It felt ominous as well. As a dragon, he was able to feel the changes in the water and air but … this wasn’t that. It was different even though he couldn’t tell exactly how.

Bai Fen closed her eyes and sighed. Turning back to Jinde and Leng Jin Yu who had followed him silently, her expression turned apologetic. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to continue with our conversation. What you’re seeing out there is a sign that one of the trueborn gods has fallen. Depending on what caused the fall, this could spell trouble. I will have to go to my husband’s palace to help and the two of you should probably return to the dragon realm, lest you get embroiled in this issue.”

Jinde narrowed his eyes. A fallen god? This wasn’t good. Just because he knew Xiang Yu, he wouldn’t neglect how dangerous their kind could be. As for leaving … “I am grateful that the Heavenly Empress thinks so much on our behalf but … we’re basically in-laws now. Your issue is our issue as well. Not to mention that our people are allies. Let us accompany you to your husband’s palace. Maybe we can be of help.”

Leng Jin Yu behind him nodded. “Yes. Even if it’s just contacting the dragon realm and organizing help while you are busy on your side, it might also be helpful.”

Bai Fen nodded. “Then I won’t be polite. Let’s go!” She didn’t hesitate for a second longer and the three of them directly flew over to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace.

At that time, Rong Su was sitting on his throne, listening to the reports from one of the officials from the Court of Justice and a member of the Palace of War with a dark expression.

Bai Fen glanced at her husband’s face, motioned for Leng Jin Yu and Jinde to keep to the side for now, and then went to take her own seat. She stayed quiet until the official and the guard had left and then turned to her husband. “What’s the state?”

Rong Su curled his lips. “They don’t even know who it is.”

Bai Fen furrowed her brows. This wasn’t unexpected with how big the city was but it wasn’t good. The easiest time to kill a fallen god was the moment when they fell. After that … it might take the whole army to get rid of them. That would be a problem under the best of circumstances but the demon realm had changed kings just recently so their situation was more volatile than usual. This really was the worst of times to have to deal with a fallen god.

Well, the process of falling could take a while from what they knew thanks to past occurrences so there was some time to search. “It seemed to happen somewhere in the inner city.”

Rong Su nodded. “That is what your brother and the God of Justice believe as well. They’ve sent their men to search but so far, they didn’t have any luck.”

Jinde elbowed his husband at the side and Leng Jin Yu hurriedly cleared his throat.

“Would you like us to contact the dragon realm to send people over to search?” The gods all had magic so they could technically look for the fallen god themselves. Most of the gods weren’t well-versed in fighting though which would make the risk much higher for them. The dragons were different though, not to mention that Qiu Ling could send the soldiers of the dragon realm.

Rong Su had been focused on the issue with the fallen god and then his wife, so he hadn’t even noticed the two extraneous people. Looking at Leng Jin Yu now, he furrowed his brows. He knew this guy! He was the one that had gotten involved in his son’s trial and then married into the dragon realm for whatever reason. And the veiled person next to him was the one that he had found sneaking around his son’s palace with that bastard Qiu Ling once! “You —”

Bai Fen hurriedly cleared her throat. “These are Scholar Jiang Li and his husband, Leng Jin Yu. You probably remember the latter. They came to see Adviser An Bai but ran into me on the way. Seeing as the situation might be dire, I figured I’d take them over here so we’ll have an easier time getting in contact with the dragon realm. Now, it seems that will come in handy.” She smiled at her in-laws, glad that her husband hadn’t managed to blurt out anything offensive before she interrupted him. She definitely didn’t want to strain the relationship between their families any further.

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