SML V6C91 Life Was Ever-Changing

Qiao Ya looked at him with an eager expression. Seeing Mo Fang’s tangled expression, she wasn’t sure if she should say something but since Mo Fang didn’t want to model any longer and it seemed like he didn’t have anything else to do if Yu Xin suggested that they could work together, it didn’t seem wrong to try and encourage him.

She thought for a bit and finally reached out to grab his sleeve. Shaking it, she tried acting spoiled. “Brother-in-law! If you don’t have anything else to do, then come work with me. It’ll be especially fun with the two of us together and I’m sure you’ll love it!”

“Well …” Seeing Qiao Ya ask him this way, Mo Fang also felt that maybe he was thinking too much. Anyway, he had wanted a career change. He couldn’t model any longer. Not with the state he was currently in and not while continuously getting older.

Yes, it was about time for something new and this seemed to be as good an opportunity as any. In fact, maybe it was better this way. He could use the chance to get to know Yu Ting’s sister more closely. They could help each other out and he could make up for some of Yu Ting’s regrets while at the same time finding a new perspective for himself.

Qiao Ya saw that he seemed to waver more and happily struck while the iron was hot. “You know, you don’t have to make up your mind right this instant. I’ll still be at the current organization for two weeks and you don’t want to run into brother Li. That’s okay. While I believe you’re thinking too much, I understand. It can be awkward running into your ex.

“But anyway, I already have the next place lined up. I can send you the information and you can look through it slowly. After that, we can talk about it in detail and I can make some introductions if you like it. This way, you can just test out whether you like it at the next organization. If you don’t, it won’t be too late to say no.”

Mo Fang looked at her and finally nodded. “I guess you’re not wrong. Anyway, your idea of getting some practice first is good. At my age, I can’t start over too often anymore. It’d be best if I can find something I like early on and stick with it.”

Qiao Ya didn’t think that he was old at all but she still nodded happily. “Yes, yes, let’s do that! Wait, I’ll send you the information directly!” She abandoned Mo Fang’s sleeve and the Persian cat on her lap and instead pulled out her phone, hurriedly retrieving the information she had saved about her next target.

The other three quietly watched their exchange, all of them smiling. It was good to see them get along and even better to see a path open up for Mo Fang. As his friends, they had all worried about him in the last few weeks. Now, it seemed that fulfilling Yu Ting’s last wish had opened up new possibilities for him. How could they not be ecstatic?

After Qiao Ya put away the phone, they couldn’t help but start to ask more questions, trying to get Mo Fang excited for this chance so he wouldn’t chicken out.

Since everyone was curious, Qiao Ya exchanged contact information with the other three and sent them the information as well. She had looked for a long time before she settled on some organizations she might want to work at. Thus, she was very familiar with the information.

She happily talked about the good points of this one both in terms of what it did for the people it was trying to help and also what was good about this specific organization for its employees. She also didn’t forget to contrast it with the places she had already worked at to give Mo Fang in particular a more thorough idea of where he might work soon.

By the time she finished, Mo Fang could only smile wryly. “I see I won’t get around this. Alright. Since you’re so eager to take me along, I won’t resist anymore. What do I need to do? Write a job application?” He had never done that before but Qiao Ya had managed to get into an internship several times in a row. She should be able to help out with this.

“You’re really willing?!” Qiao Ya gave him a hug, scaring the Persian cat off her lap. “Thank you, brother-in-law!”

Mo Fang laughed and nodded. “Well, since it means so much to you, how could I say no?” Looking at her and then looking at Yu Xin on his other side, there was still a faint smile on his lips.

He reached up and touched the pendant around his neck. Yu Ting … if he could see this, he should be happy. Not only had they managed to find his sister but it seemed like they would even have a good relationship in the future. That wish of his had been fulfilled.

As for himself, even though it was still hard to move forward without Yu Ting in his life, he had found a new perspective thanks to Qiao Ya. With time, he could go back to living a good life even if it wasn’t the one he had imagined. He was sure that Yu Ting would have wanted this for him.

As for whether this really turned out to be the right path … it actually didn’t matter. It was a starting point, something to try. Whatever the future actually brought, this was bound to take him one step closer to a new life.

Just as before when he had left China and finally met Yu Ting, it was a turn and he knew that as long as he slowly followed these twists and turns, he would finally arrive somewhere. There were bound to be stretches of happiness on this road to that place because life was ever-changing and just because one part of it was filled with sadness, the rest of it didn’t have to be. It was only important to persevere and he knew that despite everything — or maybe because of everything that had happened — he could do just that. Now, he was even somewhat looking forward to it.

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