RMN C565 An Unimaginable Amount of Energy

Among Elder Baili’s three questions, this one was obviously the easiest to answer. At the very least, it was the one that Mei Chao Bing could be certain about. As for the other two, this was a bit more difficult. “As for how the abilities are related to this … to be honest, I think them being able to copy some of them might have been a side product of their tests.”

Elder Baili raised his brows. “How so?”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head and then glanced at Luo Lin. “From the little we know about how the abilities work, it now seems like there is a special type of energy involved. My guess is that my Master forced my senior martial brothers to conduct a series of experiments on a smaller scale. After all, it’s not easy to get a big amount of energy just like Elder Baili just implied. But in that case though, how can he check the limits of what we inherited from the Lin family’s constitution?”

Baili Chao slowly nodded. “So he would have had them check first whether they were able to support it on a small scale. Later, he would go bigger but it always failed.”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum. “At the very least, that is how I would do it if I was in his stead. It’s the most logical approach. It would also fit with how he took in several disciples and then only accepted a few to teach directly. If he knew early on that they were unable to do it, why go through the hassle? He doesn’t seem the type for that.”

Elder Baili couldn’t deny that. Among the Elders of the Teng Yong Sect, there were many approaches to teaching their disciples. He and Feng Bai Xiao had certainly chosen very different ones. He himself had only taken in four disciples and at least tried to teach all of them directly. This definitely wasn’t an approach many Elders chose.

On the other hand, Feng Bai Xiao had accepted many disciples each time the sect opened its gates and sometimes also brought some back from outside. Without a fault, the new disciples would be thrown to the older ones to teach and only after a serious vetting process would they be given instructions by him. As for his way of teaching … Baili Chao had some things to say about that but now definitely wasn’t the time to trash-talk a traitor.

He pulled his thoughts back to the topic at hand and finally nodded. “It doesn’t sound wrong. Somehow, they got familiar with the dimensional energy as Xiao Lin called it, and managed to extract it for the use of others. It proves that they have inherited at least some of the Lin family’s constitution.”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum. “At the very least, this is what I have guessed. It might still be wrong but it does seem likely. I can’t see much speaking against it, at least.”

“Then where do you think the energy is supposed to come from?”

Mei Chao Bing faintly raised his brows. “This is where I can really only guess and even without much of a basis. In general, everything contains trace amounts of spiritual energy. Places with certain climates would be prone to containing more energy so those should be more likely targets for the demonic practitioners.”

“There are quite a few of those.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “There are which makes it inconvenient to guess. What I’m thinking is … if my previous guess is right and my senior martial brothers have indeed succeeded in taking in dimensional energy and converting it for somebody else’s use, then who is to say that they are even looking for spiritual energy?

“Sure, it’s convenient because there is no process of converting it involved. My Master would only need me to play the role of a conductor who can take it in and then distribute it to the people he wants me to contribute it to. With my lack of knowledge of the Lin family and this skill, it seems like the obvious choice. But then, we’ve also seen what that kind of thing would do to the world around us.

“The border region is completely dried up. Not just in terms of spiritual energy but it can’t even support plants any longer. Sure, the energy will regenerate but I don’t think this is what my Master wants. Otherwise, after grabbing this energy, nobody would be able to cultivate any longer, including the demonic practitioners.

“Rather than that, I believe he might want to go for something else. For example, the dimensional energy or even something else entirely.” His brows furrowed when he said this and he finally took out the magical box Yan Hong Min had given him. “The southern chasm would have been my guess, to be honest. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that he might want to go for what is beneath that.”

Elder Baili’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought of this possibility before but now that Mei Chao Bing mentioned it, he had to admit that there was a chance this was true. “The amount of energy you gathered in the chasm wasn’t little.”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head. “It absolutely wasn’t. The energy over there is so thick that it was starting to penetrate into its surroundings. The amount … if I had to guess, I’d say it shouldn’t be any less than what the demonic faction was able to gather in the border region with that energy-gathering array.

“And this energy, in turn, should be almost nothing in comparison to that person who is imprisoned beneath. If the story I found was the truth and it needed the establishment of the four great sects to even subdue this person for a time, then this is a source of energy past what I can even imagine. If the constitution of the Lin family really gave me the ability to gather that energy and distribute it to the demonic faction … I’m afraid we’d have several of their elite disciples and Elders right at the brink of ascension.”

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