SML V6C86 One Final Favor

Si Tao naturally wasn’t wrong. After the three of them walked into the lobby of the hotel, Yu Xin directly dragged Si Tao to the side after introductions had been made and started to inquire about Mo Fang’s friends and previous lovers in detail.

Si Tao originally didn’t want to answer but Mo Fang just waved at him, clearly not caring so he finally gave in. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of Yu Xin even if he wanted to. The comparison to a puppy that he had made earlier definitely wasn’t wrong. Unfortunately, he also seemed to have the annoying characteristic to bite onto something when he noticed it and then not letting go.

Even though he did tell him something, Si Tao naturally wouldn’t let Yu Xin in on all the details. This was still Mo Fang’s private life, after all. He could understand why he would be interested in it but he couldn’t just demand answers.

Yu Xin wasn’t being willful either. He simply wanted to make sure Mo Fang would be alright on his own here in China so he felt the need to know more. Since Si Tao was willing to indulge him and clearly cared about Mo Fang as well, he felt a lot better already.

With the four of them breaking up into pairs and having their own conversations, time seemed to pass fast. Soon, it was time to go and get Qiao Ya.

Mo Fang looked at the time on his phone and gave a hum. “How about the two of us go alone first and get her? In case she wants to take somebody along again, there’d be enough space in the car. Yu Xin could wait with Tong Lan in the meantime and get to know each other a bit more.” Yes, since Yu Xin had pulled Si Tao to talk, he hadn’t actually interacted much with Tong Lan so this seemed like a good idea to him.

Si Tao shrugged his shoulders, not minding either way. It wasn’t his sister after all. He was just the one playing chauffeur for Mo Fang.

Yu Xin pursed his lips, not too happy. Since Mo Fang had already told him about the possible issues earlier he didn’t make a fuss though and instead nodded with a depressed look.

Mo Fang laughed and waved for Si Tao to follow him, nodding at Tong Lan as thanks for taking care of his brother-in-law.

Watching the two of them walk out, Tong Lan scooted over to sit closer to Yu Xin. Actually, this was indeed a good opportunity to get a bit more familiar before Qiao Ya arrived. That way, things might not be as awkward. As for how to get closer … “Thank you for coming. Mo Fang looks a lot happier with you here.”

As expected, Yu Xin immediately perked up when the topic of conversation was his brother-in-law. “Is he unhappy otherwise?”

Tong Lan smiled faintly. “He misses your brother a lot. It’s difficult to move on from this type of thing and it hasn’t been that long. Also, neither of us really knew your brother even though Mo Fang would talk about him. It can be difficult to be there for him because of that. With you, it’s different. It seems like you were close to him and you also seem to have a good relationship with Mo Fang. Having you here is likely helping him a lot.”

Yun Xin nodded, his expression a bit solemn. “It’s not easy for any of us. My brother …” He shook his head, not even sure how to say it.

He had always regarded Yu Ting as just his brother and he had looked up to him a lot. He had no idea how to get over his death. The only thing that kept him going was trying to keep up the work his brother had done so his legacy wouldn’t be destroyed in their hands.

Taking care of Mo Fang was the same. This was the person his brother had been in love with and wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Even though they hadn’t managed to make it that far, the intentions had been there so to him, Mo Fang was his brother-in-law and that was how he’d treat him. Naturally, a grieving widower had to be given a lot of support. If he could, he would have stayed with him all the time.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just happy for Mo Fang. I mean, I was worried about him when he decided to go back to China but it seems he’s doing well despite everything. Sure, it’s not easy to get over. I get it. I can’t either. My brother just was the type of guy who did everything right so it feels really unfair. Why him, right?”

He shook his head and cleared his throat when his voice seemed to crack. “Anyway, Mo Fang seems to have good friends here and he’s starting to build a life again. It’s not what he wanted but I think it’s going in a good direction. With some time, he’ll manage. I can see that now.”

Tong Lan nodded. “I think so too. These past few weeks, he has made a lot of progress. After finding Qiao Ya, maybe he’ll have an easier time moving on. Being able to connect the two of you will help him as well.”

Yu Xin nodded and then glanced over his shoulder at the door of the hotel. So far, nobody could be seen but it had only been a few minutes as well. Most likely, Mo Fang and Si Tao hadn’t even reached Qiao Ya’s place of work yet.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Although even without that, I think just finding her and being able to do something for her will help him feel better.” At the very least, that was the impression he had gotten on the phone yesterday and also since he arrived today. For Mo Fang, finding Qiao Ya was indeed what helped him the most. It was his way to bid farewell to Yu Ting after doing him one final favor.

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