RMN C545 A Better Person to Imagine!

While the black warrior willed himself to receive a vision about the future of Shen Lei and Luo Lin, the latter focused on any changes that might occur to the energy around him.

He had his eyes tightly closed, his spiritual sense concentrated on the spot right in front of him while ignoring everyone else in the room. Despite this, he didn’t find what he was looking for at first.

His brows furrowed and his lips pursed in annoyance. How could it be so difficult to sense the dimensional energy on the black warrior? He didn’t believe it wasn’t there. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, even though he was sure of this, what he noticed moving first was the spiritual energy stored in Tong Chen’s body. Its scent got stronger when it was actively used and seemed to wrap around the guardian’s body. Luo Lin couldn’t tell more details than that but, actually, the spiritual energy finally converged between Tong Chen’s brows. What Luo Lin noticed though was that a thin strand of it seemed to extend outward, coming closer to him and his lover, its scent getting stronger.

Luo Lin tilted his head, not sure what to make of this. He hadn’t asked the black warrior about any specific visions and just to run his ability in general so this seemed confusing to him and he instead wondered if it might have something to do with his own ability.

After thinking about it for a moment, he still couldn’t figure it out so he stopped focusing on it and instead tried to find the smell of the dimensional energy below. When he didn’t find anything, he leaned closer until he almost touched the body of the black warrior, hoping that the less distance there was, the easier he would find the scent of the energy.

Tong Chen might be blind but he had an acute sense of his surroundings that had been honed throughout the years. When the vision ended, he immediately realized that somebody only seemed to be half a step away from landing in his arms. His brows twitched but he stood still. Anyway, as long as it helped with figuring out the ins and outs of their abilities, he could deal with this.

Luo Lin noticed that the spiritual energy that had moved before was now static again and realized that the vision had to be over. He leaned back and gave a hum. “I can’t detect the dimensional energy. I’m not sure if that is because it’s not there at all though or because you would instinctively use your spiritual energy instead of it when you have the choice.”

Tong Chen’s brows furrowed together. “I could leave the dreamscape and return in a dream state?”

Blue butterfly walked over when she heard the exchange. “You could but it has already gotten late. I don’t think we have that much time.”

Tong Chen hummed. The disciples that should have returned by now still hadn’t which wasn’t a good sign. But then, the sects might still notice that the four of them were missing which wouldn’t be good either. Whether those two came back or not, they’d have to return to the sects soon.

Naturally, he wasn’t happy with that. This was the first time in many years that they were about to learn something new about their abilities. He wanted to be there for it and help. Otherwise, it would just set them back. There was no way to do this fast though.

Luo Lin watched the expression of the two guardians and then glanced at his little junior who was still painstakingly trying to follow Mei Chao Bing’s instructions to project the figure of his first senior martial brother. “Actually, there might be another way to check. Please, give me a moment.”

He didn’t wait for their response and even let go of Shen Lei’s hand to walk over to Yun Bei Fen’s side. Smiling at Mei Chao Bing, he motioned to the side. “Junior martial brother Mei, would you mind giving us a moment?”

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows but still nodded. “Of course.” He went to stand with Shen Lei instead, wondering what exactly Luo Lin was up to. He might have mostly focused on his little bunny just now but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t also paid some attention to this side. He knew they had hit a wall. And while it was obvious that Yun Bei Fen had an ability and was already in the right state to answer their questions, he hadn’t been able to use that ability for several hours already. He really didn’t think that would suddenly change.

Luo Lin lowered his head and smiled brightly at Yun Bei Fen. “Little junior, is it not working?”

Yun Bei Fen shook his head with a downcast expression. “I just don’t get it. I’m doing exactly what Mei Chao Bing said but I can’t get it right. There is no projection.”

“Mn, that’s a pity.” Luo Lin still smiled just as brightly as before though. “Maybe you should try imagining something else.”

Yun Bei Fen tilted his head, not getting what he meant at all. “Like what?”

“Well, like another person. I mean, I’m sure you’re super familiar with our first senior martial brother. I am too. We’ve both known him for a long time, after all. But when it comes to who I can imagine best, it would still be your senior martial brother Shen. So maybe there is somebody else you can imagine better as well and you should try with him instead.” He gently shifted to the side, exposing Mei Chao Bing who stood in the distance.

Yun Bei Fen looked at him and felt that what his third senior martial brother said made a lot of sense. There was nobody he was more familiar with than Mei Chao Bing. After all, he had been closely observing him since the day he entered the sect!

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