OMF V10C216 Wanting to Make an Impression

While Jing He once again worried whether he had any future with Qiu Ling considering his father’s current attitude, somebody else was planning to help things along.

“How does it look?” Jinde turned a circle in front of his husband and Xiang Yu and then raised his brows.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Very good.”

Xiang Yu happily raised his hands and applauded.

Jinde gave the two of them a frustrated look. “You’ve said exactly the same about the last three. I know that I look good in anything I wear but this is important. So which of these makes me look more regal? Or should we change to something else?” He furrowed his brows and looked through his spatial bracelet again. Unfortunately, he really couldn’t find anything he felt certain about.

Leng Jin Yu sighed and got up from where he had been squatting next to Xiang Yu and the shell, walking over to Jinde and taking his hands. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure that no matter what you wear, you’ll leave an impression.” In fact, there was no doubt about that, considering that the person Jinde intended to visit assumed he was dead. He could probably turn up in rags and she might still be stunned into speechlessness.

Jinde pursed his lips. “It’s not about me though. We need to support Qiu Ling in this. Considering that his fiance’s father is being an asshole about this, we’ll have to strike at the one point we can.”

“I know but don’t worry, it’ll work out.” Leng Jin Yu indeed didn’t feel that it was a big issue. The person Jinde wanted to see was the Heavenly Empress. Even though he hadn’t had much contact with her before, Leng Jin Yu still felt that she wouldn’t be an obstacle. Anyway, she had already agreed to her son’s marriage with Qiu Ling so naturally, if her in-laws came to visit, she wouldn’t make an issue out of it even if one of them turned out to be the previous dragon king who was supposed to be dead.

No, her trying to help them was a given. It was just … clearly, she had the same intentions as them but she hadn’t done anything so far, or at least nothing that seemed to have worked. Would it really change anything if they talked to her? But then, having somebody else on their side and especially somebody who could help from the Nine Heavens was good as well. It might at least give them more options.

Leng Jin Yu took hold of Jinde’s bracelet and took a look at the robes inside as well. Knowing Jinde, he definitely wouldn’t leave until he was satisfied with his looks. And, well, considering that he had hardly appeared in front of others before coming to the dragon realm, this wasn’t too odd. He had always wanted to make good impressions and now, after such a long time, this urge might be even stronger. Naturally, he would indulge that.

Jinde really had a wide array of robes in his spatial bracelet. If not for the fact that he had taken the pains to sort them by color, it would have been difficult to find anything in there. Leng Jin Yu swept the space inside with his spiritual sense and finally pulled out a dark purple robe. “Try this one maybe?”

Jinde took the robe from his hands and looked it over. The cut was simple but there was some embroidery on the sleeves and lapel. The color was clearly purple in the sun but if he stood in the shadows, it might seem black instead. “I suppose this would set off my hair color?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. In fact, that was one part of why he had picked this one. The other was that he had taken some inspiration from Qiu Ling. Unless he opened his mouth to be shameless, he did radiate the energy of a king. Part of that was definitely his looks and since he was always dressed in dark colors … why not give it a try with Jinde as well?

He knew from his life as Chun Yin that Jinde had rarely gone for anything dark. He had believed that it made him look gloomy and as a king that didn’t want others to know how much he had been hurt, looking gloomy was the last thing he wanted.

But now, Jinde had what he wanted: The man he loved was at his side, their child was growing well, and even Qiu Ling had returned to their side. Save for Jin Ling being missing from the picture, this truly was the life he had always imagined. So now, even if he wore a dark robe, how could he ever be perceived as gloomy? No, rather than that, this would likely set his radiant beauty off.

Jinde trusted in his husband’s taste so he changed into the purple robe and then turned another circle in front of his audience. “Alright, how is this one then?”

Xiang Yu hesitated for a moment but then still raised his hands and clapped. Anyway, no matter what he saw Jinde in, he always thought that he was incredibly beautiful. This robe wasn’t any worse or any better than the previous ones.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I think the Heavenly Empress will be suitably impressed.”

Jinde glanced down at himself and then conjured up a water mirror to take a look. He had to say … his husband’s taste was indeed good. He had no doubt that he could go and see the Heavenly Empress in this.

He turned to Leng Jin Yu and kissed his cheek, giving a faint smile. “You did well.” Then, he turned to Xiang Yu and patted his head. “The two of us will be off then. You stay here and guard Xiang Ling, alright? If anything happens, you know you can reach us in a heartbeat. And we’ll be back as soon as we can.”

Xiang Yu nodded eagerly. Somehow, he was reminded of the pair of siblings who had grown up in the house next to him. Now … it seemed he was considered a big brother as well?

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