SML V6C83 Go and See the Cultural Heritage

The three people finished lunch in a harmonious atmosphere. Yu Xin volunteered to wash the dishes and vanished into the kitchen, leaving Madam Zuo and Mo Fang alone.

Madam Zuo couldn’t help but lean over. “So, you said he is your brother-in-law?”

Mo Fang hesitated but finally nodded. He didn’t want any misunderstandings to occur so he gave a short explanation. “Well, I was engaged before. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident this year. His family has been very nice to me and his brother even came to visit. So he isn’t my brother-in-law in a legal sense but I take him as a close relative.”

“Oh.” Madam Zuo gave Mo Fang a pitying look. “You didn’t mention that before!” No wonder this child seemed so down half the time …

Mo Fang could only smile wryly. “It’s still fresh so I don’t like speaking about it. Anyway, it’s nice to have somebody visit. He has lived in Europe all his life. I don’t think his father has even taken him to visit China so I’ll have to show him around a bit.” He didn’t mention the adoption, not wanting to make matters too complicated. Anyway, while Yu Xin might stay for a while, he would also leave again soon. There was no need to get into this too deeply.

Madam Zuo didn’t ask further either. Instead, she started recommending some local sights she felt everyone should have seen. “Don’t just show him these exciting things young people like. If it’s his first time in the country, he should also get to see some of our cultural heritage. Judging from his face, he is at least half-Chinese. How can he not have seen what our ancestors have left us?”

Mo Fang nodded. “I’m sure he’ll want to see all of that. Ah Xin might seem a bit unreliable at first glance but he is actually a pretty serious person. I am sure he’ll enjoy learning more.” He looked in the direction of the kitchen, smiling faintly.

To be honest, Yu Xin had originally been somebody who liked to have fun a lot more than to seriously do something like study or work but thanks to Yu Ting’s influence, he had put in a lot of effort to also hone that side of himself. By now, even in such a sudden situation like Yu Ting’s death, he could still step up and take over the company, ensuring that the people working there wouldn’t suddenly be out of a job or be handed over to some big corporation that didn’t care about them.

Looking at him now, he actually resembled his brother a lot. If not for the moments when his tendency to make trouble shone through, he might have thought that he was seeing a younger version of Yu Ting himself.

Madam Zuo still wanted to give a lot more advice but Yu Xin already returned from the kitchen, proudly presenting the washed boxes to Mo Fang while turning to Madam Zuo at the same time. “I’ve left your bowls in the kitchen, auntie. I didn’t know where they went so I just put them on top of the counter for now.”

Madam Zuo nodded happily. “Oh, that’s alright. Don’t worry about it.” She patted his arm, feeling that he had already done very well with washing the dishes on his own accord. “Xiao Fang just told me that you haven’t been to China at all. You shouldn’t waste time here then and make the most of your visit. I’d accompany you to show you around a bit as well but with how old I am, I’m afraid I can’t keep up.

“I’ve already told Xiao Fang all the good spots he definitely can’t leave out though, so just trust that you will see everything worth seeing these days. When you come back tomorrow, you can tell me everything you did today!”

Yu Xin nodded, even though he only realized now that they were apparently set to return tomorrow. “I will definitely do that!” Anyway, even though he didn’t know how long he would stay, he’d definitely still be here in a day.

Mo Fang also nodded. “Yes, I’ll show him around a bit and then drag him back here tomorrow.”

Madam Zuo was satisfied with that and brought the two of them to the door, happily watching them leave.

When the two of them had walked away a bit, Yu Xin turned to look at Mo Fang. “We are going to see my sister though, aren’t we?”

Mo Fang smiled. “If she wants to.”

Yu Xin pursed his lips and looked at the boxes in his arms. “I don’t see why she wouldn’t. We’re basically siblings. Who doesn’t want a nice big brother like me?”

Mo Fang glanced at him and gave a hum. “I guess that’s not wrong.” As a sibling, Yu Xin really was great. Even as a brother-in-law, he couldn’t wish for somebody better.

Yu Xin smiled proudly. “Well, you said that yourself. So, if she has any doubts, you should absolutely advise her. I can’t come to China often and I can’t stay forever. Since I’m already here, she should totally take advantage and meet me. It doesn’t have to be long either. Just to see each other and have a chat first. After that, we can see about the rest.”

Mo Fang nodded. “I will tell her.” Anyway, he’d see how she responded to his message first. After that, he’d figure something out. “For now, let’s bring the boxes home and after that, I’ll take you out and show you Shanghai. Since you haven’t been here before, you definitely can’t leave before you are familiar with at least some of the sights around here.”

“Mn!” Yu Xin nodded and hastened his steps to return the boxes fast. “Later, when there’s an opportunity, you also have to introduce me to the people you know.”

Mo Fang nodded, thinking that they would likely run into somebody he knew sooner or later anyway.

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