SML V6C82 Randomly Recognizing Relatives

Mo Fang soon reached the door to the apartment and rang the doorbell with a bright smile, glancing at Yu Xin over his shoulder.

A few moments later, Madam Zuo opened the door, smiling just as much. “Oh, Xiao Fang, there you are! You’re later than usual. I was starting to get a bit worried and was wondering if I should rush over to see if you’re alright.”

Mo Fang’s smile brightened further with even his eyes curving. He stepped to the side and motioned at Yu Xin behind him. “My brother-in-law came by unexpectedly so it took a bit longer. I hope it’s alright that I brought him along? He came all the from Europe and hasn’t eaten anything yet.”

“Oh, the poor thing!” Madam Zuo looked at Yu Xin with heartache, hurriedly waving for the two of them to come inside. “You better hurry then! Don’t let the food get cold.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and waved for Yu Xin to follow.

Yu Ting’s brother was already completely confused. This old lady … was she his sister’s grandmother or something? Well, at least she seemed kind and Mo Fang also seemed to get along with her well. This was great! Especially since she wasn’t living far away. Ah, he really had to say that his brother’s foresight was really good. Even without knowing his birth family yet, he had managed to pick this spot. It was almost as if it was fate!

Yu Xin felt really emotional when he thought about it and he was especially careful when putting down the boxes. Looking at Madam Zuo, he tried to give a well-behaved impression. “Is there anything else I can help you with, grandma?”

Madam Zuo looked at him oddly.

Mo Fang also gave him a look but felt that he couldn’t blame him either. He hadn’t told him who they were going to visit. In the end, he could only reach out and rub his head. “Don’t randomly recognize people as your grandparents! How do you know they want a cheap grandson like you?”

Madam Zuo who constantly went out to randomly recognize grandsons could only laugh. “I will get us some bowls.” Then, she vanished into the kitchen chuckling.

Yu Xin immediately leaned closer to Mo Fang and lowered his voice. “What’s the matter? Since she is my brother’s … sister’s … grandmother, can’t I recognize her as my grandmother as well?”

Mo Fang sighed. “She isn’t related to Qiao Ya. That’s Madam Zuo who happens to live in the same neighborhood. We’re both alone so I come and bring her lunch every day.”

“Oh.” Yu Xin straightened up again and suddenly felt embarrassed. Yeah, one really shouldn’t randomly recognize grandparents. He coughed, trying to find anything to save the situation. “Well, at least she laughed!”

Mo Fang laughed as well. “Well, lucky for you, Madam Zuo has a sense of humor.” Saying so, he followed her to help carry the bowls.

Yu Xin stayed where he was and decided to ignore the matter, instead pretending that it hadn’t happened. Anyway, it wasn’t his fault! Since Mo Fang hadn’t told him, what had he been supposed to expect?

When the other two returned from the kitchen, nobody mentioned the incident and the three simply sat down to eat. As usual, Madam Zuo had a lot to say, completely taking over the conversation of the three people.

Mo Fang simply let her talk, quietly listening. Yu Xin became interested though when she started talking about the people living in the community, some notable incidents from the past few years, and how she had met Mo Fang. He excitedly started asking her more questions, trying to get a better picture of how Mo Fang would do living here.

Of course, he would prefer if Mo Fang came back to Europe and just lived with them but since he had already said no, Yu Xin could only accept it. Still, if Mo fang insisted on living in China, he wanted to at least make sure he wouldn’t have any trouble that could be prevented. Naturally, he trusted in his brother’s vision of choosing a good place to live but this was a different country, after all. If it turned out that Yu Ting had overlooked something, he’d have to help Mo Fang relocate!

The longer he listened to Madam Zuo, the more relieved he felt though. Apparently, half of the community consisted of lonely old people like Madam Zuo herself who were easy enough to get along with as long as you sat down and listened to them complain for a while. The other half was made up of younger families that were usually busy with themselves but were overall more open-minded. They shouldn’t bully Mo Fang.

Of course, all of these people might still be shocked when he found a new boyfriend but Yu Xin didn’t think that this was something he had to worry about just yet. It hadn’t been that long since Yu Ting died and he didn’t believe that Mo Fang would get back into the dating game anytime soon.

So, at least for the next year or so, he would just be a rich, young single living his best life. Nobody should have a problem with that, right? At most, he’d have to worry about somebody trying to matchmake. Wasn’t that what those nosy aunties all did? At least, he had seen that on TV!

Madam Zuo was especially happy with having such a lively child at her place for once. Even though she liked talking with Mo Fang who was now coming over every day unless he had something to do, she had to admit that he could be a bit dull and wouldn’t speak much. This Yu Xin was much better in that regard! If he would also be willing to come by regularly, she might indeed be willing to take him as her grandson!

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