RMN C564 What We Know for Sure

The others all turned to look at Mei Chao Bing. They had been trying to figure out the plan of the demonic side all this time. Even though they had made progress in bits and pieces, they still hadn’t managed to put the whole picture together. Part of that was because they didn’t know if some of the things they had found weren’t a smokescreen and part of it was that the things they had found also didn’t provide enough clues to form anything that resembled a coherent plan.

Baili Chao finally raised his brows. “Then what do you think their plan is?” Also, how had he figured it out just now? Even though the Lin family was certainly an important piece of the puzzle, he really didn’t see how exactly it fit with everything else they had found so far.

Mei Chao Bing took a deep breath and then sighed. “We only know a few things for certain: My Master has been searching for the descendants of the Lin family and taken them in because they are a vital part of his plan. The Lin family’s skills seem related to being able to harness energy and this energy is supposed to be used to strengthen the most important disciples of the demonic sect.”

Elder Baili nodded. This was all of what Mu Qing had told Zhi Guan but it really didn’t explain much. In fact, it was just like saying ‘Hey, the demonic side chanced upon some cultivation resources and are allocating them according to common sense!’. How could this be called a ‘plan’? He really didn’t see it.

Mei Chao Bing’s expression stayed solemn though. “All of this comes from Mu Qing so it’s safe to say that it should be true. After all, with Qu Yijun dead, he is likely the next disciple my Master would entrust the important tasks to.” It wasn’t like he didn’t have more than these two senior martial brothers but his Master’s requirements had always been strict and the ones who managed to fulfill his expectations were only these two. The others had never been as valued.

“Other than this, the only two pieces of information we have are that they have built or chanced upon some underground palace and that there is a giant array for gathering spiritual energy that seems to have sucked the whole border region clean.”

Elder Baili’s brows faintly raised. “Do you think it is this energy they want to use?”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head. “No. But I think they might have used the border region as a test side. They gathered all of that energy in one place, then probably had Qu Yijun, Mu Qing, and whoever else among my senior martial brothers inherited even the slightest bit of the Lin family’s constitution try to combine their power to channel that energy.

“The problem is that it shouldn’t have worked. Thus, they still need to rely on me which is what we had already suspected. To cover up the traces of what they intended to do, they put down the transportation arrays.

“We thought they were meant to allow them to have instant access to relevant places in the border region and maybe even past that and that the big spirit gathering array leading there was simply used to power them. But, in fact, that was never the case.

“Sure, they might have used the transportation arrays as well. After all, they’re convenient and they were already there. It gave their smokescreen some legitimacy as well. But at the end of the day, those arrays weren’t important. They are only meant as a cover.”

Elder Baili’s brows had furrowed together tightly. What Mei Chao Bing said wasn’t wrong. They might be unable to prove it but it was logical from beginning to end. Definitely much better than whatever they had come up with so far. “How do the abilities feature into this though? And where exactly do they intend to gain that big of an amount of energy? Plus, how do they want to rope you into this?”

Mei Chao Bing sighed when the Elder asked these questions. “I can only assume but … most likely, them testing their plan on a smaller scale was what alerted our people. In fact, I believe they might have done this so close to where we were and deliberately left hints so that our side would notice.

“As expected, Sect Master Zhang sent some disciples out to investigate more closely. Since we didn’t think it would be that urgent or dangerous yet, the younger disciples are the ones who went. Among them …” He turned to look at Yun Bei Fen who was still sitting on his lap and his brows furrowed.

“There isn’t much left in the Teng Yong Sect that I care about. But even if I left, I never would have joined my Master and he knows that. I am so disappointed in his betrayal that I would never do what he wants me to do … unless he forces me by taking advantage of the one thing I care about.”

He reached up and rubbed Yun Bei Fen’s head. He had thought about this before but suddenly, he felt that the situation was direr than expected. Those demonic disciples had said it was only a few more days until the plan was supposed to be executed. In that case, they should make a move on Yun Bei Fen soon. Maybe tomorrow or the day after that, somebody would come for him. And he didn’t know if he would actually be able to protect him at that time.

Baili Chao’s gaze also turned to his youngest disciple and he sighed. Yes, this was to be expected. For the foreseeable future, they would have to stare at him a lot more closely, lest he be snatched up by the other side and used as a tool to make Mei Chao Bing submit. Because, honestly, he didn’t doubt for a moment that Mei Chao Bing would do it. In fact, even if this problem was put in front of himself, he wasn’t sure how he’d act. Most likely … he might also decide in favor of his little disciple.

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