RMN C552 A Little Bunny Thwarting Plans

Song Yu Zheng seemed pretty intrigued by the concept. Zhi Guan didn’t know if that was simply related to the plan and how lucky the demonic faction seemed to have gotten if they managed to find the one person that actually fulfilled their needs or if there was another reason for this. Right now, he didn’t care much about that either. Instead, he was already contemplating how this information fit with everything they had guessed so far.

They knew from Elder Feng’s behavior in the past that Mei Chao Bing was vital for his plan so there was no doubt that he was this successor to the Lin family Song Yu Zheng was talking about. At the same time, there was a high chance that his senior martial brothers under the same Master shared the blood of the Lin family as well but somehow, their constitution hadn’t been strong enough or maybe not even been invoked at all.

If this was the case, it explained a lot. Previously, they had thought that the demonic side’s plan was related to the abilities. In fact, that might not be wrong but it sure wasn’t at the core of it. It also wasn’t what Elder Feng had been looking for when he took in his disciples. No, instead of abilities, he had been searching for somebody with that special constitution.

It was likely that this had been the case since the time Elder Feng took in his first batch of disciples. This also meant that he had indeed been a traitor from the very beginning, only joining the Teng Yong Sect to have the chance to take in more disciples.

This was a smart move if one wanted to judge it objectively. Many children wouldn’t be willing to join the demonic factions and many families wouldn’t let them even if they wanted to. Thus, they would miss out on the possible heirs to the Lin family if they only tried to take in children willing to join their side from the get-go.

Instead, they had chosen a roundabout way: They had one of their disciples join a righteous sect first, made sure this person rose to the top and became an Elder able to take in disciples. Then, that person took in batch after batch of disciples, looking closely for any hints at the constitution his original sect needed for their plan to succeed.

Evidently, this plan had worked. Zhi Guan couldn’t be sure that Mei Chao Bing’s senior martial brothers shared his constitution but it was likely. Otherwise, Elder Feng wouldn’t have made them his personal disciples that he painstakingly taught.

Maybe originally, the Wu Yun Sect had thought they could use these people for their plan even if the constitution wasn’t as strong as they had hoped for, or maybe by having them, they could find ways to spot the real successor to the Lin family more easily. All of these were possible explanations.

Either way, there was a reason for each and every disciple Elder Feng chose to teach directly. Zhi Guan was certain of that. After he finally found Mei Chao Bing, his goal had been achieved but he had stuck around to ensure that no mishaps would occur and also to slowly make Mei Chao Bing just as indebted to him as his senior martial brothers while ensuring that nobody on the righteous side would believe in his innocence at the time they would betray the Teng Yong Sect.

From beginning to end, this plan had been well thought-out. It was only a pity for them that Mei Chao Bing had had more backbone than they expected and that his little junior had gotten involved at the most crucial point.

Zhi Guan barely held back a smile when he thought of how one little bunny had made the carefully crafted plan of the whole demonic faction collapse.

At first, even though Mei Chao Bing had rejected his offer to enter the Wu Yun Sect with him, Elder Feng had certainly believed that he would break down and give in in due time thanks to the unfair treatment by the Teng Yong Sect.

When he received news that Mei Chao Bing simply entered closed-door cultivation to raise his strength and seemed to have no intention of joining his Master anytime soon, his expression probably would have been worth a look. When he then found out that the reason was the little disciple of Elder Baili who he had always looked down on … well, that scene could be imagined.

Zhi Guan’s expression turned thoughtful. It was good that Yun Bei Fen had done what he had back then. The problem was that this also showed clearly just how important he was to Mei Chao Bing. If the demonic side really needed him to do something for this plan, they’d likely try and get their hands on Yun Bei Fen and use him to threaten Mei Chao Bing. That wasn’t a good situation at all.

Zhi Guan couldn’t help but worry. Unfortunately, he was currently trapped on the demonic side so there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t even warn his little junior or Mei Chao Bing. Well, maybe that didn’t matter. Anyway, Mei Chao Bing should be aware of his own weakness. He’d be on guard about his Master trying something funny.

Reassuring himself that his little junior was safe and sound and would stay that way for the foreseeable future, he focused on Song Yu Zheng instead. This information had definitely been worth not trying to find a way to leave earlier. Maybe it wasn’t the only thing Song Yu Zheng knew either. He should use the opportunity while he was here to get closer to him and see what else there was to find out.

Of course, Song Yu Zheng likely wouldn’t make it that easy for him and from what his words earlier had indicated, there wasn’t much time left either. Still, even one more piece of information could be vital in solving the issue before it became any bigger. He had to try no matter what.

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