SML V6C72 Siblings

Si Tao watched Li Ming walk away and clicked his tongue. “He’s such a reasonable guy.”

Mo Fang chuckled lightly. “He is. Maybe he’s too reasonable.”

Si Tao glanced at him and started the car again, getting back on the road. “Well, he’s not wrong though: It’s been three years and you’ve both changed. You maybe more than him.”

Mo Fang gave a hum and pulled out the pendant around his neck, faintly rubbing the smooth surface. “I had a lot of growing up to do. Li Ming … he was already a very good and well-rounded person before.”

Si Tao glanced at him. If it hadn’t been for the relationship with Yu Ting in between, he would have been tried to ask whether Mo Fang had any regrets about his relationship with Li Ming ending up as such a dumpster fire. But with how things were, it just seemed wrong to bring up.

Mo Fang sighed and didn’t dwell on the issue. “Anyway, it’s good he isn’t angry anymore. We’re not going to become friends in the future but at least it’s not tormenting him. I was afraid … I was afraid I had done too much damage.”

Si Tao had no idea how damage there had or hadn’t been but thinking about it … “I know he was dating for a while since then. Seemed like a pretty solid relationship as well. So I don’t think you have to worry too much. Even if it’s true and you did some damage, it’s not like you can change it.

“Rather than that, what are you going to do about the matter with Miss Qiao? I get it’s still fresh for her but … well, from your side, what do you want to do?” He only glanced at him quickly before focusing on the road again. Originally, he would have waited with asking this until they reached Mo Fang’s place but the atmosphere had turned a bit solemn after Li Ming’s words and he didn’t want Mo Fang to think about the two big failed relationships in his life too much. It was better to focus on the positive aspects.

Mo Fang sighed. “I’ll give her some time to sort things out. Just keep in touch over text for a few days and then see how she’s doing. If she wants to meet up again, I’ll happily oblige. If not … I’ve learned my lesson there.” He smiled, feeling that what Li Ming had said before had fit his current situation better than Li Ming himself had probably noticed.

Si Tao nodded. “I think she’ll do it. She seemed pretty excited about the prospect of having a big brother. Now … well, she can’t really have that but she can still have a beautiful brother-in-law.”

Mo Fang chuckled. “I guess so. Mn, she also seemed interested in his adoptive family. I still haven’t told Yu Xin and his parents about finding Qiao Ya. I guess I’ll do that … tomorrow. They have a right to know.”

Si Tao gave a hum. “Do you think he’ll want to get in contact with her?”

Mo Fang leaned back against the seat. Thinking of Yu Ting’s younger brother from his adoptive family, he had some mixed feelings.

Originally, the two of them hadn’t gotten along well. In Yu Xin’s eyes, he had been nothing but a gold-digger who was trying to hook up with his successful older brother to get a cushy life.

That had only changed when he finally found out about his family background and that there really was no reason to hook up with a man to get that cushy life. Just smiling and acting cute in front of his grandparents had long taken care of that. They didn’t even mind that he was gay, probably because he had been much too obvious about it since he was young. The two old people had probably long since given up hope for him to marry a wife and have children.

After that, Yu Xin had been embarrassed but Mo Fang hadn’t made things troublesome for him. Anyway, it wasn’t like he had been completely wrong. Even though he wasn’t after money, he had always used these relationships as a crutch to try and somehow make his life fulfilling. With Yu Ting, it had finally worked out although that was mostly because Yu Ting had pushed him to work on himself instead of allowing him to be complacent about his good catch.

Anyway, over time, Yu Xin had warmed up to him and by the end, their relationship could even be considered good. Yu Xin had probably also gained another layer of respect for him when he resolutely rejected inheriting any shares of the company, even though Yu Ting had originally wanted him to have some of those as well.

With that as the basis, they had stayed in contact all this time since he returned to China even if it wasn’t as regular as when he had still been in Europe. If he reached out now, he didn’t doubt that Yu Xin would be willing to do him a favor. Not to mention … he had always looked up to Yu Ting and he had known how much Yu Ting wanted to find his birth family. If he knew that there was a little sister around, he’d probably want to adopt her as his own and be the brother for her that Yu Ting couldn’t be any longer.

Thinking of all this, Mo Fang could only sigh. “I guess he’ll be alright with it. I just don’t know if that’s what Qiao Ya will want. Even if she does, I think she’d want some more time and she should be given that time. This matter can’t be forced.”

Of course, he also hoped that everyone could get along. Even though he had never actually married Yu Ting, he also saw these people as his in-laws. Maybe over time, that would change, but he still hoped that everyone could get along well. If not … it would be hard to take for him.

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