OMF V10C204 No Idea How to Seduce Him

Jing He couldn’t see as well in the dark but he was very familiar with Qiu Ling’s voice. Hearing it slightly changed, he was vaguely aware that his words had been received a certain way. His lips parted but he didn’t know what to say. His mind couldn’t help but echo with a thought though: If he wanted things to change, then right now was the best opportunity.

Jing He gulped but still inched closer to Qiu Ling. He reached up with his other hand, his fingers brushing over Qiu Ling’s chest. He didn’t want to be too obvious so he did not dare to do more. He only silently hoped that Qiu Ling would take over, take things further, and finally change their status from this awkward state of being not-quite-officially engaged to something more.

Qiu Ling took a shaky breath when he felt Jing He’s fingers. He didn’t think more though. Clearly, he was at fault for provoking the situation. Now, it was also on him to keep his mind stable.

He kissed Jing He’s fingers again and then just simply hugged him. He even closed his eyes, really intending to try and sleep. Even if he wouldn’t have much luck with it, it would at least give him something else to focus on so he wouldn’t think too much about the current situation. Although, well, it really wasn’t easy.

He clearly felt Jing He’s body close to his. His skin seemed a little cool as if the thin blanket wasn’t enough to keep him warm. In fact, the blanket really was thin. He could feel each and every wrinkle in the fabric of Jing He’s robe below …

His eyes opened immediately and he stared intently at Jing He’s face. He could see that his eyes were open as well. He probably couldn’t see much but his gaze still seemed focused on him. It was … hard to ignore.

Qiu Ling’s eyelids sank slightly and his throat felt strangely parched. The current situation really was dangerous. He knew he shouldn’t but … it really was so enticing.

Jing He didn’t know that Qiu Ling was already battling with his reason. He indeed couldn’t see much so he could only go by the sound of his voice and breathing. Right now, nothing seemed to be different so he lost hope for a moment. There was really no way to make it happen, was there?

He hesitated but then pressed even closer, completely sticking to Qiu Ling’s body. Even if the chance was low, he didn’t want to leave it be without even trying. He knew he shouldn’t. If Qiu Ling realized, he might think him base. But after everything that had happened in the last few weeks, he was simply desperate.

He wanted to be Qiu Ling’s. Even if he would indeed have preferred the grand ceremony in the Nine Heavens that Qiu Ling mentioned, the final outcome was more important. And if this would make their status official in the dragon realm while also forcing his father’s hand in allowing them to wed in the Nine Heavens, then he was willing to commit a taboo.

It was a pity that he wasn’t too clear on these things and also didn’t have much guts. Seducing the man he loved into taking things further … he didn’t actually know how to do that.

Jing He knew that he had grown up sheltered. He had also known that this was a topic he should not be interested in. To him, his marriage had always been something his parents should decide for him. And what happened on his wedding night or in the time after that was something his husband would take the lead on. At the very least, this was how he had thought. Thus, he had never sought out further knowledge.

Now, everything was different. He wanted to be with Qiu Ling because he loved him despite his father’s disapproval. And with Qiu Ling being reluctant to take the next step, he could only try to entice him somehow. He didn’t know how though and he was afraid of how he would be perceived so his attempt was rather clumsy. In this way, could he really make Qiu Ling reconsider his stance?

Jing He lowered his head, pretending to just look for a comfortable position to sleep in but his fingers still brushed over Qiu Ling’s robe and maybe his hair brushed against his skin.

Qiu Ling shuddered. His grip around Jing He’s waist tightened and the hand holding Jing He’s pulled closer as if wanting to entice him to touch him further. Of course, he knew he shouldn’t. Jing He’s hand on his chest was sweet torture all on its own. He really shouldn’t be adding to the mess. And yet …

Qiu Ling licked his lips, his hand unwittingly moving up Jing He’s back. He wasn’t sure what he intended to do. He knew he shouldn’t do anything but they were so close, it was hard not to want to be even closer. His soul itself seemed to clamor for him to do it already and forget about all those extraneous things. What ceremony? What blessing? The only thing that mattered was their loving each other, wasn’t it? To finally unite not just their hearts but their bodies … it seemed so right.

Qiu Ling took a deep breath in the hope that it would clear his mind but he only noticed the fresh scent coming from Jing He’s body. The water before seemed to have been infused with a flowery scent that now spread from Jing He’s skin, making it even more enticing. Qiu Ling’s fingers twitched and finally reached the nape of his neck, curling into the satiny strands of hair.

“Qiu Ling …” Jing He called out faintly, hope igniting his heart that maybe his efforts hadn’t been completely useless.

Hearing this voice that had attracted him immediately when they met back then … the last string of reason in Qiu Ling’s mind snapped.

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