SML V6C80 So Petty, too Biased

He shook his head and closed the door behind Yu Xin, motioning toward the kitchen. “In fact, I was just making lunch when you rang the bell.” He didn’t want to stand around and moved back, picking up the dough again.

Yu Xin gave a hum and put his luggage aside, following him over. Seeing everything that had been prepared, his brows shot up again. “Are you pre-cooking for the rest of the week?” He had heard some people in college talk about that. Bulk-cooking or something. Personally, he couldn’t be bothered with all that preparation. Just imagining spending an entire day in the kitchen … no, thank you very much!

Mo Fang shook his head. “No, it’s just for today.”

Yu Xin moved closer and looked over his shoulder to watch him knead the dough. “Then I guess you can count yourself lucky I came by. There is no way you’re going to eat all of this by yourself. It’s like you’re cooking half the meal just to waste it.”

Mo Fang turned to the side and gave Yu Xin a deep look. “Naturally, it was supposed to be shared.”

Yu Xin raised his gaze. “With my sister? Is she coming by?”

Mo Fang smiled brightly. “Oh, don’t worry about it. You’ll see later on.”

Yu Xin nodded, thinking that he absolutely had to be right. He stepped back to give Mo Fang some space to work and went to sit down at the table. Actually, he really wanted to take a look around but he felt that it would be impolite to leave Mo Fang alone after just arriving, especially when he was going to mooch off food later on.

He just used the opportunity to look around the kitchen before turning back to him and latching onto the latest topic. “So, since I’m going to meet my sister later anyway, I won’t ask about that. Instead, tell me about that ex of yours. How dare he accuse you of stalking!”

Mo Fang just shook his head with a chuckle. “You’re still too unreasonable. How come you haven’t grown up at all?”

Yu Xin pursed his lips. “What does this have to do with growing up? You’re my brother-in-law, of course, I have to look out for you! If there’s an unreasonable ex dancing around in front of your nose, I naturally have to step in.” Anyway, if his brother was still alive, nobody would dare to do this. Now, he had to step up. What else could he do?

Mo Fang lowered his gaze, roughly guessing what was going through Yu Xin’s mind. He sighed, feeling that it was such an odd situation. If Yu Ting had still been there, all of this indeed wouldn’t have happened. After all, at that time, even if they hired Mister Ruan and he was caught, the one to step in wouldn’t have been him but Yu Ting.

He tried not to think too much about it and just focused on what he could do something about. In this case, that was not making the situation escalate. “Don’t even think about it. My ex and I … we had some problems in the past but that’s all there is to it. It’s been cleared up already so don’t go and shoot off your mouth. It’ll just make things worse.”

Yu Xin pursed his lips. “How can you say it’s been cleared up if he just accused you two days ago? Isn’t this guy too unreasonable? I think you’re just being too nice! You are letting him walk all over you. How could I watch this?”

Mo Fang finally finished with the dough and started shaping the dumpling skins, wondering if he should just ignore Yu Xin or deign to grace his one-sidedly made-up feud with an actual explanation. In the end, he could only sigh. If he didn’t make it clear, he was afraid Yu Xin would somehow pull half the details out of someone and then go to make trouble with Li Ming. At that point, he wouldn’t even know how to apologize anymore.

He moved the bowl with the dough to the table, put the one with the fillings next to it, and handed Yu Xin a spoon. “Just one spoonful.”

Yu Xin looked at him in a daze but understood when he was also given a dumpling wrapper. Even though he might not be a great cook, his dad had at least taught him how to wrap dumplings!

Mo Fang sat down opposite and continued to shape the wrappers while explaining. “The matter with my ex and I is complicated so it’s better for you not to get involved. If you need to know, then our breakup wasn’t pretty and the relationship was probably worse.”

Yu Xin immediately looked up from his first dumpling. “Did he hit you?”

Mo Fang gave him an exasperated look. “Did you forget to take your brains out of your luggage after you arrived at the airport? Of course, he didn’t hit me!” He shook his head, not sure how Yu Xin had even thought of that. “No, on the contrary, he was the perfect boyfriend. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. When he realized, he ended it, but I continued to pester him. He wasn’t happy about that and it took a stern talking-to for me to realize what I was doing. So … him thinking I was stalking him was not too surprising.”

Yu Xin gave a hum but only seemed half-convinced. “It’s been at least three and a half years since you left China. How can he be so petty?”

Mo Fang looked at him, reached over the table, and poked his forehead. “How can you be so biased? Just because I got engaged to your brother, I can’t have made mistakes in the past?”

Yu Xin pursed his lips. “Well, maybe a few. But it definitely wouldn’t be so exaggerated that anybody has to accuse you of committing crimes!”

Mo Fang could only sigh again. “Anyway, even if you don’t believe it, just don’t go and make trouble with him. Your sister seems to like him so you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors if you started anything.”

Yu Xin hummed and honestly wrapped a few more dumplings. Finally, his brows furrowed though. “Eh … say, he wouldn’t be trying to get with my sister, would he?!”

This time, Mo Fang almost wanted to throw the dumpling wrapper at him. How had he forgotten how annoying Yu Xin could be? This guy had clearly come just to be an annoyance!

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