OCN C62 Lacking Experience

While the three of them were having fun discussing Si Shi Wu’s feelings, the atmosphere in the temporary headquarters of the Si clan was tense. Needless to say, this was because they were waiting for the results of their last four weeks’ hard work.

The most important was whether or not their master would be admitted to the first episode. But after that, there was still the question of what would happen with the other nineteen of them. They all felt that they had done a rather good job and Si Shi Wu had gotten a sample of all their dishes as well to make sure of that himself but that still didn’t have to mean anything.

Just because they did well that didn’t mean that they were the ones who had done the best. And in this kind of show, that was what was important. Among the thousands of contestants, they had to somehow stand out. And they weren’t too sure if they had been able to do that.

The only one who was relaxed was Si Er. He was currently reclining on the couch, his feet up on the table while he balanced a laptop on his knees. “I say, why are you so worried? In any case, if they forgot a name or two, I can just hack into the system and put it on the list.”

Without a word, Si Yi reached over and whacked him over the head.

Si Er glared at him but didn’t dare say anything when it came to Si Yi. Currently, even their master’s assistant was looking rather tense. Well, that wasn’t strange considering that their master was sitting right next to them, staring at the website and waiting for it to refresh and finally show the names of the people that had been chosen.

Si Shi Qi couldn’t help but try and make up for his previous mistakes by educating this rascal. “You hacking into the system wouldn’t help us much. They know who they chose. And one of the people that made the choice was Young Master Xiao. We definitely shouldn’t mess with that. Otherwise, he might get into trouble because they certainly won’t dare to blame Mister Yu. So don’t you dare do anything. In any case, if the nineteen of us don’t get in, it will be a pity but not the end of the world. The most important is that Master will get in and I don’t have a doubt about that. Si Shi Wu, didn’t you say that Master’s dish was very good?”

Si Shi Wu nodded solemnly. “Yes, it was a notch above everyone else’s. I don’t think that Mister Yu or Young Master Xiao should have had a problem with it.”

At that, Si Jin finally raised his head and gave up one of his incredibly treasured words. “He praised me.”

The twenty ninjas of the Si clan immediately hurried to reassure him that this had to be a sign of Xiao Ming’s feelings for him.

Si Jin just gave them a disdainful look though. His Xiao Ming was a professional through and through. In this kind of scenario, no matter his feelings, he also wouldn’t let it cloud his judgment. If he praised him, that was clearly because he felt that he had the skills, not because he liked him as a person.

Naturally, that didn’t have to mean either that Xiao Ming didn’t like him. After all, he had even smiled at him. That meant much more than praising his cooking skills. Although … maybe Xiao Ming had hoped that he would be able to win the show so they could finally go on a date. It wasn’t completely out of the realm of the possible, even if incredibly unlikely. In any case, Xiao Ming had clearly realized who he was. He was sure of that. Thinking of that, Si Jin went back to staring at the website with renewed vigor.

The twenty ninjas accompanying him sighed in their hearts and also looked at the website, hoping that that crew of ‘Golden Spoon’ would finally hurry up a bit. They really felt that they had been waiting long enough here.

Unfortunately for them, the crew had their own plan. While Xiao Ming and Mister Yu had long decided on the contestants’ names, they still wouldn’t publish the list immediately. Instead, they started to file through the material that they had gathered over the day, already starting to gather a few clips from the people that had finally been chosen as far as they were available.

After the list came out, the following week would be used to upload some teaser trailers to make sure that the show could gather some heat online. To maximize the outcome of their effort, they had also decided to always upload at the same times so the netizens would be expecting something. And all tune in at that specific time no matter what else they had been doing. Now, they were precisely waiting for the next time to arrive: 8 PM.

Unfortunately, that time was still far off. The longer they waited, the more anxious the ninjas became.

Finally, Si Er sighed and moved his hands, at least taking a look at what was happening over at the place of the crew of ‘Golden Spoon’. After a couple of minutes, he finally gave a hum. “Well, we’re on the list.”

