RMN C551 The Successor of the Lin Family

Seeing Zhi Guan finally agree, Song Yu Zheng’s expression lit up. It seemed that as long as he worked hard, he’d definitely be able to pull him over into their sect. Well, this was also a given. The status of a Wu Yun Sect disciple itself should be attractive enough to not make anyone hesitate too much.

Thinking of that, he curbed his excitement and faintly cleared his throat before he explained. “As I said, we only coincidentally found out so we don’t know everything. But you know how the plan is supposed to strengthen our strongest disciples. The difficulty lies in how to harness the energy. That is where the child from the Lin family comes into play.”

Zhi Guan nodded slowly but his heart was beating faster. This was the first time he was getting some tangible information. Not to mention that Song Yu Zheng seemed willing to share a lot. He had to make the most out of it!

His mind churned and he finally figured to just ask about his doubts straightforwardly. As long as he gave some excuse, it should be alright. At most, they might look down on the teachings of his supposed sect. “I’m afraid I’ve mostly paid attention to my own cultivation so I don’t know much about the Lin family either. Who exactly are they that they can be of help with this?”

Song Yu Zheng hummed. He didn’t think there was much wrong with the fact that Zhi Guan didn’t know of the Lin family. Many disciples didn’t pay attention to cultivation families or even smaller sects. As long as you knew who was above you so you wouldn’t offend somebody you couldn’t afford to offend, they thought it was enough. The Yu She Sect shouldn’t be any different so it was normal for this disciple to be confused.

“Well, to put it simply: Some centuries ago, they were actually one of the stronger cultivation families with a long tradition. Unfortunately for them, disaster struck several times. In the end, it was said that the whole family perished in an attack.

“They never caught the perpetrator or found out what grudge they held against the Lin family. For some time, the whole cultivation world was apprehensive, worrying whether they would be next.”

Zhi Guan nodded. This explained why he didn’t know about this. Even though he only cared about sword arts on a normal day, he didn’t ignore the world around him completely. After all, part of reaching the peak of sword fighting was to also judge your foe. Both information gained inside and outside of battle were relevant to that.

Because of this, when it came to the different sects and cultivation families, Zhi Guan at least had a rough understanding of them. But of course, the same wasn’t true for those that had left the world a long time ago. He wouldn’t fight them and most of their techniques should be lost, making it useless to inquire about them.

Well, unless they were cultivators focused on learning sword arts, of course. In that case, he’d try and find out more for sure but that shouldn’t be the case for this Lin family.

Zhi Guan’s brows slightly drew together. “The Lin family was wiped out but this is about a child of theirs. So … somebody was left alive back then?”

Song Yu Zheng shrugged. “I don’t know about that but it should be. At the very least, they have a successor now which is the person the Elders will rely on for this plan.”

Zhi Guan hummed. “Makes sense.” Inwardly, he felt puzzled though. The person the demonic faction’s plan revolved around … they had thought it to be Mei Chao Bing. And yet, there was now the successor of the Lin family involved? This didn’t seem to make any sense with what they had found out before.

Song Yu Zheng saw that Zhi Guan looked thoughtful and kept quiet for a moment before he continued. “Well, the person in question isn’t really on our side. This seems to be giving the Elders quite a headache. They’re still trying to pull him over but I guess it’s not going as well as they had hoped for. With the time drawing nearer, this has really become an issue. Makes you wonder how they want to solve it.”

Zhi Guan gave yet another hum. A person not on their side … it could be Mei Chao Bing. Anyway, who said that the successor of the Lin family which had vanished centuries ago would still be surnamed Lin? It was entirely possible to be him. But then …

He narrowed his eyes and finally looked at Song Yu Zheng oddly. “Can’t they just grab him? Even if he doesn’t want to cooperate, he should have some scroll with their techniques on him, right? In the worst case, can’t somebody else learn?” He wasn’t sure how far away that time Song Yu Zheng had been talking about was but since the demonic faction had clearly planned all of this since long ago, there should have been enough time to do this.

Song Yu Zheng leaned back with a smile. “That’s where you don’t know enough. Those cultivation families, they’re different from the sects. It’s not always about their techniques. In the case of the Lin family, it’s simply that they have a special constitution. So, nobody can take over for him.”

Zhi Guan inclined his head. “That makes sense if there is really no other person from the family left.”

Song Yu Zheng hummed. “Well, it’s hard to detect the constitution so I guess even finding this successor couldn’t have been easy. Even if there are more, the Elders wouldn’t have an easy time finding another person.

“Not to mention: Who knows how much each of them has inherited? It’s been hundreds of years and nobody is trying to keep the constitution alive. It’s likely not all of their heirs would have inherited it even if they are blood-related. By now, it might even need a freak combination of the parents’ blood to make the constitution strong enough to be useful for the plan.”

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