OMF V10C200 Not Inspiring Any Faith

Jinde stared at the little fallen god, his expression blank. Actually, his reaction to hearing that he had somehow had an encounter with Tian even if he hadn’t been quite aware at the time was similar to Jing He’s when he was told about his encounter during the trial. Most likely, in all of the three realms, there was nobody who wouldn’t be in a daze after suddenly having something like this revealed.

Jinde finally blinked his eyes and then raised his brows. “The supreme sovereign bothered to make a trip down here to send me a vision of my unborn child to wake me up in time?” Please excuse him but he had trouble believing that.

If he had still been the dragon king, he might have been able to tell himself that Tian was doing this for the good of the dragon race. But then, he didn’t hold that position any longer, and also … since when had Tian cared about the well-being of the immortal races? He’d probably laugh about it if either of them found their demise.

Xiang Yu didn’t seem to notice his complicated mood. He happily nodded and then inched closer. He knew he wasn’t as close to Jinde as Leng Jin Yu or Qiu Ling but he still liked him and he had also waited several weeks for him to wake up again. Naturally, he wanted to be there as well now.

Leng Jin Yu gave him a subtle look before turning to Jinde. “I assume Xin Lan was the one to ask him to. Qiu Ling and I tried everything we could think of but it didn’t have any effect. I wasn’t sure what else to do so I asked Xiang Yu to get Xin Lan in case he had any idea. He tried but it didn’t work either. Finally, he left without saying anything, and a while later, Tian suddenly appeared.” In fact, he hadn’t even seen him but he trusted Xiang Yu. If he said that the supreme sovereign had appeared, then that was certainly the case. He had no reason to lie.

Jinde gave a hum. “Seems like Xin Lan’s idea was a good one then.” Although he still wasn’t sure how Xin Lan had convinced the supreme sovereign to do this. In fact, he felt a bit worried thinking about it now. “Xin Lan … hasn’t returned yet?” He hadn’t seen him or Xin Lan since waking up. At first, he hadn’t thought about it but now that both had been mentioned, he realized that this was odd.

Xin Lan certainly had his own problems recently but if he knew that he was in this kind of state, he also wouldn’t ignore it. Since he had gotten Tian to come and check, why had he himself not returned?

Jinde’s brows furrowed further, the longer he thought about it. Finally, he turned to Xiang Yu. “Did you hear from him again since then?”

Xiang Yu shook his head. He wasn’t too sad about it. Anyway, Xin Lan had been mean to him just before that. Why would he want to see him? It was better if he stayed away! Well, although he would reluctantly forgive him since he had apparently helped with saving Jinde and the child. That could probably offset some of his bad behavior at least.

Leng Jin Yu rubbed Jinde’s back. “Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he’s alright. Xin Lan’s state didn’t seem too good when he came here. He didn’t say anything but I’m sure he still needs some time.” Anyway, they also knew what had happened during the trial thanks to Xiang Yu.

Even though Xin Lan wasn’t cursed like the rest of the dragon race that only meant that he could fall in love again. It didn’t mean that his love couldn’t be just as deep. Even his soul could be bound to another person if he so desired. Of course, losing Hua Lin Yu had hurt him deeply. A few weeks definitely weren’t enough to grieve who seemed to have been the love of his life.

Jinde nodded and then thought about an even bigger problem. “Then what about Qiu Ling? I remember in the battle …” His eyes turned faintly red as his mind inevitably jumped to Jin Ling again but he forced himself to focus on what was important. He couldn’t do anything for Jin Ling anymore but Qiu Ling might be different. “Zhong Jing Yi was killed in front of his eyes. How did you handle that?”

It hadn’t sounded as if Qiu Ling had gone completely crazy even though that should have been the case according to the curse. Could it be that the Son of Heaven waking up had actually taken care of that? It would be best if that was the case but … he somehow doubted that their family was so lucky.

Before Leng Jin Yu could reply, Xiang Yu’s face lit up again. “Oh, that was also Tian!”

Jinde looked at him, wondering if he should still be surprised or if this happening twice in a row just meant that it could be considered normal already. “Did Tian take a liking to our family?” Because he somehow didn’t think that Xin Lan would bother to go and plead for Qiu Ling’s sake.

Xiang Yu tilted his head, not sure what Jinde meant.

Next to them, Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat. “It’s not that. Qiu Ling somehow stumbled into the High Heavens himself. I don’t know what the supreme sovereign thought but he offered help by himself.” Actually, he had thought about this. After all, a person like Tian … while there was some reverence, there was also a certain fear. If this kind of person suddenly helped your family twice, then even though you were saved at the moment, it somehow didn’t inspire any faith that you would be lucky in the future. No, instead, he couldn’t help but worry about just what Tian was planning.

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