RMN C546 Nothing More to Help with

Yun Bei Fen knew that everyone hoped for him to be able to project an image like his third senior martial brother had done before. Thus, with a new way to try it, he naturally didn’t waste any time!

He closed his eyes to focus, thinking of Mei Chao Bing’s image that was extremely vivid in his mind. In fact, when it came to his senior martial brother Mei, the most difficult choice was how to imagine him. Patiently explaining something to him? Handsomely standing in the distance? Practicing his sword with practiced moves?

While Yun Bei Fen tried to make up his mind, the four guardians and three disciples watched quietly as one pale apparition after the other appeared. They weren’t as clear as the one Luo Lin had used to show off his newly copied ability earlier and instead seemed more like a faint mist that had coincidentally gathered in the shape of a person. Well, the details were of an astounding level though.

Luo Lin smiled happily when he saw that the old trick of ‘this has to do with your senior martial brother Mei’ worked once again. He didn’t waste time doing his own task though and checked the images, finally pointing at the closest one. “Look! It’s dimensional energy!”

On the other side of the hall in the dreamscape, Blue Butterfly elbowed Mei Chao Bing. “Look, it’s dimensional energy!”

Mei Chao Bing gave an embarrassed smile. That sure was some dimensional energy … In fact, he really wasn’t sure what to think. Yun Bei Fen had had so much trouble earlier but now, he managed to pop out three images at once. It was as if a few sentences from Luo Lin had activated a hidden skill.

The most astonishing was probably that even though Yun Bei Fen’s projections were much fainter than that of his third senior martial brother, there were three of them at once and the level of detail hadn’t suffered from that either. In fact, the last one that was probably meant to practice its sword was currently twirling on the spot, proving that Yun Bei Fen likely even had some control over the movement of the projections already.

Mei Chao Bing awkwardly cleared his throat and turned to look at the Black Warrior. “I guess this answers some questions.”

Tong Chen gave a hum. Indeed. Now they definitely knew that the projections could be created with dimensional energy instead of spiritual energy. The question was still whether this could be replicated outside where cultivators other than Luo Lin might not be able to tell the two types of energies apart.

His brows furrowed slightly. This ability wasn’t bad but it would indeed have to rely on dimensional energy to be worth anything in Yun Bei Fen’s hands. Since he wasn’t used to handling it, this might prove difficult. Also, how much of it could he really control?

Even though they had managed to answer one question, many others remained and their time was, unfortunately, running out. He sighed and turned to Blue Butterfly. “We should return to our sects.”

She nodded and then glanced at Yun Bei Fen who was currently cycling through possible options of how to imagine his beloved senior martial brother Mei, causing the projections to disappear and reappear constantly. “What should we do about this though?”

Tong Chen gave a thoughtful hum and turned to Shen Lei. “You and your lover should try and experiment with the dimensional energy outside of the dreamscape. In fact … can he copy the dreamscape?”

Shen Lei rubbed his neck. “I’m not sure. There has been a lot to try out and we’re only just getting the hang of it. Creating a dreamscape isn’t something we’ve managed to achieve so far but we can try.”

Tong Chen nodded. “Then try today and otherwise practice outside. It’d be best if your lover can sense the dimensional energy anywhere. You might have to rely on this during the war.” He didn’t have any illusions that this war wasn’t somehow related to the abilities. Too much had pointed in that direction before.

If the four of them could help, they would naturally do it but he was afraid their opportunities were limited this time around because their abilities were too well-known. No, this time, the major tasks of this war would have to rest on the shoulders of these few disciples. There was just no way around it. The only thing they as the guardians could do was to guide them beforehand so they could grow into their abilities as fast as possible.

“Wait for a while to see whether those two disciples will come back. Don’t be rash until then or until you gain more intel. The final battle likely isn’t far off. It’s better to be more prudent these days lest something worse happens.”

Shen Lei nodded. “We will keep it in mind, guardian.”

Blue Butterfly also nodded when she saw that everyone had said their piece. She started to kick out the disciples and then looked at the three people that were left. “Back to the sects?”

Tong Chen nodded. “I don’t think there is anything left for us to do at this point in time.”

Yan Jian Hong sighed. “I’m afraid you’re right. We’ve done our part. Now, it’s on them to figure out the rest. At most, we can return once or twice to give some more pointers. But then, I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference.” Anyway, when it came to abilities, you’d usually need years to hone them. Even with somebody’s guidance, that didn’t change.

Shang Qiang didn’t have anything to add and just shrugged his shoulders. “What else is there? If we leave for too long, the sects will just get distracted. The best we can do for them is stay put so the minds of everyone will be at ease.”

Blue Butterfly nodded and finally, she marched the other three guardians back to their sects before returning to the Jian Chu Sect herself. Looking at the familiar platform beneath her feet, she could only sigh. If possible, she really hoped they could be victorious in this war. After all, she had also gotten to know these disciples a little better. She’d feel bad if they lost their lives because of this war. Unfortunately, she really couldn’t do more for them for now.

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