SML V6C79 A Surprise Visitor

Mo Fang and Qiao Ya messaged each other again after talking with the people on their respective sides. Qiao Ya felt apologetic about how her grandparents had reacted to the news, especially after she heard that Yu Ting’s adoptive brother had been happy about her being found. Mo Fang didn’t think too much though. Anyway, he had expected this.

Even in European countries, the rate of acceptance toward queer people differed a lot in the population and the older generation was worse in regard to this than younger people. In China, where gay marriage hadn’t even been legalized and information was actively suppressed, it was naturally worse. He already counted himself lucky that Qiao Ya herself had been open-minded.

After relaying what had happened, the two agreed to meet up again after Qiao Ya’s work the next day. Mo Fang only hesitated a bit when Qiao Ya asked him to do so. The reason wasn’t that he didn’t want to see her but that he was worried about running into Li Ming. But then, as long as he didn’t stay around, that didn’t seem to be that big of a problem? Thus, he finally agreed after all.

The next day, he went about his day as usual, trying to somehow fill the hours until he was supposed to meet up with Qiao Ya. He couldn’t help but think absent-mindedly that he should try and find something valuable to use his time for soon. There was only so much you could do in terms of mindless entertainment. By now, he had basically caught up with all the shows and movies that had come out this year and read his way through half the bestselling books. He was starting to feel bored out of his mind.

The one welcome change from his boredom was still cooking. Now, he really had time for this so he started to experiment more. Every day, he’d either try something completely new or add a side dish or two. Usually, he’d have way too much to eat by himself, so he’d bring a portion over to Madam Zuo who had turned out to live not too far away from his community.

Sitting with her also filled some of the time in his day although she was the main culprit for him being caught up with all the shows. After all, when she didn’t have anything new to tell him, she liked to drag him to sit with her in front of the TV and watch whatever was currently on, commenting on this or that which was shown on screen.

This time, when he was halfway through preparing the meal for the two of them, the doorbell suddenly rang. Mo Fang who had just been kneading the dough looked up in surprise. To be honest, not too many people had his address.

He had never been in the habit of giving it out since he tended to move in with whatever boyfriend he had at the time and also knew that it would be too much to invite strangers over that soon into a relationship. Of course, it had been slightly different while in Europe after he got together with Yu Ting and moved in later on. But then, they had both often been busy so when it came to friends, they’d rather meet up outside.

Now, he had relocated here a few months ago but there should only be a handful of people who knew where exactly he lived. The others might know the community but weren’t aware of the specific house. And he really couldn’t imagine that any of them would drive here just in the hope of getting lucky.

He quickly washed his hands and then walked to the door, checking the camera first. Yu Ting had always been safety-oriented what with being the boss of his own company so the front of the door was naturally caught on camera. Seeing the person in front … Mo Fang froze for a moment before pulling the door open directly.

“What are you doing here?” Even though he sounded incredulous while saying so, he still stepped aside and opened the door wider so Yu Xin could come in.

Yu Ting’s brother wasn’t polite either. He stepped past Mo Fang with his luggage and glanced around. “Wow, it really looks exactly like in the plans!” His eyes were wide but after a moment, his brows furrowed.

He had admired his brother a lot and hadn’t shown Mo Fang a good face at the beginning because he was afraid Yu Ting was just being used. Over time though, his impression had changed. By the time Yu Ting proposed, he had already accepted Mo Fang wholeheartedly.

Now, his brother was gone but Mo Fang was still there. Of course, he didn’t want to see him live his life well. To move into this place and then not change a single thing … it didn’t seem so healthy to him. Although then again, he probably didn’t have any place to judge.

Just like Yu Ting, he had gotten a business degree so, after his brother’s death, he took over the company. He was using the same office Yu Ting had used and everything had stayed the same down to the very last detail. Naturally, he told himself that those photos were still on the desk because they showed his own family and his beloved brother with his fiance but, honestly, he also knew it was a kind of tribute to Yu Ting. So what right did he have to judge Mo Fang?

He cleared his throat, trying not to let things get awkward. “Well, anyway, after you called yesterday, I figured it would be best if I came over myself. I mean, that’s basically my sister you found! How could I stay at home and not come to see her? Also, somebody should make sure you’re doing alright. We’ve left you alone long enough. Are you even eating well?”

Mo Fang only raised his brows. This kind of nagging … it was worse than his own father’s!

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