The others looked over and Si Yi narrowed his eyes. “Were we originally on the list or did you put us on the list?” This was a question that really needed to be asked when it came to Si Er. Even after Si Shi Qi had already said that it would make trouble if he changed something, they couldn’t be sure that he would really take that into consideration. Si Er was just that kind of person. He loved chaos.

Si Er clicked his tongue in annoyance. “Do you think I’m stupid? Of course, we were on it originally. They’ve already finished deciding long ago as it seems. The texts for the announcement have long been written as well. They are just waiting to publish it and that won’t happen before eight.”

The other ninjas relaxed but Si Jin was still staring at the website. Even though he believed Si Er, he still wanted to see it with his own eyes. Although … it was hardly even six. So sitting here for two hours really didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Pondering for a moment, he finally got up and then walked over to the kitchen. Xiao Ming wouldn’t be streaming as often and certainly not today when he had just had a hard day at work. So there was no use in tuning into the channel. Instead, he should use the time and continue to practice more.

The casting had been the easiest stage of the show. They had had four weeks to prepare and had even been able to choose the recipe they wanted to do beforehand. But starting next week, things would be different. Not only wouldn’t there be as much time to prepare but they would also be given tasks that they didn’t know about beforehand. He definitely couldn’t rest easy just because he knew now that he had made it to the next round.

The other ninjas exchanged a glance and finally, Si Shi Wu followed him over, silently standing to the side to keep an eye on what Si Jin was doing and giving tips whenever he saw something that could be done better. Although he did have to say that after these four weeks of harsh training, his master was doing quite well.

When it came to the basic tasks he could hardly find anything to nag about. Well, not that he had expected anything different. His master’s skill with weapons had always been rather high so being able to wield a cooking knife wasn’t strange. The same could probably be said about the heat. He was able to stick rather closely to what he had learned in theory and had a good eye for details so he was able to see if some adjustment was needed.

The only thing he was lacking was experience. Their master was definitely the kind of person that ate for practical purposes and not necessarily for enjoyment. As long as it filled his stomach and could give him a good nutritional balance, he would be satisfied with it.

Naturally, he would also be able to tell if something tasted good or bad but he didn’t mind eating something that tasted bad as long as everything else was satisfactory. As such, he probably never paid too much attention to the taste. While he was used to a high standard at home because Si Shi Wu would cook for the ninjas of the Si clan whenever he was around, Si Jin didn’t have that many experiences when it came to testing different kinds of food.

Thinking of that, Si Shi Wu came up with a plan in his mind and took out his phone to message Si Yi.

Si Shi Wu: [Please help me organize a tour around the city for Master to eat at different establishments. It should include some different price classes and styles, the more variety the better.]

Over in the other room, Si Yi glanced at the message and thought for a moment before he handed his phone over to Si Shi Qi. “You arrange it.” In any case, what did they have an event planner for if not to plan an event? Even if it was merely a tour through the city, that was still something that needed a bit of planning. “Make sure that we don’t turn up anywhere as a group. Space it out.”

Back at the venue of the casting, he had already realized that they were attracting too much attention. It was difficult not to do so considering their current identities. But when it was outside of the show where there weren’t any cameras around, some things could still be organized in a manner that would make it less obvious. For example, dividing the group into several smaller ones and putting people together that were likely to be together was definitely something that could be done. Furthermore … “If it is possible, invite some people from outside. They don’t need to know what this is about. Just making sure that we won’t draw as much attention will be enough.

Si Shi Qi nodded. “I’m on it.” He got up and left the room, not wanting to be bothered by the others. This task, he could finally make up for some of what he had done wrong before. In fact … standing outside the door, he took out his phone and couldn’t help but smile wickedly. “Well, sister, looks like I’ll have a chance to get back at you.” With that, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and then went to organize everything. This time, he would leave nothing to chance.

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