SML V6C87 Who’d Be Nervous about a Big Puppy?

On the other side, Mo Fang and Si Tao finally arrived at the organization. Qiao Ya had also just finished her shift and was on the way out. Seeing Si Tao’s flashy car, she came running over with an expression that hovered between excitement and nervousness.

Mo Fang laughed when she got in. “Are you that worried?”

Qiao Ya looked at him and Si Tao, then at the empty backseat. “Well …” She had been when she came over but now, where was the rumored brother? It seemed she didn’t have a reason to be nervous at all!

Mo Fang could naturally imagine what was going through her mind. “Ah Tao wanted to introduce his fiancee to you so she was with him at the hotel earlier. Then I brought Yu Xin along. We weren’t sure if you’d like to take brother Li or someone else along again so we left the two of them there. Otherwise, we’d all be squished together.”

“Oh.” Qiao Ya shook her head. “Brother Li isn’t working today. He only started to volunteer at the organization the day we met and only comes in on his free days. Today, he should be busy with his job.”

“So it was like that.” Mo Fang really couldn’t say that he was up to date on what was happening in Li Ming’s life. “If you want to take someone else along, it’s alright though. We can go and pick them up, even.”

Qiao Ya shook her head again. “No, it’s alright.” Originally, she had wondered if it would be a good idea to take her father along so he could meet Mo Fang and Yu Xin but, in the end, she decided against it. Anyway, it wasn’t like he was related to them. In fact, since he hadn’t known about her brother, he might even feel hurt about this whole matter. In that case, it was better to meet everyone herself first. If they interacted more often in the future, it wouldn’t be too late to introduce her dad.

Mo Fang also didn’t press the issue. Taking someone along was only for Qiao Ya’s sake. If she felt comfortable coming along without anyone accompanying her, then that was naturally alright as well.

Qiao Ya kept quiet for a moment but then leaned forward and held onto Mo Fang’s seat. “So … Yu Xin, what is he like?” To be honest, she was a bit worried about that. Her actual brother wasn’t alive anymore so it didn’t matter much in the end. She was happy he had apparently been a good guy but for herself, it wouldn’t make a difference.

His adoptive brother was different though. In the future, if things went well, they might stay in contact. But this depended on how easy he was to get along with. Naturally, she also had some hopes for this.

Mo Fang pondered for a moment and then pulled out his phone. “I think you’ve seen him in one of the videos I sent you the other day. If I had to describe him, he’s someone who is very easygoing and open-minded. Also, he loved Yu Ting very much.”

Si Tao nodded. “Yeah, I wouldn’t be worried either. I only met him today as well when I went to pick the two of them up and he’s basically like an oversized puppy.”

Qiao Ya blinked her eyes, not sure what to make of that. “Puppy?”

Si Tao chuckled. “Well, if he thinks you’re part of his pack, he’ll defend you from anything. If he thinks you’re not, he’ll bark to make you stay away. It’s kind of cute to watch.” Hadn’t he managed to jump from an outsider to an insider today and vividly witnessed the difference in treatment? And with Qiao Ya’s blood relationship with Yu Ting, he was sure Yu Xin would absolutely see her as part of the family automatically and be at least as protective of her as he was of Mo Fang. So, she really had no reason to worry.

“Oh.” Qiao Ya still felt confused but it sounded like she didn’t need to worry too much. Anyway, she liked puppies. She didn’t think people were able to compare to that but at least it should be a sign that he was indeed easy to get along with if Si Tao would compare him like that.

While the two were talking, Mo Fang had finally found the video he had been thinking about. Chuckling, he handed the phone to her. “Ah Tao isn’t that far off. Watch this one and you definitely won’t feel nervous when you meet Yu Xin.”

Qiao Ya looked at him oddly but still took the phone and pressed play. As it turned out, this was a video of Yu Xin drunkenly clinging to Mo Fang at a gathering with some friends.

At this moment, he was tearfully urging Mo Fang to treat his brother well and then trying to reassure him that he would also help him make sure that Yu Ting wouldn’t mistreat him. What followed was some boasting about how good his brother was, then another round of urging toward Mo Fang.

The longer she watched, the more Qiao Ya’s lips twitched. This … really was a bit like a big dog, the kind that loved to hang all over its owners. Anyway, he did seem nice.

When the video finished playing, she silently handed the phone back to Mo Fang and turned to look at Si Tao. “Brother Si, your ability to describe people really isn’t bad, ah!”

Si Tao chuckled proudly. “I know, right? Speaking of which, don’t just ask about your brother! Don’t you want to know more about my fiancee? How about I tell you the story of how I met her?”

Qiao Ya originally hadn’t been as interested but now that she didn’t feel nervous about Yu Xin any longer, Si Tao’s enthusiastic attitude to talking about his romantic life also intrigued her. Thus, she let herself be talked into listening to his favorite story, not knowing what she was getting into.

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